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AIM Going To The Beach Fashion Show

GOING TO BEACHWe know that conscious women and men want to show their unique style whenever they go and even more so when going on holiday. The range of beachwear is sure to have something perfect for you as the selection of designers are presenting there latest beach and swim wear.

Our sponsors : Athena Couture, 69 PARK AVE, Fine rain creations, Luxe paris, Dot-Be Fashion, Lyrical B!zarre but also MOoH designs, Vero Modero, Tashi did create specialy for this show their summer items. Get your swimming and beach wear ready because we also have an after summer party !

We would like to invite you to visit  the third edition of the “Going to the beach”  Fashion Show July 25th  @ 4pm sl.  At the landing spot you will find a REZZER to sit in PADDLE BOATS to get you to the audience area.


You will have the chance to buy some of the outfits at the show!! See ya there!

Communing with Nature Featuring LaVian & CO Cleo Pump For Apply Me Event

LAVAIN&CO SHOE FOR APPLY ME_002What did you expect? Smiling, you didn’t think I was going to get grass stains on my Cleo Pump by LaVian did you as I become one with nature!

This pretty, round open toe platform sandal, with jeweled accent, has a thin ankle strap with a closed heeled back and is the perfect accessory for your summer outfits and beyond. The Cleo Pump has a color hud with a large selection of colors that rival the rainbow! The shoe is available for the Slink and TMP feet.


Apply Me is a new exciting event geared towards everything appliers for the mesh bodies. Shop 60 participating designers all in one place! APPLY ME will take place the 10th of the month and end on the 20th of each month. Be body beautiful with Apply Me!

photographer and
Cleo Pump by LaVian & CO for Apply Me Event
Little Branch Pink Field Flowers and Cherry Blossom Trees


your limo to Apply Me


The Spy Who Loved Me….Featuring Scandal Fashions for Apply Me Event

A job is a job when you are a hired killer until it is someone you love.  Contemplation and completion is difficult enough while you watch the target, as you know his every move,  his every look that are awashed of memories for you.


As she observes him, she is aware and knows that she is being watched wearing the Scandal Fashions Zip Me Up Dress.


This bodycon mini dress features a scooped neck bodice and corset bra that are adorned with a zipper track that accents the bodice and around the neckline. The Zipper extends down the bodice to her stomach and ends at her waist. The corset bra top has a zipper opened front that is teasingly zipped down and draws the eyes to her obvious “assets”!


The Zip Me Up Dress is available in the following appliers: Belleza, TMP, Maitreya, Slink, and Omega. The Corset Bra comes in Black, Pink, Red, and Green.

Does she walk away or does she kill him…..


Apply Me is a new exciting event geared towards everything appliers for the mesh bodies. Shop 60 participating designers all in one place! APPLY ME will take place the 10th of the month and end on the 20th of each month. Be body beautiful with Apply Me!

photographer and
Zip Me Up Dress by Scandal Fashions for Apply Me Event

Watch your back…your limo to Apply Me


APPLYME! is Ready for July Round!

I can’t wait!!!! This will be a must attend for you mesh bodies lovers!!!



Be part of the biggest gathering of Mesh Body Compatible Creators in Second Life!

A exclusive monthly marketing venue for designers and creators with quality, diverse and premium design that promote the latest trends in SL fashion. APPLY ME aims to help promote designer’s latest design on appliers on the following system: Omega Appliers, Slink Physique Appliers, TheMeshProject Appliers, Belleza Bodies Applier, Maitreya Bodies Applier, Lelutka Head Applier, Eve Body, WOWMEH, SLINK, ALTAMURA  and more.

APPLY ME is set set to take place every 10th until 20th of the month.

Landmark: To be announced soon.

Check out the 70 participating desingers:

WoW Skins, Zibska, Altamura, EVE – Ginger Chevallier, Mundos, JUMO Fashion, LaVian&Co., SlackGirl, Petit Chat, Alaskametro<3, Sweet Evil, Ch’s, zOOm, Belle Cherie, Starbitch-Design,
{POSH PIXELS}, Certifye, Kirei, Glitzz, L’Emacity, M&M Incorporated, The Whoreshop!, Cherished Creations, .: Tits Up! :., Uni-qu3, Scandal Fashions , KL Couture, TnO,, Pink Pearl Designs…

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Eclectic Life of a Model Art Exhibit Opening

Eclectic Life of a Model

There will be a fantastic art photo exhibit opening July 5th, at 2 pm at the Virtual Chelsea Hotel Gallery 23. His latest exhibit is entitled “Eclectic Life of a Model”. Hope to see you there!

About the artist, Johannes1977 Resident:

Real life and current United States Marine Corps Officer, who did two tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

While deployed in the war zones, I would take photos to show my view of the wars and the scenery. I love black and white photography, mixed with sepia and vintage tones in order to channel a vintage look.

I currently have a show at The Rose Art Gallery which is titled “Scenes From a War”.

