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POE7 Peace On Earth POSTER IMG

Are you ready???? The Peace On Hunt (POE7) starts today!!!!

Stay tuned for more information and pictures of some of the most fabulous hunt gifts ever,  that will be available from 115 stops!!!!


The last day of the Peace On Earth Hunt and a lovely Room

POE ROOM 1_005

Poe House_003

T’was the month following Christmas, my true love said to me, undeck the halls, and put away the tree! The Peace On Earth Hunt has been amazing!!! Where has the time gone!!! Today is the last day of the hunt and there were over 200 gifts this year…such generosity! While I was out today, hunters were too, some asking if the gifts were still out where I was and of course they were! I wanted to do a final room with some of the POE6 furnishings to show how lovely they looked together. You do not have to limit yourself to having them out only at Christmas time! I was trying to tell a hunter this, and decided the best way was just to show! The POE designers are among the best in Second Life and made high quality gifts for us all to enjoy and most importantly, to use!

Poe House_004

Poe House_005

Poe House_006

Look how well the room flows has such an lovely warm eclectic look!  If you have no money in Second Life for things, to make you feel at home, just look at the designs within this room. There is still some time left before the end of the day to locate these awesome gifts!

I wish to thank you, Sequoia, for caring enough to have this phenomenal annual hunt each year! You work so hard to bring this to the residents of Second Life and make it look effortlessly! You have no idea how many people you actually help, with the Peace On Earth Hunt! Some people come to Second Life who do not have much in real life, and because of you and the fabulous designers, who give generously of their creations and time, allow people to have dignity and a amazing sense of style, with the beautiful clothes, accessories, furniture, homes, home decor, and so many things that have been part of the Peace On Earth Hunts throughout the years that you and they so unselfishly give! From the bottom of my heart I thank you!

This room contains furnishings and decor found on the POE6 HUNT…
eXplicite Designs POE6 BED / Cuddle menu
Holiday Peace Lily ~ Original Art by Special Jewell
..::IDC::.. “Vintage Holiday” Arm Chair [Plum]
[PP] Cottage Dining Table & Decor, rug by An Lema
[Park Place] “The River”
[Park Place] Home and Hearth Fireplace and Candles
Art Deco Xmas Glass Plate, Bowl, and Vase by Melu Deco
MEP Martie’s Elegant Plants
POE6 * Winter Dressing Screen by SEQUOIASTYLE
Geniwian ~ Rocking Chair
Peace on Earth Lamp and Table by An Lema
*Dench Designs* POE Sofa
..::IDC::.. “Looking For Santa” Timekeeper Clock
LM Malaspina “Peace on Earth MMXIII” Rococo Cabinet
Christmas Chairs (Red) for PoE6 by PRIME
..::IDC::.. Vintage Holiday Radio and Table
Sway’s Shelf [yin] (with decoration)
Joyus Living POE6 Gift Mesh Harp
Peace on Earth Player Piano by True North Designs
This is as festive as I get Signs, by Nexus Arts
[WS] Wishing Window Christmas by Weekend Salvage

I used my LeeZu Singleroom Skybox and everything looks just like….home!

I wish you all, the best of healthy, to be safe and to prosper in this new year 2014!



Joyus Living Peace on Earth MMXIII Rococo Cabinet, Aurora Wings, and Harp Gifts for The Peace On Earth Hunt


The Peace on Earth Hunt is now in full swing! Hunters are everywhere….lool! This is truly a grid wide hunt with some of the best designers in Second Life! The hunt will end, for those of you who do not know, on January 6th. The designers have created so many beautiful designs, for your pleasure, like the Peace on Earth MMXIII Rococo Cabinet, by Joyus Living!This cabinet is truly an exquisite piece and will lend a feel of grandeur to where ever you place it in your home. This  amazing cabinet was especially created for the Peace On Earth Hunt! It is a beautiful Louis XVI Style Gilt-Bronze Mounted Mahogany Cabinet in the fashion of Adam Weisweiler. The Louis XVI Style was popular during the second half of the 18th Century and continues to reign supreme in the real life world of antique collecting!

While you are admiring your new cabinet, be sure to put out your Peace On Earth Harp, also by Joyus Living! It has a selection of 6 classical pieces that sound like they came from heaven itself! the harp and stool are attached as one piece, so you don’t have to worry about losing one or the other!  You touch it anywhere to sit down on it, and then touch it again to bring up the menu of classical pieces that the harp can play! Truly a pleasing musical experience, you will have as you listen to the amazing string music of the harp! If you are into historical role play in second life, you must have both of these pieces! The fact that all you have to do is hunt for them, is priceless!

