The French Courtesan…Featuring Cotton Candy by Blacklace

BLACKLACE MARIE PICTURE_012 adjI am not Marie Antoinette, but a French Courtesan your husband has met!

You have to admit, that I am the dish, in Cotton Candy by Blacklace dear miss!

The set is quite divine, Pink Lace Cincher, Bra & Panties, and Stockings sublime, as you drink in the sight of me, like fine wine!

So as long as your husband pays for the luxury I crave, he will get to see me in Blacklace and remain captivated and enslaved, by this desirous French Courtesan…now be gone, to you, and send in the jeweler and my maid, who your husband just paid!

Photographer and model…me
Cotton Candy Pink Lace by Blacklace

Additional Information….

Pink Lace Cincher, Bra & matching panties.
Comes with Slink Physique Applier, Slink Stocking, Gos Stocking and Omega Hud.

The omega hud works for all the mesh bodies and body parts listed below:
Includes appliers for Omega & Slink Physique.
Omega provides kits for: Wowmeh, Cherry Bombs, Sinful Needs, Tiny Things Gummies, TM, SKING, Xplosion Boobs, Lola Tango, Ubera, Susis,phat azz/cute azz,banned mesh booty, ghetto booty,, jiggle booty,brazillia, kitties lair mesh, perfect body by, Even by Absolute Creations, Busty Girl, Immortals Mesh Avatars, Manoua’s, Dev Muscle. Belleza & Maitreya Body

Your horse and carriage to Blacklace


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