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FASHION FOR LIFE 2014 Featuring Paisley Daisy’s Chasing Summer


Have you been to Fashion For Life 2014 Event yet? There are over 10 awesomely designed sims full of amazing designs creations exclusive to FFL! Please come and show your support of this very worthwhile, life saving cause! Fashion For Life, will run until, midnight, June 20th. So get your shopping mojo on and come on over!

One of the simply fantastic designers, who has lent her immense talent and creativeness, to Fashion for Life, is the Queen of Sheer, Joeylin of Paisley Daisy! Joeylin has created, the divine “Chasing Summer“. Chasing Summer is a floral pattern, Mint Green, Olive, and Lilac colored textured 2 piece silk ensemble of a crop styled belly baring top, with V bodice straps that descends, in the back, into 2 wider spaced straps, that are adorned with detachable Lilac and Green flowers. The slim fitting, high waist skirt, shimmers delicately, down the body, into graceful folds at the feet. The top’s hem edge, waist, and hem of the skirt are adorn in Lilac. The gown is exquisite! It is perfect for those summer events and galas that pepper our summer agendas, and in this case…just what the doctor order for a private tête-à-tête! Smiling, wear this exclusive FFL design, from Paisley Daisy, you will be the one “chased”!

model and photographer…me
FFL 2014 Chasing Summer by Paisley Daisy

Take the below limo to Paisley Daisy, located on the Amble Sim. When you land, click the landmark, once again, to teleport directly to the front of Paisley Daisy FFL Store.

Fashion For Life 2014 Poster

For information on Fashion For Life 2014, please click this link…


Casting Fun with Paisley Daisy


I entered a casting that had an art theme and thought how fun it would be to use Paisley Daisy’s “Eye Love You” Dress. Now you know with a name like that, the dress is bound to be fun to wear and style! The dress, as designed, is sleeveless. I added some striped sleeves from an old role-play day gown, from 4 years ago, to the dress and loved the looked. I put on a favorite pair of shoes of mine, “Wrapped Heels” from Enfant Terrible and really loved how they looked with the dress. As you can see, Eye Love You, is a playful, colorful, eye catching, artsy dress. You will have as much fun wearing it, as I do! Its a head turner!!!

Eye Love You Dress is from a new line, The Art Dept. Collection, by Paisley Daisy. Art based clothing is a new trend, on the runways, that is getting hot! Be in the current, when you wear Paisley Daisy’s Eye Love You Dress!!!

Model and photographer…me
Eye Love You Dress by Paisley Daisy


Summer Arrives Early 10L group join ALL Summer



Sometimes life is so fragmented, in so many pieces, that we cannot see the whole of it. As we stare at the many pieces, we forget to see the beauty that the picture of our life presents. These very thoughts came to mind as I stared at the artistry and elegance of The Mosaic Gemstone Gown by Paisley Daisy. The many tiny pieces of this gorgeous texture comes together, in a beautiful pattern, that will do nothing ,but make you feel and look exquisite when you wear it! This incredible gown comes also in the Fitted Mesh, as well, and has a optional sheer overskirt. The intricate pattern adds up to one dazzlingly, charming, striking gown! Attention will be yours to command, no doubt, when you enter a room in this gown. The shimmer of the tiny gemstones, will mesmerize and make you an enchanting beauty, that will not soon be forgotten!

The Mosaic Gemstone Gown is available at Paisley Daisy’s BOSL Renaissance Galleria Location and at her main store. Dare to be unforgettable in Paisley Daisy Mosaic Gemstone Gown!

photographer and model…me

Mosaic Gemstone Gown by Paisley Daisy


The Infidel’s Lady


The Infidel, as he was known, was as rich and powerful as the Prince of Persia Himself! His consort, the Lady Chyra, his Chyra, had died. She was the beloved of her lord and with her went his heart. An audible gasp was heard throughout his palace, when he had commanded that she be dressed in her finest jewels and that they go with her on her journey to paradise. The jewels of legend, the Allegresse, which he had all of Persia searched, so that he may place upon his love!

