Introducing My MVW 2014 National Costume, Cleopatra by Enzo Champagne


National Costume Enzo Champagne Cleopatra_004

I remember the day that I nervously messaged the sublimely talented Enzo Champagne of Sparkling Champagne about doing my National Costume, for the Miss Virtual World Contest. I didn’t have much experience at doing contests that is on the exalted level of MVW, which is THE contest of all modeling contests and most recognized for models nor asking famous designers for help.

Being Miss V♛Egypt, I wanted to chose from Egypt’s culturally rich past, for my national costume. I chose Cleopatra VII, as she was beautiful, could charm a ruler and bend him to her will, was highly intelligent, a great strategist, and was always aware that she was a woman…desired!

I communicated all of this, clumsily, to Enzo and he delivered this golden dream worthy of Cleopatra herself! I may not have won the crown for MVW, but he made me look like a queen! A sensual, desirable, and beautiful queen! During the chat during the National Costume Segment, he made me so beautiful that I was being likened to a young Elizabeth Taylor, when she played the extraordinary queen in the block buster movie, Cleopatra! Smiling, I looked amazing sitting upon my litter, as I was carried unto the stage!

National Costume Enzo Champagne Cleopatra_006


The many details of my costume, are superb! Beyond the ladies who love great designs such as this, I can already picture the role-play of the many Egyptian “Queen Cleopatras” in Second Life wearing and loving my National Costume!

From the depths of my heart, Thank you, very very much, Enzo, for my incomparable, gloriously golden, out of this world, Cleopatra National Costume! You are a master designer! My Cleopatra National is the best  in ALL of Second Life and beyond contestation!

This magnificent creation, Cleopatra, is now available for purchase at Sparkling Champagne!

Model and photographer…me
Cleopatra National Costume…Enzo Champagne
Cleopatra Vendor and Store Ads..Sparkling Champagne