Also, including in these amazing gifts, but not shown, smiling, as if they are not enough, are gorgeous Aurora Wings! Joyus Living was truly very generous to us hunters with her gifts!

Thank you Joyus Living for your contribution of beauty and the gift of music for the Peace On Earth Hunt!



Park Place Home and Hearth Fireplace with Accessories Peace On Earth Gift

Park Place] Home and Hearth Fireplace with Accessories

I am running into a lot of hunters for the Peace on Earth Hunt and boy are they excited!!! The Hunt started on Sunday, December 1st and will end on January 6th. They have good reasons to be excited too, as the over 200 gifts on the hunt trail are second to none! The designers have gone out of their way creating awesome hunt gifts, such as The Park Place Home and Hearth Fireplace! This is such a great gift…who doesn’t like sitting in front of a fire talking, dreaming, and even sleeping! This fireplace comes with awesome accessories too! There is a beautiful landscape, called The River, for above the mantel, varying sizes of candles, a removable holiday garland, and a Red Holiday Poinsettia. This fireplace will look perfect, no matter where you place it and it is usable year round.

Thank you, Park Place, for giving us not only a beautiful fireplace, but the gift that adds a welcoming ambience to any room!


Hanaya Home & Garden Mesh Skate Shack Peace On Earth Hunt Gift

POE GIFT_002-Hanaya- Rideau Canal Mesh Skating Shack (15 LI)r2

In real life, I love to round up the gang and go ice skating and I enjoy doing it in Second Life too, smiling! If you have not heard before, the Peace on Earth Hunt has started, which will run until January 6th! LOVE THIS HUNT!!! This awesome gift can be yours, simply by hunting for it!

There are 2 versions of the Hanaya- Rideau Canal Mesh Skating Shack included, one is 6 land impact and the other is 15. The 15 land impact version has an animation of you working behind the counter! You click the sign and you receive a folder with both male and female skates! The gift is for the skate shack only.

It is a great POE gift for you to place out on your land for skate parties or just the enjoyment of skating! Thank you Hanaya Home & Garden for the gift of activity!



Frostleaf Studios Christmas Recipe Books for The Peace On Earth Hunt

~Dreamfall ~ FS POE6 Gift - Christmas Recipe Book

Welcome gumshoes to the Peace On Earth Hunt! Can you believe that is phenomenal hunt is now 6 years old! The hunt is chocked full of just awesome designs from fabulously talented creators and features over 200 gifts! The hunt has just started and will run until January 6th.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I love to cook in real of course I want a chef’s kitchen in Second life! Frost Leaf Studios has created this amazing cookbook, Christmas Recipe Book! One version you can lay directly on the counter and another sits on its on wooden display stand! The cookbook on the stand shows a real picture of a yummy dish, and you can actually read the recipe. Also, if you touch the book, it will give you real recipes!!!

Included, you will find, (1) FS: Christmas Recipe Book v.1 — Open Book on a wooden display (11 prims) and (1) FS: Christmas Recipe Book v.2 — Closed Book (6 prims).Both books are Copy/Modify/No Transfer; menu script is Copy only; all notecards have Full Permissions. If you intend to modify either book, please be sure to make a copy first. The creator cannot guarantee that modification will not affect the scripting (but it shouldn’t).

Both books are scripted the same. They include 25 holiday recipe notecards for you to browse or copy to your inventory. The main menu has a ‘Give All’ button so you can pull everything out at once, if you wish.

It is a great accessory for any Second Life’s kitchen! Thank you Frostleaf Studios for this very imaginative and useful cookbook, that even transcends Second Life!

Happy Sleuthing Hunters!


