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Giz Seorn Logo

GizzA Creations,  the store we have all come to know and love for the past 9 years, and our go to for fabulous fashions, will soon be re-branded to GIZ SEORN, this week! The ENTIRE STORE is now 75% OFF!!!! Hurry to get your favorites before they are gone forever!!!


Your driverless car to GizzA..


In The Moment …Featuring Sneak Peek Virtual Diva Couture Queen Gown

SNEAK PEEK VIRTUAL DIVA QUEEN GOWNOur lives are made up, in a series of moments. Some are very pleasurable, some are very painful. Yet, as we experience each, and hopefully learn from the bad ones and savor the good ones, we grow. In this moment, I find myself in luxurious surroundings. I am beautifully dressed in Virtual Diva Couture Queen Gown, for Sneak Peek.

The ball gown has a strapless sweetheart décolleté, intricately beaded and sequined in a chevron pattern. From the fitted, slim waist, the gown billows, gently, out into a dramatically full skirt. The Queen Gown is the epitome of feminine sophistication, elegance, and sensuality. It weaves you, into a story moment of glamour and drama in this perfect silhouette that flatters the Cinderella that wears this dream of a gown!

The opulent gown is topped by a cropped,  flower and bead stole that is the perfect accent cover up that adds to the romance of the look. Be in the  moment in The Queen Gown, by Virtual Diva!


As you leave your prince…remember not to leave your red sole shoe…Louboutins costs a small fortune!

Sneak Peek gives you the inside scoop on trends and the latest happenings in the virtual world of fashion. It is an exclusive, monthly, fashion and creativity event that will put YOU, on the fashion forefront and in the know!  Come and shop the latest Summer Wear this season and don’t forget to grab the free June Gift Bags from our designers!  Sneak Peeks ends July 5th.

Participating Designers for June Round
RAPTURE, Pizzazz Haute Couture, Ashmoot, WTB, BN designs, LaVian & Co.
Glam Dreams, Tori’s Stylez, MSS, DE.Boutique, FLRN DESIGN, Supernatural
A W E A R, Athena Couture, *Tiffany Designs*, ELEMENT, smesh, M&M STYLE
VIRTUAL DIVA Couture, SKY, ! Beautiful Dangerous !, GLO, [LRD], United Colors
Vanity House of Designs, KL, Glitter, Flowerdreams, Appear, Ever An’ Angel
White Room Couture, Faisean, LENNIE, / f:L / – / fashion:LORE /, Vero Modero
JUMO, LIZIAAH, Rayne Couture, Petit Chat

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Queen Gown by Virtual Diva for Sneak Peek
Diamond Drop Earrings by Chop Zuey

Your Horse and Carriage to Sneak Peek

sneak peek log red


GLITTER DEA GOWN When one is invited to a grand fête one should not disappoint in her dress! You will be more than equal, to your grand surroundings wearing Glitter’s Dea Gown. This very pretty, modified sweetheart neckline and one capped sleeve are accented with Swarovski Crystals.


The bodice has been designed with a asymmetrical slashed bodice in Strawberry with a peek of Black Silk peeking through. The floor length, slim fitting Black Silk skirt gently flows down your body accenting your womanly curves. The gown is available in complimentary colors. and comes with a stunning evening clutch.


Be beautiful at your next gala, in Glitter Dea Gown.

photographer and model…me
Dea Gown by Glitter
Lizzie Oversized Sunglasses

Penumbra takes a giant leap forward and moves ahead to provide us with the SNEAK PEEK of trends to come, an exclusive, monthly, fashion and creativity event that will put YOU, on the fashion forefront!! Shopping stores, shoes, jewelry, mesh clothing.

Your limo awaits…


FASHION FOR LIFE 2014 Featuring Paisley Daisy’s Chasing Summer


Have you been to Fashion For Life 2014 Event yet? There are over 10 awesomely designed sims full of amazing designs creations exclusive to FFL! Please come and show your support of this very worthwhile, life saving cause! Fashion For Life, will run until, midnight, June 20th. So get your shopping mojo on and come on over!

