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Just Give Them Pink and White Padparadscha Sapphires and Diamonds, Ma chère!

The Duke couldn’t believe his ears when he said to his beautiful, delightful, over indulged, but emptied headed wife, who brought to him more land and riches with their marriage, “PEOPLE ARE STARVING WOMAN” he roared, that she was heard to uttered back to him, “just give them Pink and White Padparadscha Sapphires and Diamonds” ma chère as she absently continued to admired herself wearing the very stunning Majesty Necklace! It is obvious that the premier jeweler, to Kings and Queens, Chop Zuey, has paid a visit with  another superlative suite of jewels, that she could not and will not live without and would drive him to debtor’s prison to possess!  Chop Zuey was THE jeweler to only the most fashionable of courts throughout the land and could be counted on to supply only the finest creations bar second to none!
majestypadsapp necklace
The exquisite suite that has been commissioned, designed, and created by Madame Belle Roussel that now fascinated his Duchess, consisted of The Majesty Bracelets, a amazing design mix of Brilliant Round and Teardrop stones of Padparadscha Sapphire & Diamonds, a superb Bib Dropped Necklace crafted of the best Padparadscha Sapphire & Diamonds set in Brilliant Round & Teardrop shaped stones nestled in a Platinum setting, gorgeous Padparadscha Sapphire & Diamonds Earrings, 2 sets, one a Chandelier and the other a short dangle style both in a platinum bracket, and a flawless, elegant ring in the same  magnificent Padparadscha Sapphire & Diamonds in a platinum basket setting that boasted a 3 carat Round Brilliant and Teardrop Cut stones, in the ring and on the finger band. The Majesty Jewels is aptly named, she said smiling to her servant, as she pictured herself before the King’s court wearing this most striking set! Get my dressmaker, I must have a dress to match! But before you do….move the mirror a little to the left, so I can see myself better!
The Duke, thinking to himself, she is as silly as one of her cousins, who he heard is rumored to have said “let them eat Cake!  Hmph! Grumbling to himself, must run in the family, as he shakes his head  and orders payment and a raise in taxes!
The Majesty Suite was made in honor of Averil, Miss Virtual World USA 2014.
model and photographer…me
The Majesty Earrings, Ring, Necklace, and Earrings designed by Belle Roussel, Chop Zuey