Talk with Danger & Troy Linden reveals a few new details about Sansar

I find this information very interesting, as I am curious, as all get out, about Sansar! I could not get into the talk today, with Ebe, and am looking for information concerning Sansar.

Jo Yardley's Second Life

During todays ‘Meet a Linden’ with Troy and Danger Linden a few little details about Sansar were reveiled that may be news to many of us.

I won’t go into detail much as I’m way too busy running the daily Happy Hour at our 1920s Berlin display in SL12B and I am sure some of the other bloggers will post a detailed report.

So here are just my tweets that I posted while the chat was happening;

(I’ll be writing a blog about this soon)

The idea being that you don’t have to create a full account…

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