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The Banka Mundi…

The name of Chop Zuey’s incredible “Banka Mundi” Jewelry Set intrigued me, so I was curious if it has a meaning and it does! She is a Hindu goddess of the hunt and fertility. The Banka Mundi is worshiped for protection against the wild animals of the forests. It is also said to remove fear and provide fertility. Let the hunt begin!

Be a fashionista goddess in Chop Zuey Banka Mundi and let your hunt lead you to the Sense Event.  It is available, there, until September 9th and later at the main store.

Items used for post:
Chop Zuey Banka Mundi
Soy. Green Plants Wall Panel
Schadenfreude Monstera Deliciosa in Medusa Planter
RSD Leopard Abstraite Sculpture

With this ring…

Recently, I was speaking with a, very dear real life, friend, who is newly married, complaining about her marriage.  Lets forget that we, her friends, who love her, told her, she should think, a little bit more, about her choice. She called him a “snake” and it just reminded me that among the flowers, there are always snakes!

The resplendently elegant Willow Love Wedding Ring Set by Chop Zuey, is available at the current round of the ebento Event until the 31st of August.

Designs used for my post:

Chop Zuey Willow Love Wedding Ring Set
Cron Stardust Mesh Bible
LODE Head Accessory Southern Magnolia Single
TLC Home Collection Mangrove Snake

Come Sit with me…

Come Sit with me…

Come to the Kasbah! I have always wanted to say that, laughing! Really, come and sit with me in this fantastic inner courtyard that has the inviting essence of a modern Moroccan Riad. Take a moment to relax, upon the regal Mirage Sultan’s White Set, which is an exclusive for this round of the 68 Main Event. Enjoy your private world, resplendent with Arabesque Architecture, upon the luxurious Sultan’s Set Sofa, Armchair, or Loveseat, that makes this inviting seating area an irresistible retreat where warm, perfumed breezes greets you as if a kiss!

The Mirage Sultan Set will be available, exclusively, at the 68 Main Event until May 28th.

Featured Design from the 68 Main Event
=Mirage= Sultan’s Set Loveseat
=Mirage= Sultan’s Set Sofa
=Mirage= Sultan’s Set Armchair

Other Designs shown:
~BAZAR~Morocco​ Fire Table
~BAZAR~Morocco​ Carpet
~BAZAR~Morocco​ Candle lamp
(luc) Quiet Life Tree Wall Art ​
(luc) Will of the Earth Wall Art ​Framed ​Silhouette
Soy. Super long Hanging Hedera
The Loft & ARIA Attwell Potted Paper Whites
The Loft & ARIA Attwell Coffee Table
+Half-Deer+ Vintage Birdcage
dust bunny . ​Hoya Plant
MI Siddhartha Face Decor RARE​ Gacha​
MI Elephant Decor
MI Samyukta Lamp Cabinet
Fancy Decor: Printemps Cabinet​ Wood​
Fancy Decor: Succulent Bowl I
TB Maison Azure Set Silver Wall Disc
{-Maru Kado-} Balloon Chandelier Deo(c)rate Box February 2018
Kalopsia Metal Planter
LTD Ruffles Cushion (1970)
Scarlet Creative Alaouite Skybox

Sandwich, Tea, or Glamistry

When lindens are tight, I am often faced with do I feed my soul or feed my
Shoe featured in post, Echium by Glamistry

Other items, in post, are from Apple Fall Breakfast Clutter Set:
Elvira Plate with Egg, Avocado & Toast
Tea Tins & Tea Books
Elvira Rose Tea

I am sorry…. woof woof

As Daisy, the Dashing Dalmatian, glares towards the French Doors, her dog friend, barks out woof, woof… I am sorry, baby, you caught me looking at that other bitch’s tail!!! Wally, a Dashing Dalmatian, holds a lovely bouquet of flowers, in his mouth, confident that he can woo back his love. She stands, unmoving, on the other side, enjoying his begging!  After all I have it made; what does she have that I don’t or can’t get! I live in this rich lovely old Cordelia Chateau with its eclectic country styled décor. My favorite room,  which I am in now, staring down,  my pleading, possibly, soon to be ex, is filled with the tempting delights of TB Maison.  My mistress’ favorite Country Comfort Chaise, how many times have I slept, dreamily, while being stroked by her, on that!  The Geo Trio Lamp, which my fur looks so radiant beneath its glow. Our Twig Bouquet which I have been scolded about knocking down, and the Garden Stool that I can now reach up to, standing on my hind legs. I can’t forget to mention the Country Comfort Mirror, which I love to look at the beautiful vision that I present to the world. Ooo… our Bombay Basket, which I jump upon when my family is not about. The Wave Rug, which I am very careful not to have a accident on even if I have to whine for a long time for someone to take me out! My room is filled with many treasures and I am a very lucky dog! Who needs a cheating, butt sniffing loser…I am definitely a catch for any dog!

