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The Days of Yesteryear…

Of by gone days when times were simpler. When sitting on the porch with your beau was a  big thing. Families gathered for dinner at the table. When you ran home from school, your Mom was there, with cookies waiting. Where neighbor knew neighbor and was there for when times were good and when they were bad. Life wasn’t rushed. When you could stop on the street without fear and only anticipate a warm greeting, a doff of a hat.  An era, long passed, lost in the annals of time and never to return.

Items used for story:
Chop Zuey Wilde’s Flower of Love Head Wreath at the July Dazzle Event
*HEXtraordinary* Antique Silver Cherub Lamp
Fancy Decor Printemps Mirror (antique gold)
Serenity Style Glam Wish Gloves





Because I got up this morning. Because you got up this morning. Because it is a beautiful gown for an amazing cause! The  AZUL Sakura, was created for MVW Miss China 2011 and released in support of Japan Fair 2014. This ethereal gown is available in Pearl. It is a magnificently feminine gown, adorned with a golden belt. The high back collar will act as a backdrop to the loveliness of your face. The beauty of this gown is derived from the elegantly simple silhouette of flowing delicate silk that is flattering to anyone who wears this amazing creation by AZUL

I graced the regalness of Sakura, with the exquisite headpiece by Silvery K. I first learned of this awesome store, when Miss Virtual World, Angelica Carling, generously  gifted each Miss with a glorious headpiece from this store. My mouth dropped when I saw it! Their work is utterly superb.  The Silvery K Head Dress, Sakura japon Red, is available at Japan Fair 2014.


You should hurry to grab these, as Japan Fair 2014 ends April 20th!

Model and Photographer…me
Sakura by AZUL