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You Move Me…Featuring Ghee Wisteria Flounce Skirt and Bodysuit for FAD Fashion Event

GHEE WISTERIA FLOUNCE SKIRT AND BODYSUIT FOR FAD EVENT_001You move me, as you yank me about in your rage, mood swings, or just cause you can. I do not know if I am coming or going as I watch the delicate pastel, double layer, flounce of my Wisteria Skirt, whose silhouette reminds me of the blossom of a introverted Tulip bloom, swish about my upper legs, at your will, as I desperately try to justify what I let you do.

You move me, with my head bowed low, in disbelief of your actions, words, and treatment, above my 3 paneled lined strapless Wisteria Bodysuit, that is, also, awesome for applier wears of Maitreya, or layered under other clothing, or worn by itself by classic avatars, as well!


You move me, as I remember that before you, I stood alone, proud, wanted, with dignity intact, and a pride of self worth.

You move me, no longer, as I break free of your hold to become whole once again. I walk away in freedom, your toy no more,  not bound by your strings, your words, your deeds in, my Wisteria Flounce Skirt and Bodysuit by Ghee.


This summerlicious Wisteria Set is by Ghee. It also comes in Hyacinth, another great color you will love! Ghee has many fantastic offerings available at the Fad Event, (see Ghee Ad below), which runs through July 25th. Immerse yourself in Ghee Sundae Season of color!

Thank you for, taking the time, to read my poem..smiling

Model and
Wisteria Flounce Skirt and Bodysuit by Ghee available at the June round for FAD
Ghee Ad by Ghee
Little Branch Pink Field Flowers3 Group Gift by Cari McKeenan, Amazingly life like!!!
Mole End Le Petit Theatre by Evangeline Miles (Evie’s Closet)

The below limo will take you there in style…

Ghee @ FAD - Sundae Season - starts 06_28_15

ghee ss15 logo

Ebbe talks; there is going to be a monthly Question Time with Lindens (with video)

More information on Sansar and other things of interest! Keep it coming! Thank you Frau Jo!

Jo Yardley's Second Life

Together well known VR Tv personality Saffia Widdershins and I got to interview Ebbe Altberg, aka Ebbe Linden, CEO of Linden Lab and thus, boss of our virtual world.

After a rocky start (something always goes wrong when audio and video are involved in SL) we got started.

It was interesting to note that Ebbe had returned to using his original avatar and was no longer wearing a mesh body.
Thus allowing his face to actually move as he spoke.
He said that he had only worn the mesh body as part of a presentation but I wish I’d asked a little further, because I can’t help wondering if perhaps he didn’t like the mesh avatar very much, especially the fact that you can’t really open your mouth with those avatars.
A rather bad side to the ‘new’ mesh avatars Linden Lab announced a while ago.

Nothing much new was announced or revealed…

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Talk with Danger & Troy Linden reveals a few new details about Sansar

I find this information very interesting, as I am curious, as all get out, about Sansar! I could not get into the talk today, with Ebe, and am looking for information concerning Sansar.

Jo Yardley's Second Life

During todays ‘Meet a Linden’ with Troy and Danger Linden a few little details about Sansar were reveiled that may be news to many of us.

I won’t go into detail much as I’m way too busy running the daily Happy Hour at our 1920s Berlin display in SL12B and I am sure some of the other bloggers will post a detailed report.

So here are just my tweets that I posted while the chat was happening;

(I’ll be writing a blog about this soon)

The idea being that you don’t have to create a full account…

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The Fashion Teller House Greek Mythology June 2015 Casting Results

Gorgon Medusa
OMG, I got picked!!!!! I am in total shocked!!! I was chosen, with 16th others, from among some of the most amazing pictures of Greek Gods, Goddesses, and Myths, for the Fashion Teller House June 2015 Casting! I casted as the Gorgon, Medusa. I do not have facebook, any longer, after being deleted 4 times, as desireme, and having my real life account hacked. Someone, very graciously, passed the information to me. You could have knocked me over with a feather!!! This  picture is everything I could have hoped for!!! Thank you, Thank you Astralia!


The following is taken from the facebook posting from Fashion Teller’s Page…


We would like to give a huge THANK YOU to everyone that casted. We have received many amazing entries and we are very honored and appreciative of each one. Our judges had a very difficult time selecting their favorites that we ended up selecting 17 new FTH members. For those who did not make it this casting, We with you the best and hope you will cast again in the future. To our new members…. WELCOME to the Fashion Teller House Family. We are very honored to have you and can’t wait to work with you all. heart emoticon Many thanks to all our judges.

Welcome New Members:

Anderian Sugarplum
DesireMe Fallen
Flora Raven
Yeriak Couturier
Africa Rithm
Lolita Dinzeo
Ahn Avion
Luralie Bailey
VampirePam/Ann Lako
Titanium Regent
Asi Amorisi
Layka La Flaka
Scarl DarkMatter
Diosaharu Adamski
Candela Giordano
Milla Crumb
Vanka Machiavello

Everyone did a phenomenal job with their pictures!!! Here is the link given to me.. Enjoy!!!