The TB Maison Set is available exclusively, at the January Round of the 68 Main Event.

Your tp to fabulousness..
68 Main Event

Featured Event Items for story…
TB Maison Country Comfort Chaise
TB Maison Geo Trio Lamp
Tres Beau Twig Bouquet
TB Maison White Garden Stool 2
TB Maison Country Comfort Mirror
TB Maison Bombay Gray Basket
TB Maison Waves Rug

Other amazing items for story..
Apple Fall & An Lar Ladder
Apple Fall Coffee & Muffin
Apple Fall Poppy Seed Loaves
Apple Fall Juliette Teapot
Apple Fall Juliette Tea Cup Honey & Lemon Tea
Apple Fall Bed Warmers
Apple Fall Milk Urn w/ Wild Geraniums
Apple Fall Clifton Cast Iron Fireplace (White)
Apple Fall “We’re Open’ Sign
Apple Fall Cherry Iced Tea
Apple Fall Lightbulb Terrarium
Apple Fall Cottage Chair – Bleached
Apple Fall Georgian Dollhouse
Apple Fall Snowdrops in Cloche
Apple Fall Pearl Chandelier
AF Stepladder Gacha
{vespertine}zinc house lantern / double
Fancy Decor Succulent Bowl I
[IK] Wooden Dummy – Lamp E RARE
hive // wooden room divider Gacha
hive // holiday quilt rack [snowflake] Gacha
*LODE* Decor- Philadelphus Vase
:HAIKEI: Sentimental Reason Gacha
:HAIKEI: Picture Frames And Shelves -White Wood
Mesh India Elephant
[Schultz Bros.] Lighthouse Lane Starkey House Gacha
Kalopsia Cozy Book Stack
Scarlet Creative The Arcade Cordelia Chateau RARE
JIAN Dashing Dalmatians 7 Companion Pup Liver Gacha
JIAN Dashing Dalmatians 16 Steal Yo Gurl Gacha

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year..

Doesn’t seem like it, but it is that time, a wonderful time of the year!!! Families gathering, great food to eat, festively decorated homes that brings a smile and good cheer to those fortunate to partake! I am setting up for my first holiday season get together of the year, as it is my turn to host. My tables are amazing with Kaerri’s eye-catching exclusive designs for the Autumn Frost Fair!

Before the family “stuff yourself to you bust” fest begins, you must make a trip to pick up these stunningly dazzlingly centerpieces! I am just beginning to decorate our room for feasting but already it is G O R G E O U S, thanks to Kaerri Centerpieces!!!  So before my Aunt and Sister steals whatever has not been thrown after too much liquored up punch, at least I have the memory of how lavish and luxurious my tables and room looked!

Available at the Fair are The Deer Urn, Cardinal Vase, Owl Centerpiece, Owl Wreath, Owl Urn,  Floral Owl Stand, as well as the  Rose, Gerbera, & Lily  and Tulip & Daisy Arrangements. Run don’t walk and get these  for your holiday parties!

Your sleigh ride to WOW…

Featured items…
Kaerri Deer Urn
Kaerri Cardinal Vase
Kaerri Owl Centerpiece
Kaerri Owl Wreath
Kaerri Owl Urn
Kaerri Floral Owl Stand
Rose, Gerbera, & Lily Arrangement
Tulip & Daisy Arrangement

Other Items..
Maya’s Wedding Table
Maya’s Cottage Chairs
Apple Fall Butlers’ Tray Table Gacha
Apple Fall Clifton Cast Iron Fireplace (White)
AF Carved Corbel Shelf
Apple Fall Gilt Frame (Sea Campion Study)

Living Large in Second Life….. Featuring Quantum Luxury Homes

The Roma_031 adj

The Roma_001 adj

The Roma_029 adj

The Roma_003 adj

The Roma_005 adj

A home, for many, whether real life or Second Life, announces to the world who you are or who you want to be! Well, for you movers and shakers, Second Life Rock Stars, hip hop royalty, Basketball/Football League Players, Fashionistas, Recessionistas, Divos & Divas, high rollers, and those of you with class, a major house design has arrived upon the grid!

