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As the Queen slowly turns around, she yells “OFF WITH YOUR HEAD”, if you do not make it to The Fantasy Gacha Carnival to get these most charming Enfant Terrible’s Fashun Crowns and Staffs!

Although caught in one of those “queenly moods”, whispering to you…she almost had to wait on her crumpets, she wears the Rare Pastel Blue Crown beautifully and holds, regally, her symbol of power, her Rare Blue Pastel Staff! This amazing and whimsical crown and staff are among the gachas, from Enfant Terrible, that you can win, starting February 1st at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival!

.Enfant Terrible. Fashun crowns for FGC

The Enfant Terrible’s Fashun Crowns and Staffs are great for role play, and also make a phenomenal fashion statement when worn with your favorite outfits!

Do not incur the wrath of this queen! Be sure to grab the Enfant Terrible Fashun Crowns and Staffs at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival!  Start saving those Lindens and have fun!!!!

model and photographer…me
Fashun Crowns and Staffs Gacha Ad…Enfant Terrible

Enfant Terrible. Staff Pastel Blue RARE

Enfant Terrible. Crown Pastel Blue RARE

Hey Gacha Addicts…Enfant Terrible Oh Deer Headbands@Oh My Gacha

Enfant Deer Gacha_002

Enfant Deer Gacha_010

Enfant Deer Gacha_014

Enfant Terrible is at Oh My Gacha until January 31st! Don’t miss out on these adorable deer headbands! I am wearing Miechief Rare Headband…they are just too cute for words!!! I have included the ad for you to see the whole range of headbands you can win!

I am also wearing Enfant Terrible’s, very figure flattering, Phyllidas Gown in Ice and Wayfarers Sandals Light Grey with Silver Trim. I just love how I look!!!

Enfant Terrible Oh Deer Gacha add

.Enfant Terrible. Phyllidas Gown

Wayfarers Sandals ad

Photographer and
Enfant Terrible Ads for Oh Deer Headbands, Phyllidas Gown, and Wayfarers Sandals.

Oh My Gacha Map Address