FTH: Greek Mythology Casting 2015
Model: desireme Fallen
photographer: Astralia
Greek Myth: The Gorgon Medusa

What May Come…Featuring Indah Merpati Mega-Pack Texture Change Set by Chop Zuey


Before her ship was boarded, by the infamous Corsairs Pirates, she had changed to the clothing of a lowly servant girl and quickly hid her family’s precious jewels, The Indah Merpati, worth a king’s ransom, in Pearls and Kalahari Diamonds, upon her person. Being of mixed ancestry, of Asian and English, her exotic beauty could not be hid. As she watched her aged, beloved Father mercilessly being dragged off the ship to be sold in the slave markets of god knows where….she did not cry, but held her head up high, so that her father would remember a woman and not the indulged child that he had cosseted and would never be again.

When she was searched, she could not understand the language being spoken, but was quickly stripped, and the suite of Indah Merpati’s Choker Necklace, 2 Earring Styles and 2 Bracelet Styles, Ring, Hair Barrette and stunning Tikka all in Pearl and Kalahari Diamonds were discovered. The captain who could speak her native English, looked her up and down, and saw the beauty of her person, said this one is destined to be sold to the Kizlar Agha, let her keep her jewels, as we will get their worth and much more for the beautiful slave she will become in the harem of imperial ottoman!

The greedy slave woman who was assigned to keep her clean, fed, and occupied during the rest of passage, recognized the worth of the Indah Merpati’s pieces by the hallmark of the legendary jeweler to Sultans and Kings, Belle Roussel of the House of Chop Zuey, tried to steal the barrette and quickly found that the woman who would not speak, a hellcat and would defend to the death, her only link left to her family.

Having reached the Ottoman’s Empire famous slave markets, she was not taken to the open markets of Constantinople, but was lead to a private, airy, luxurious room. There she awaited until this huge man, regally dressed and jeweled, the Kizlar Agha, himself, came, who was the master of the girls, and the Chief Black Eunuch to the Sultan, who had her unrobed and examined every inch of her.

He had her attired, in a simple dress and placed in the Suite of the Indah Merpati. As the Pirate Captain predicted, he was given their worth and much more in sale of the girl to the Agha.


She was carried to the pavilion of the women, and was given a choice, to either be drowned in the Bosphorus or because of her extraordinary beauty, aspire to a life of luxury and comfort being trained to dance, recite poetry, play a musical instrument, and master the erotic arts as a potential concubine in hopes of catching the eye of the Sultan. She is given the rare privilege to decide, by the Kizlar Agha, as he sees greatness in her. She thinks about what may come and decides to enter the oda, turning her back, for the last time to the freedom of the outside world.


The Indah Merpati, is a exquisitely lovely Mega-Pack Texture Change Set by Chop Zuey Couture Jewelry, made in honor of Mio Linette, Miss SL Indonesia. The Texture Change Hud has 2 Pearl, 16 Gemstones, and 2 Metal Options to mix and match to your heart’s content for endless possibilities, made by the famous and extremely talented, Mistress of Bling, Belle Roussel.

Thank you for taking the time to read my short story. Her adventures will continue….

Model and Photographer…me
Indah Merpati Mega-Pack Texture Change Set Made bye Chop Zuey Couture Jewelry
Japanese Skin by IsoMotion

your Howdah to Chop Zuey

Indah Merpati Mega-Pack Texture Change Set

The French Courtesan…Featuring Cotton Candy by Blacklace

BLACKLACE MARIE PICTURE_012 adjI am not Marie Antoinette, but a French Courtesan your husband has met!

You have to admit, that I am the dish, in Cotton Candy by Blacklace dear miss!

The set is quite divine, Pink Lace Cincher, Bra & Panties, and Stockings sublime, as you drink in the sight of me, like fine wine!

So as long as your husband pays for the luxury I crave, he will get to see me in Blacklace and remain captivated and enslaved, by this desirous French Courtesan…now be gone, to you, and send in the jeweler and my maid, who your husband just paid!

Photographer and model…me
Cotton Candy Pink Lace by Blacklace

Additional Information….

Pink Lace Cincher, Bra & matching panties.
Comes with Slink Physique Applier, Slink Stocking, Gos Stocking and Omega Hud.

The omega hud works for all the mesh bodies and body parts listed below:
Includes appliers for Omega & Slink Physique.
Omega provides kits for: Wowmeh, Cherry Bombs, Sinful Needs, Tiny Things Gummies, TM, SKING, Xplosion Boobs, Lola Tango, Ubera, Susis,phat azz/cute azz,banned mesh booty, ghetto booty,, jiggle booty,brazillia, kitties lair mesh, perfect body by, Even by Absolute Creations, Busty Girl, Immortals Mesh Avatars, Manoua’s, Dev Muscle. Belleza & Maitreya Body

Your horse and carriage to Blacklace

FEROSH Model…Me!!!

Ferosh Models I am thrilled, as all get out, to be part of the FEROSH Model Group! The above picture, appears on pages 447 and 448 of the awesome Ferosh Summer Trend Issue 2015:

Smiling, proudly, I am the one with the double side ponies! This amazing picture was taken by Absinthe Montenegro. Be sure to check out this phenomenal publication!!!!

Ferosh picks logo