One of the simply fantastic designers, who has lent her immense talent and creativeness, to Fashion for Life, is the Queen of Sheer, Joeylin of Paisley Daisy! Joeylin has created, the divine “Chasing Summer“. Chasing Summer is a floral pattern, Mint Green, Olive, and Lilac colored textured 2 piece silk ensemble of a crop styled belly baring top, with V bodice straps that descends, in the back, into 2 wider spaced straps, that are adorned with detachable Lilac and Green flowers. The slim fitting, high waist skirt, shimmers delicately, down the body, into graceful folds at the feet. The top’s hem edge, waist, and hem of the skirt are adorn in Lilac. The gown is exquisite! It is perfect for those summer events and galas that pepper our summer agendas, and in this case…just what the doctor order for a private tête-à-tête! Smiling, wear this exclusive FFL design, from Paisley Daisy, you will be the one “chased”!

model and photographer…me
FFL 2014 Chasing Summer by Paisley Daisy

Take the below limo to Paisley Daisy, located on the Amble Sim. When you land, click the landmark, once again, to teleport directly to the front of Paisley Daisy FFL Store.

Fashion For Life 2014 Poster

For information on Fashion For Life 2014, please click this link…




Because I got up this morning. Because you got up this morning. Because it is a beautiful gown for an amazing cause! The  AZUL Sakura, was created for MVW Miss China 2011 and released in support of Japan Fair 2014. This ethereal gown is available in Pearl. It is a magnificently feminine gown, adorned with a golden belt. The high back collar will act as a backdrop to the loveliness of your face. The beauty of this gown is derived from the elegantly simple silhouette of flowing delicate silk that is flattering to anyone who wears this amazing creation by AZUL

I graced the regalness of Sakura, with the exquisite headpiece by Silvery K. I first learned of this awesome store, when Miss Virtual World, Angelica Carling, generously  gifted each Miss with a glorious headpiece from this store. My mouth dropped when I saw it! Their work is utterly superb.  The Silvery K Head Dress, Sakura japon Red, is available at Japan Fair 2014.


You should hurry to grab these, as Japan Fair 2014 ends April 20th!

Model and Photographer…me
Sakura by AZUL







Sometimes life is so fragmented, in so many pieces, that we cannot see the whole of it. As we stare at the many pieces, we forget to see the beauty that the picture of our life presents. These very thoughts came to mind as I stared at the artistry and elegance of The Mosaic Gemstone Gown by Paisley Daisy. The many tiny pieces of this gorgeous texture comes together, in a beautiful pattern, that will do nothing ,but make you feel and look exquisite when you wear it! This incredible gown comes also in the Fitted Mesh, as well, and has a optional sheer overskirt. The intricate pattern adds up to one dazzlingly, charming, striking gown! Attention will be yours to command, no doubt, when you enter a room in this gown. The shimmer of the tiny gemstones, will mesmerize and make you an enchanting beauty, that will not soon be forgotten!

The Mosaic Gemstone Gown is available at Paisley Daisy’s BOSL Renaissance Galleria Location and at her main store. Dare to be unforgettable in Paisley Daisy Mosaic Gemstone Gown!

photographer and model…me

Mosaic Gemstone Gown by Paisley Daisy


~ghee~ Mint Spring Pastel Gown at The SAVID Spring Fair


~ghee~ Mint Spring Pastel Gown and Fascinator is now available at the SAVIAD Spring Fair. This gown is walking perfection! The Mint Spring Pastel Gown will hug your body, accenting all that makes us women. It will cling to you, like a besotted amour, giving you the very desired hour glass silhouette that turns heads! It has a sweetheart bodice and a draped shirred skirt that gently traverses to the ground. A sheer wisp of a swiss dotted gossamer overskirt that, enchantingly, encircles the bottom half from the top of the V knee insert to the hem of the gown. The gown is exquisitely adorn with flowers, from mid-thigh, that highlights the gossamer overskirt . The back of the gown is a corset lace up that is accentuated by a pouf of a bow, with trailing ribbons, on the derrière. The way you will look in this gown, will make you memorable to all, who are fortunate to see you! Ladies, are you a Spring or Summer Bride? This gown is also the perfect Bridesmaid Dress!


The matching fascinator is gorgeous! As trends are showing, flowers are all the rage, this spring season and the flower, on this alluring hat, is perfectly balanced and has an attached veil. We all know that veils are sexy and makes the looker want to see what beauty lies beneath! The ~ghee~ Spring Pastel Gowns are also available, in several pastel tones, at ~ghee~’s main store, as well, as at the SAVID Event. Be the beautiful dream, that comes to life, when you wear ~ghee~’s Mint Spring Pastel Gown!


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~ghee~ Mint Spring Pastel Gown

Ad by ~ghee~

ghee Ad Spring Pastel Gown