Dench Design’s “After Christmas Dinner” Peace On Earth Hunt Gift




The Peace On Earth Hunt has started!!!! The Hunt will run until January 6th. Oh gosh, there are so many hunters out today with over 200 gifts this year, this will be the best year yet!!! One of the very talented POE Designers, Amanda Dench, has delved into her personal memories to share a traditional Christmas gift with you for you to create your own fond memories here in Second Life. She has very cleverly made a inviting and cheery Living room, named “After Christmas Dinner“,  that you can easily insert into another dwelling, use it as it is, or however you wish! This room invites you to come in and sit awhile and is meant to be enjoyed with someone you like/love for conversation, catching up, or just making new memories! Even by yourself you will get much enjoyment from this cozy room. What I also like is that you can use this room after the holidays. Just remove the tree! Look, it is even snowing outside the windows! I just love the red walls! The couch and chair have fantastic sitting menus and just look so darn inviting beckoning you to come and have a seat! The menu also give you items for enjoyment, like a glass of wine, a book, and even chocolates! If you happen to fall asleep in the chair, laughing, your snoring can be heard quite loudly.



When you first rezz the *Dench Designs* POE gift’, it will be linked temporarily, after you have rezzed it you can move all the pieces separately. What an awesome gift!!!

Thank you Amanda for this very welcoming and colorful living room scene!

Happy Hunting!



Get Those Gumshoes Out and Brush Off The Magnifying Glass as The Peace On Earth Hunt is Almost Here!!!


Excitement is mounting as we near the start of the famous, biggest, and most popular hunt in Second Life, The Peace On Earth Hunt!  It will hit a grid near you starting December 1st and will run through January 6, 2014. There are so many wonderful and very talented designers who have lent their talents in creating awesome gifts for you to hunt for!

Stay tuned for upcoming previews as we await the Sunday, December 1st start! Hunters, get those magnifying glasses out and put on your gumshoes, as The POE6 Hunt will soon hit a grid near you!


The Nosy House Guest featuring Image Essentials-The Diary for the Madpea: Cry of the Peacock Hunt


Having been invited recently to be a guest at a gorgeous villa, I accepted immediately! The proud homeowner gave me the grand tour. The last stop was their bedroom, so I would know the location if I needed anything. While in the magnificently furnished room, I noticed a open diary on the table. Throughout the day’s planned activities my mind kept going back to that open diary! What was in it, which of my hosts it belongs to, am I mentioned in it…my curiosity was KILLING ME!!! That evening my hosts had planned a party and I pleaded a headache and went upstairs to my suite, which is at the opposite end of the villa, so I crept across the balcony and went into their room…..


Hey, its not like you haven’t done it!!!! Looked in a medicine cabinet, peeked in a drawer, an opened purse…smiles  I hope they don’t miss this apple!


This story is possible because of the amazing prop table designed by the fabulous and very talented Kay Weston of Image Essentials! The name of this fun prop is The Diary. You touch the compass on the table for the pose, and you touch the table for a magnifying glass. I had fun making up this story using this really cool table prop! You can use this in all sorts of scenes for photography, role play, decorative…you are only limited by your imagination! Guess what…..its free, that is if you can find the clues to find it on Madpea: Cry of the Peacock Hunt!!!


The Sequel to Room 326!

The fortune teller Madame Peacock is back from investigating the mystery of Room 326 and has discovered the shocking truth! However, not all is lost. She needs the help of a brave detective with a sharp wit to face all odds and free the victims trapped souls. With the help of her tarot cards and your investigative skills, the future looks bright, but what does fate have in store for you?

Photographer and model….me
The Diary by Image Essentials for the Madpea Hunt

The Boat and Bikinis Hunt…The Packed Suitcases 2!

Boats and Bikinis Hunt - July 25 - 31

I hope you are enjoying The Boat and Bikinis Hunt! More unpacked suitcases from The Boat and Bikinis Hunt to share with you!!!!

In the picture below from the gachas from [UN] Beach Towel we have from the top row Sunset RARE, Hibiscus, Bamboo, and Ocean Waves. Bottom row we have Sailor’s Love, Dolphin RARE, Bandana, and Koi RARE, The Beach Towel Bonanza! They have awesome poses that allow you to sunbathe! What a stylish way to lay on the beach!

[UN] Beach TowelSunset RARE, Hibiscus, Bamboo, Ocean Waves, Sailor's Love, Dolphin RARE, Bandana, Koi RARE _001

Our next picture below you see from Luas Urban Style the colorful Joana Dress, with rope belt, in Pink. It can be worn for a variety of occasions outside the beach. It can even be paired over jeans to create a Boho look, that is a hot trend for this season. Smiles, what a pretty little dress packed in this suitcase…just begging to be claimed!

Luas Urban Style - Joana Dress Pink


Start the hunt from this location…

Information about the hunt can be found on my blog or at….

