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You won’t like me if I do…..

Snapshot_708When he reached out and touched her arm, she abruptly pulled away, from his grasp saying…If you make me, you won’t like me if I do, she stated. Go back to that rock you crawled out from under. Your wife may accept your cheating ways, but I certainly don’t. He looked at her, proud, sexy, provocative, in her sensual lingerie set, Audrey, from Blacklace, he had purchased for her.  She was his kitten and she purrs in her balcony style bra and matching thong panty, in the sassy, captivating Leopard Print. The set is richly accented in Black Tulle Lace that scallops the edges of the bra, adorns the garter inset, and panty crotch. The Audrey Set, as well as all Blacklace Lingerie Sets, includes stockings, garters, and panties. It also has the Omega Applier Hud and System Layers for Classics Avatars.

She makes his primal instincts go into overdrive and she knew it!  He is worth billions, yet she left him! She is the type of woman a man cannot leave nor forget. Will she take him back? Will she look at the signed divorce papers and marry him? Will it matter, to her, that he is not asking for a pre-nup!!!  The story continues….

Every woman knows or should know that wearing arousing, pretty little things to entice the one we spend our nights or days with, is just one reason we wear beautiful things. It is also a way that helps us to discover,  explore, and express the many facets of who we are or who we want to be. Find your inner self wearing Blacklace.

The Audrey Set by Blacklace


Your limousine to Blacklace