The Rose Art Gallery



My personal gallery – Epic Chromatic

Dreams at the SL 2012 Birthday Celebrations


Space For Art:

Artists For SL:

The Roxeter Gallery:
StarZ Art Corner:

I created the “Postcards From BayCity Collection” for the Bay City Celebrations. Contact for this project is Marianne McCann

Your limo to the exhibit…

FEROSH Fashion AT SBL12 Celebration…..WHAT AN EXPERIENCE!!!

desireme Fallen feroshcake4_byrneLast Saturday I had the pleasure and honor of being in SLB12 FEROSH Fashion Show in celebration of Second Life’s 12th birthday! It had the fabulous and creatively fun theme of Marie Antoinette “Let Them Eat Cake” 1780 Couture. It was the stuff of fantasy and dreams as we got to express our individual visions of that using the gorgeous designs from Azul and Solidea. I picked and wore Solidea Folies MVW 2013 Italy Gown and accessorized with Chop Zuey Jewelry.

slb12 ad sl

Thank you FEROSH for such a fun fashion show, as everyone was styled to the nines showing why they are FEROSH Super Models and Models and the crowds shouted their approval and loved it!!!

_SoliDea FoliEs_ MVW 2013 Italy Gown - desireme Fallen

_SoliDea FoliEs_ MVW 2013 Italy Gown head2 - desireme Fallen

Check out FEROSH website at

My fabulous top picture was taken by Byrne Darkly

FEROSH Ad by Absinthe

Bottom 2 pictures…me

Supermodels and Models present at the Fashion Show:

Super Models- Carley Benazzi, Ivyana Szondi, Miele Tarantal,Nayomi Gartner,  Taylor Wassep, Xandrah Sciavo

Models- Anigma Eulenberg, ChloeElectra, desireme Fallen, Eleseren Brianna, Tyra Eiren, Wicca Merlin





Life in the Seraglio…Featuring The Quan Am Suite by Chop Zuey

QUAN HEADBAND BY CHOP ZUEYTime has flown very fast, for her, in a world that time seemed to have forgotten. A world where women competed for the love of one man, for power and dominance, wearing very little other than a sheer determination to be noticed.  From my first introduction into the Seraglio, it has been one of instruction in music, language, religion, dance, poetry, and the fine art and protocol of erotic sensual love. Unbeknownst to her, the Kizlar Agha, had taken a special interest in her studies and her as a person, for reasons only known to him and a few trusted servants.  She was a very diligent student, excelling in everything taught to her, displaying a voracious appetite for knowledge and learning. Among slaves and others, she was very well regarded as a kind and generous lady.  As a reward, she was told, she was invited to have Baklava and Pomegranate Sherbet with the Keeper of the Jewels. To her utter surprise and amazement, she was presented with the dazzling Quan Am Headband to adorn her hair. The headband was fashioned with Rubellite Tourmaline, Pink Morganite, Ametrine, Pearl and Diamond in Gold with White Flowers and Dangle Briolettes in Rubellite Tourmaline and Pearl Flowers.CHOP ZUEY QUAN HEADBAND_012

The Keeper of Jewels was instructed to give, this particular girl, something from the treasury of jewels.  Always alert to curry favor, she did as instructed and picked out a magnificent piece! Jewels, furs, clothing, and such articles dear to the palace women, came in from all over the empire and beyond and this exceptionally, exquisite hairpiece bore the hallmarks from the legendary house of Chop Zuey, a name well known and sought after amongst the Kadins of the harem!

The beauty of the Quan Am headband she wore, was a visible signal to others that she is a lady to be watched with interest, as someone of importance is backing her.  As rumors and gossip started to fly throughout the harem about her,  she continued in her studies, growing in beauty, both in the physical and her demeanor. As she was preparing for her day,  still sitting   upon her sleeping mat, a messenger approached with a small box. She opened the box, with her heart skipping a beat, as there sat the suite of the Quan Am Jewelry Set, nestled upon a beautifully embroidered piece of silk. Her eyes took in the beauty of the spectacularly striking and intricately entwined necklace designed of Rubellite Tourmaline, Pink Morganite, Ametrine, Pearl and Diamond set in the finest Gold, with matching earrings, bracelet and ring.   The womanly part of her, compelled her to put each piece on and admired herself in them. When she lifted the last piece, it was then she noticed the enclosed note.


She went to the baths, which at this time of day, were empty, in her Quan Am Jewelry, and she sat in the soothing water to ponder over the compelling contents of the note.


Thank you for taking the time to read the 2nd installment of my story. It will continue.

The Quan Am Jeweled Headband and Quan Jewelry Suite was designed by Chop Zuey Couture Jewelry and made in honor of Rehana Seljan, Miss SL Vietnam and The Face of Chop Zuey

The Quan Am Headband is sold separately

Photographer and
Quan Am Headband by Chop Zuey
Quan Am Jewelry Suite by Chop Zuey

Your Litter awaits you…

Quan Am HeadBand-Pk

Quan Am Set