Last Night….

BLACKLACE LADY A_0092Last night, I did not want to know your name.
Last night I spotted you sitting at the bar.
Last night you brought me a drink.
Last night you asked me to come home with you.
Last night I took you home instead.
As I slipped out of my blouse and jeans revealing my new opulent and decadent Lady Amalthea Set by Blacklace.  A bra strap, slid down my shoulder, of the sinfully rich, red push-up, lace accented balconette bra, that caressed my silky skin was as light as a feather. The moon light bathed the room with light as it rested upon my matching lavishly embroidered, floral motif, lace overlay, under the bust, corset, with its clusters of beautiful red roses adorning my hips, I thought how the laced up back, of the corset, would be most sensual for him to undo.

BLACKLACE Lady Amalthea_0012

Slowly, my lace accented panty, with their strappy, open cutout design, that teases and tantalizes all in one deep breath came into view. I watched want and desire come over his face as he eyed my romantically risqué Lady Amalthea Set, by Blacklace, as he reached for me, last night.

Last night has departed and now so should you.

Blacklace Lady Amalthea

The Lady Amalthea Set has been released in red, and black.  It includes a system bra and panties with mesh underbust corset and matching flower attachments.  The corset has both SLink Bodies, all Belleza Bodies, and standard sizes for Classics.

your limo ride to purchase Lady Amalthea Set by Black Lace


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