The Trickling of Tranquility

Atelier Visconti Nympha Fountain


The soft splash of a fountain brings life and motion to your home. It draws you, calms you with its seductive tricklings, as water spills below.  The Atelier Visconti Fountain, Nymph’s tranquil water  cascades across 2 levels of weathered stones into a holding basin.  Its soothing melodious sound track transforms your space into a peaceful retreat.

A.V. Fountain Nympha_003

A.V. Fountain Nympha_005

This gorgeous, classical fountain is built with sculpted stone basins, which are stacked upon the other. Vividly colored flowers are planted and adorn the top 2 tiers.  Tranquil water cascades across 2 levels of weathered stones, creating instant charming appeal and soothing sounds for your garden. Whether you choose to use Nympha Fountain, by , indoors or outdoors, it will bring relaxation and tranquility to your home and will easily become the focal point of your landscape  or garden room.

A.V. Fountain Nympha_004

Why not stop by Atelier Visconti today and see what’s new and while you are there, pick up this wonderful fountain for your home.


Nympha Fountain by Atelier Visconti

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