The Question…Featuring Baixa de Cassanje Jewelry Suite by Chop Zuey

Snapshot_164When a man puts you in luxurious surroundings, flies you on private jets, wine and dine you, romance you, and make you feel like a queen, what would you think? Having found her weakness for jewelry, not just any jewelry but the best, and scours for the rarest among the rare, of designs for presents for you, just because, and then tells you he has something he would like to ask you. Do you hear wedding bells or ching ching…smiling  As she sits contemplating what it is he wishes to discuss, a very well dress man comes in, with a armed guard, bearing the Chop Zuey’s Baixa de Cassanje Suite. So not as to appear anything but the sophisticated woman of the world,  you are, you restrain yourself from not squealing with delight, but thank them, graciously, as they leave the costly baubles with you.

The extraordinary Baixa de Cassanje Suite consists of a stunning necklace composed of the very rare and expensive, Hanadama Akoya Pearls and Kalahari Diamonds. The fabulous matching earrings, and 3 bracelets styles, that you can wear together or separate. The term “Hanadama” roughly translates to “Flower Pearl” or “Lotus Pearl” from Japanese. Their pale-to-saturated Rose overtones are reminiscent of the famous cherry blossoms that bloom every spring in Japan. He has given jeweled flowers to the bloom that graces his arm!

Baixa de Cassanje Set

So as you prepare for your evening, you sit at your dressing table, admiring yourself in the Baixa de Cassanje Fascinator,  Earrings and Necklace, as they twinkles and sparkles as the streaming light from the Sun, shines upon the magnificence of the Kalahari Diamonds, blinding you with their beauty.

Baixa de Cassanje Jewelled Fascinator

The, to die for, jeweled fascinator matches the Baixa de Cassanje Set, sold separately and is made of the Hanadama Akoya Pearls, and Kalahari Diamonds, set in Platinum.

This amazing set was made for BloodyMistress Serenity, Miss SL Angola.

So will the question be, will you be his “wife” or his highly pampered “mistress”? Who cares with gifts like the Baixa de Cassanje Suite and Fascinator by Chop Zuey.

Photographer and model…me
Baixa de Cassanje Jewelry Suite and Fascinator by Chop Zuey


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