Chop Zuey ALLEGRESSE_014

The Allegresse Jewels, were renown throughout all of Persia for their exquisite beauty, handcrafted by the famous Jeweler, Chop Zuey! Only the most finest and best jeweler of all time, Chop Zuey could create jewels that would do for his love! The jewels are priceless and were treasured by her. He he would see no other woman wear them! The suite consists of the jeweled diadem, choker, bracelets, earrings, quarried and crafted from only the most flawless of stones…. the Exotic Indian Black Moonstone, Padparadscha Sapphire, Blue-Grey Topaz, Pearl & Diamond all set in Gold Settings. As he left her for the last time, he whispered upon the wind “Godspeed my love, wait for me in Paradise” as he rode off on his horse, Devil Wind, to wage war with the Turks.


The Allegresse Suite was created by Belle Roussel for desireme Fallen, Miss Virtual World Egypt 2014. The set is available in Black, Pink, and White. This amazingly exquisite suite is even more breathtaking in person! You will be phenomenal when you wear The Allegresse by Chop Zuey Couture. Heads will definitely turn as you walk by and cameras will cam, as this set will make you unforgettable! Thank you, Belle, for making such beautiful jewelry for me, fit for a queen!

Model and Photographer…me

The Allegresse Jewelry Suite by Chop Zuey Couture
The extraordinary beautiful Desire-me Patra Gown was made for and worn by MISS V♛ EGYPT by Paisley Daisy
A separate post will be done on my fabulous golden Desire-me-Patra MVW Evening Gown!

ChopZueyAllegresseAd3 - Des



Devotion by Paisley Daisy


When I first saw this dress, by Paisley Daisy named Devotion, I knew I had to have it and wouldn’t rest until I did!!! The dress fits amazingly and I look so regal in it! Devotion is a mesh dress and comes in several sizes for you to have that perfect fit! Religious motifs are a happening trend that will continue to emerge in various clothing and accessories.  Why be a follower when you can be a trend setter and wear Paisley Daisy’s Devotion!

Model and Photographer…me
Devotion by Paisley Daisy
Crown and Earrings by Modern.Couture

Scarecrow Love Gone Bad


Pumpkin Girl caught her love, Joe Scarecrow, in the trees, with another pumpkin! Ouch….that girl has one mean left Kick! As she kicks her ex-love in his stuffed parts, and thinking about how he carved her heart out, she does not have to worry about her style!  Our sure footed maiden looks really amazing in her Baboom Pumpkin Mesh Gown Group Gift! As is Baboom’s owner, Kyra Camel‘s tradition, she has put it out early for you, in plenty of time for Halloween!

The long gown is adorned at the bottom with various colored pumpkins and is topped by a beautiful colored green bodice. It comes with the delightful pretty pumpkin hat you see pictured too! Guess what…This gown can be yours, for free, by simply joining the group! Easy peasey!


Laughing, poor Joe Scarecrow got the stuffing kicked out of him, by a pumpkin! The funny Kick Scarecrow prop is a awesome rare gacha prize at Image Essentials! There are 9 Scarecrows total with 3 rare ones you can win! The poses are great and will make for some really cool pictures that will bring a smile to your face! Why not head over to Image Essentials and try your luck!

Photographer and model…me
Gacha Scarecrow Ad…Image Essentials

Baboom Pumpkin Mesh Gown Group Gift

Scarecrow Gacha Prize by Image Essentials

Image Essentials scarecrow gachas

The Art of Seduction

Joeys Mesh Sheer Golden Sequin Gown (J Packham Infl r1

When a woman has seduction on her mind, she wears only the best…PAISLEY DAISY’s Sheer Golden Sequin Mesh Gown.

Now that I have your attention, she purrs… see the front of this ultra feminine, sensually exquisite, beautifully golden textured sequin gown and the many amazing style options this gown has, your driver awaits!

Photographer and model…me
PAISLEY DAISY Joeys Mesh Sheer Golden Sequin Gown (J Packham Influenced)