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Kaerri’s Esplanade For The Love Donna Flora Fund Raiser Event

Esplanade 3

Esplanade 2

Esplanade 1

Kaerri’s beautiful Esplanade Living Room Set is available at the Love Donna Flora Event. It has a restful blend of blues and greens tones that invites you to come sit and stay a while. The furniture gives a soothing feel to the room. The set includes the couch, table, console, vase, table vase, 2 chairs, one with pillow, oval bird picture, 2 upright flower framed pictures, potted fern, coat rack, table books, and rugs. The set also has an excellent sit menu for the couch and chairs. I adore this color combination and love peeking into the room that I have this set up in. Color adds variety to our life and should be expressed in everything we do!

The Love Donna Flora – A Fundraiser for Squinternet Larnia started July 25th and will run through August 11th. You never know what the next day will bring being human or pixel. Cherish all who you hold dear! As you traverse the world of second life remember we are all flesh and blood behind the avatar with all the frailties that is known to man. Live, learn, and love. In life, you get back what you give!

Please lend your support by purchasing this beautiful set for Squinternet Larnia!

Kaerri Esplanade Living Room
Living Room of The Kay House By Maven Homes

Kaerri Logotype 512


***PREVIEW*** Kaerri’s Donna Flora Pavone Set For The Love Donna Flora – A Fundraiser for Squinternet Larnia

Donna Flora Pavone_002 r1

Donna Flora Pavone_004 table top r1  Donna Flora Pavone_005 chair r1

Donna Flora Pavone_008 chandelier r2

Kaerri has created exclusively for the Fundraiser for Squinternet Larnia, these beautiful serene sitting room furnishings, The Donna Flora Pavone Set! It comes with 2 chairs, a rug, a table, a small table candelabra, a flower bowl, a peacock picture, and a cabinet. The ceiling light can be purchased, separately,  at Kaerri’s. The major pieces are adorned with the majestic peacock in vibrant hues, of royal blue, green, and purple. When you enter a room with these particular sitting room pieces in it, your spirit seem to revive itself, just with the colors alone, as they draw you from within! It just gives you a good feeling. The chairs have a delightful 9 pose seating menu for both male and female! Any room, you grace with this set, will be as elegantly adorned as any fashionable woman! The Love Donna Flora – A Fundraiser for Squinternet Larnia starts July 25th and will run through August 11th. We all may be pixels in second life, but behind each of us is a real person of flesh and blood. Sometimes we forget as we traverse the world of Second Life, just how fragile we really are and sadly real life problems…serious ones, change the fabric of not only our lives in the real world, but of our second life as well…and any who care about us!

Please lend your support by purchasing this charming set that Kaerri has designed, from her heart, for Squinternet!

Here’s a link to my original post on the fundraiser.

The Donna Flora Pavone by Kaerri

for the ceiling light

Kaerri Logotype 512

Love Donna Flora – a Fundraiser for Squinternet Larnia

I am reposting this from a notecard I received inworld. I love Donna Flora beautiful creations and want to let other lovers of her beautiful things know what is happening to her….what can happen to any of us! Please read and show your support, if you can.

I apologize for the lack of a personal greeting. I confess I am sending this to many people. In fact, I would be happy if this were passed on to you from a third party, the point is reaching out and asking for your help..

One of the greatest facets of Second Life is how the many interest groups develop a sense of community, an international family of interest and enthusiasm. Never is that more present than when one of our own needs our help. Right now, Squinternet Larnia of Donna Flora needs the support and encouragement of our community.

She has cancer. Breast cancer has metastasized to the bone and invaded her spine. She rallied last summer and had a brief and unexpected remission. It’s back and she is no longer strong enough to create her wonderful jewels and dresses. In fact, she has not been in SL much at all as it is too taxing. She is now dependent on home nursing and has placed her hope in alternative treatment options that are not covered by her national health insurance.

Folks have come together to help raise funds to defray her expenses. A sim has been donated and people are raising their hands to help. I hope you can help, too.

We are looking for designers to volunteer to offer 1 or more items for sale at the Love Donna Flora event from July 25th through August 11th. The first item must be a 100% donation item and the others can be 50%, 75% or 100%. Designers can apply here:

Please explore the web site, there are stories and a place for people to send messages as well as a section on our effort to be as transparent as possible.

I know that not everyone can afford to donate. I also know not everyone is comfortable with personal fundraisers. That’s understandable and people should feel no obligation to contribute to the event financially. The struggle against cancer requires money, but it also requires hope and love. Everyone can help with hope and love.

You can lift her spirits and remind her that she is loved by sending Squinternet a message and sharing your hope and concern.
There’s even a Flickr pool for posting pictures

Thank you,

Cajsa Lilliehook