The Boat and Bikinis Hunt…The Packed Suitcases!

Boats and Bikinis Hunt - July 25 - 31

My oh my, so much awesomeness packed into the suitcases for The Boat and Bikinis Hunt!!!

Boats and Bikinis  Jp Collection Paddle Boat and Tuff Boats

In the pictures above from Jp Collections, he has for your pleasure the Liquid Limo Paddle Boat…just think of the time you will have as you leisurely traverse the water, enjoying the relaxation it will bring you, as you enjoy the passing scenery. It is truly amazing and only 5 prims plus it has a trailer for pulling!!!

Also in the same pictures are the Tuff Old Green Sailboat and Tuff Blue and White Rowboat, for your enjoyment. Some of the best time can be had upon the water and what a way to enjoy the waterways of Second Life in your very own boat! Thank you designers for packing such pleasure in your suitcases!

In the below picture, Chez Moi, has for you fishing enthusiasts, The Fishing Point! It is a 5 piece design that includes all that you see! It gives you a fishing pole, while you are seated upon the chair, and has you throwing back the rod fishing!!! Great animations!

Boats and Bikinis FABOO Daisy Bikini and Chez Moi Fishing Point

In the same picture, you see me wearing one of FABOO’s Daisy Swimsuit. It is soooo cute!!! It has tie bows on the sides and a beautiful texture of white daisies with a yellow center on a gray background. You will look sweet and like the girl next door when you wear this very pretty bikini!

In the picture below, I am wearing caLLie cLine’s impressively bold and colorful Wrap Bikini, that I have mixed and matched! I just love how it fits and looks on me!!! She also has generously given a second gift! The KittyCatS Summer Splash Boating….see the cutest little kitty cats circling around me…they are just too adorable for words!

Callie Cline KittyCats Boating Kitties and Wrapped Bikini_002

The Boat and Bikinis designers have done such a wonderful job with the gifts! Everything is first class and you will be ecstatic with what you will find on the Boat and Bikinis Hunt!

photographer and model…me

Start the hunt from this location…

Information about the hunt can be found on my blog or at….

The Boats & Bikinis Hunt

Boats and Bikinis Hunt - July 25 - 31


The Boats & Bikinis Hunt!

A cruise shipped docked in the French Riviera to a horrible mix up! The passengers’ luggage was confused for deliveries to local stores, and now there are suitcases all over town! Help the passengers collect their luggage before the ship leaves port, and collect prizes along the way to reward you for your efforts!

INSTRUCTIONS: Visit the Hanalei Tourism Office on the Expo sim to start the hunt! Follow the clues and search for suitcases inside each store! You MUST complete this hunt by following each clue in order–skipping ahead is not allowed! Use the teleport boards placed around the sim to easily find each location!

Participating Vendors:

Ampersand Photography
Aphrodite Shop
beach street
Bliensen + MaiTai
Chez Moi
Dead Dollz
Fior Di Perle
JP Collection Yachts
LISP Bazaar
Little House of Curios
Luas Store
Oceania Breedables
Southern Seas Ships
Star Fashion

Happy Hunting!!!

Official Boats & Bikinis Expo Sign

The Boats and Bikinis Expo

Official Boats & Bikinis Expo Sign

The Boats and Bikinis Expo_002

The Boats and Bikinis Expo_005

The Boats and Bikinis Expo_001

The Boats and Bikinis Expo_008

The Boats and Bikinis Expo_006

Boats and Bikinis_002

Interior of JD Triumpant Boat

Village Pub at The Boats & Bikinis Expo_001

The Boats and Bikinis Expo opens today!!!

This extraordinary shopping trip traverse you along the famous French Riviera, showcasing huge water displays, with over 80 boats present for your viewing pleasure, from four of Second Life’s top boat designers, as well over 20 very talented and fantastic fashion and home furnishing/decor stores! When your tootsies get tired from walking there are places to take your easy, enjoy a drink, or just savor the atmosphere!

In addition to all of that…yes there is more!!!! There will be a fabulous treasure hunt game…stay tune for details concerning the treasure game!

I will be posting pictures of some of the exciting treasures to be had from the game! The Boats & Bikinis Expo opens today, July 25th, at 3pm SLT to the public. Sponsored and Hosted by Oceania Breedables

Happy Treasure Hunting!!!

Logo..The Boats and Bikinis Expo