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Eclectic Life of a Model Art Exhibit Opening

Eclectic Life of a Model

There will be a fantastic art photo exhibit opening July 5th, at 2 pm at the Virtual Chelsea Hotel Gallery 23. His latest exhibit is entitled “Eclectic Life of a Model”. Hope to see you there!

About the artist, Johannes1977 Resident:

Real life and current United States Marine Corps Officer, who did two tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

While deployed in the war zones, I would take photos to show my view of the wars and the scenery. I love black and white photography, mixed with sepia and vintage tones in order to channel a vintage look.

I currently have a show at The Rose Art Gallery which is titled “Scenes From a War”.

The Rose Art Gallery

Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/9284831@N04/

Portfolio: http://johannes-slimages.wix.com/portfolio

My personal gallery – Epic Chromatic

Dreams at the SL 2012 Birthday Celebrations


Space For Art:

Artists For SL:

The Roxeter Gallery:
StarZ Art Corner:

I created the “Postcards From BayCity Collection” for the Bay City Celebrations. Contact for this project is Marianne McCann

Your limo to the exhibit…


DEATH BE NOT PROUD…Featuring H.M.A.E.M. Dada

H.M.A.E.M. Dada

When I awake each morning, I acquaint myself with what is happening in the world. As I read about all the police killings, various shootings and killings by citizens, people blowing up each other, children being killed, women being used as shields, beheadings, it saddens me greatly and makes me aware of how helpless I am to do anything. Death is a very active, constant, and dutiful citizen of each country, in our world.

People, who are in power, that we are suppose to trust, look up to, to take the lead among us, cannot solve these problems. It seems, as I see each generation that has come and gone, that is here and now, held hostage by man-made caused Death. It is now a sad fact, that most of us will not die, what is termed a “natural” death. In my head I hear part of a saying….Death be not proud!

I do not possess great camera skills or picture taking ability, but the H.M.A.E.M. Dada, in Black, brings to life my inner thoughts and feelings on this for what I want to portray. The Dada is a sleek, Suede textured Leather Bodysuit that has a round neck, full back, front boy cut brief with a modified thong back. It also have a shaped slit opening, beneath the breasts, that goes around the sides and reveals a sexy peek of your skin. I have paired over the round neck, of the bodysuit, the Nemesi Necklace, that completes my look perfectly.

Model and Photographer…me

h.m.a.e.m. Dada in Black
h.m.a.e.m. Nemesi necklace
The Earth – Mesh Mafia
Ezazel Long Black Angel Wings 4.3.2
::HH:: Hucci Ikela Boots
::WetCat:: Crow” Pose Set Box RARE

The Dada is only available, at the below taxi ride

GizzA’s Love is in the Air Video


POE7 Peace On Earth POSTER IMG

Are you ready???? The Peace On Hunt (POE7) starts today!!!!

Stay tuned for more information and pictures of some of the most fabulous hunt gifts ever,  that will be available from 115 stops!!!!



Mystic Realms Faire Event-October 10th through October 26th

The Mystic Realms Faire is a new yearly event designed for creators to explore their own fantastic side and for shoppers to explore the creations from more than 140 awesome participants. The event runs until October 26th.  Below you will find information, through the official webpage link to the  amazing stores participating at this event!!







The Assistant


Whenever there is a new release of a design, a group gift, or especially a % off sale, the GizzA Assistant is trampled to death by hordes of running customers!

This fantastic pose, Slain, was made by Image Essentials and is available at the Wild West Fair until September 5th.

Model and photographer….me
Slain Pose by Image Essentials
No Escape Outfit by GizzA
Black Epaulettes by GizzA

Your Mustang to the Wild West Fair

IE - Slain

The Shabby LaLa Bathroom @ The Collage





Serendipity Designs has introduced, for this round of The Collage, the Shabby LaLa Bathroom. This delightful bathroom suite, will cause a smile to emerge, upon your face, as you enter your “necessary room” making it a pleasant and beautiful experience!

I think a virtual home is not complete, without a bathroom! Granted we are in a virtual world, but we do mimic, to a certain extent, our real life existences. With that said, I want to share with you the Shabby LaLa Bathroom by Serendipity Designs, who expertly puts the r in realism with her designs!

The much desired blue, white, and grey chicness, of this set, will give your bathroom, style and elegance in its porcelain beauty! The blue and white tiled floor, which by the way is included, adds the perfect hint of color that accents the set gorgeously! It’s like what a beautiful Christian Louboutin’s shoe does for feet…its puts beauty underneath! You can have the perfect spa experience, as you luxuriate in this bathroom. The fillable Clawfoot Tub has an amazing menu, for both singles and couples, to make bath time pleasurable, sensual, and fun! It’s adult menu will have, both you and your partner, wanting always to be “clean” smiling! I am such a nut over the little details of the items, that go into my world, as I am sure you are! Kyra put the little details and touches that make her designs so desirable…notice the dish that holds the soap. Such attention to details, she has, that just makes it so realistic!





The bathroom includes a fantastic toilet! OMG..This is such a fun piece! It has a menu for ladies and guys! Ladies, can tinkle or poop! The sounds are so realistic, it cracked me up! While you are “pooping” you can read the newspaper and the expression on your face will say it all! The guys have a taking a dump, constipated, and a standing pee choice. It makes going, so much fun! When you are done…don’t forget to flush the toilet!!!

Also, included, in this “must have” set, are the Perfume Wall Prints, the LaLa Basket of Towels, the Slimboy Dresser, and Towel Rack and wall cabinet. As any decorator will tell you…it’s the accessories that make a room memorable and Kyra does not disappoint!

The shower, of this set, will make showering an experience, that you will want, again and again! The menu is for both, singles and couples. The single’s showering will make you look so sexy, as you go about the business of getting clean! The adult menu will leave both you and your partner, more than satisfied! You will make excuses to take a shower…smiling! It is such an awesome addition for this bathroom, in its sleek appeal, adding to the complete overall look of Shabby LaLa Bathroom. Your friends will be envious of your bathroom! So get off your virtual chair and go to get this set!!!




Lastly, but certainly far from least, are the vanity and the chandelier! Now you can’t be all that clean without brushing your teeth! This vanity has a menu for brushing your teeth, washing your face and hands, and the guys have the additional choice of shaving! The vanity’s animations, makes it look so real! The incredible chandelier, has small capped printed toppers that diffuses the light that will illuminate, softly, your exquisite bathroom, with its on and off switch. Who said you cannot be in stylish surroundings, while doing these mundane tasks of hygiene!

You can truly make your own “spa like experience” each time you go to your bathroom! Every detail that could be incorporated has. Great thought and planning has gone into this phenomenal bathroom, for your pleasure, visual appeal, and fun! This set is exclusively available at the Collage Event, until May 7th, after that, it will be in her store, Serendipity Designs. Be sure to take the below taxi to The Collage and pick up this set, for your home!

This bathroom is the final addition to the Shabby LaLa Collection. You can buy it completely, or pieces separately, as desired.

There are 10 pieces at 66 prims.
The Sink has 7 animations
The toilet has 5 animations
The bathtub has 67 animations including couples and sex.
The shower 45 animations including couples, sex and sequences

The Shabby LaLa Pouf, Leather Shag Rug, and plants are sold separately.

The Collage

Serendipity Designs

Shabby LaLa Bathroom by Serendity Designs