There exists a luxurious experience of dwelling, that will boast with much elegance, style, and major swag, that you have arrived, without you even opening your mouth or your publicist issuing a statement! Whoever said that money cannot buy you happiness, has not seen this grande maison!

The Roma, by Master Builder, Cain Maven of Quantum Luxury Homes, is your passport to living large in Second Life! This home, even empty, gives serious bragging rights, to it’s owners! Let me start off by describing some of the amenities of this home.

The Roma_024 adj

The Roma_036 adj

The Roma_023 adj


The Roma_038  adj

The Roma_033 adj

The Roma, boasts 28 rooms, some of which are two large suites with anteroom, bedroom, and en-suite bathroom, Junior Suite with anteroom and bedroom, three large bedrooms, two bathrooms, Kitchen, Reception Room, Front Room, Dining Room, Study, Living Room, Great Room, Family Room, Breakfast Room, Game Room, Conservatory, Bars, Movie Theater, Indoor/Outdoor Pools, Laundry Room, Huge Domed Foyer and Two Car Garage.

Some of the Features of The Roma are…

• Main patio with two swimming pools
• Side patio with bar
• Five fireplaces
• Animated poses in showers, bath tubs, bathroom sinks, kitchen stools, pool seats, and theater seats
• Full set of appliances in kitchen
• Running water in taps
• plus the ever present Mr. Duck, who is found in all of the Quantum Homes.

This home is immense, as will be your ego, with pride of ownership! The prim count for it is 1354 and 1233 if you take out the kitchen, bathrooms, and movie theater items. The size is 115 sqm x 87 sqm. I put it on a 1/4 parcel sized Beach Sim. The recommended parcel size is 1/4 full region or a full homestead.

Now mind you, moi, does not have an ego, but when I saw this mansion, I felt myself walking with a serious attitude of “umhm..this is me…I live autographs please” and, smiling, wondering where my butler was! The mansion is simply dropped dead, gorgeously amazing! Because The Roma has so much to offer, I have taken pictures of what made it special to me and had me wiping the drool, from my lips!

The Roma_040 adj

The Roma_012 adj

The Roma_016 ajd

The Roma_007 adj

Do you have a large SL Family? You can go days and not see the most irritating of your relatives, in this home, as they will never want to leave this extravagant dwelling! Frequent drop in overnight guests/groupies, huge parties and events, will be no problem in this sexy domicile. This home was made for entertaining!

My pictures do not do this mansion justice, so you must make a trip to Quantum Homes, to see for yourself this magnificent home and experience for yourself the ambience of this truly stunning mansion.

The Roma_021 adj

The Roma_019 adjRoma_010 adj

Looking at the home, you will be impressed with the statement, it makes, upon arrival. Just imagine what your guests will think and say when they come to visit! This home is even large enough, and easily adaptable, to holding real life conference meetings in too!

I took pictures of the grand entrance to the home. My camera just could not capture the OMG effect, that I had  entering the home! I included pictures of the side appendages of the mansion, where the huge attached 2 car garage is located, that is on the side of the paved courtyard that enters into the pavilion for  covered outdoor entertaining! The spaciousness of the courtyard is very evident as you walk through the breezeway to it as you make your way to the sumptuous outdoor wood paneled, marble top bar. The other picture is on the conservatory entry side of the home.

Once inside the home, your eyes are treated to the grandeur of the entry hall, that has an engagingly arresting copper/brass fountain nestled inside a decorative colorful hand painted floor design.  The to die for, double circular staircase, that leads upstairs and to the entrance of the home theatre.  This is one glamorous home theatre with comfortable seats, large wall TV screen!  All you need to add is the popcorn machine and a candy counter to enjoy hours of watching movies and other programming! The Theater Screen is a web browser that you can use to view websites in Second Life. You can configure any number of channels (i.e. websites) and easily flip through them.

The chef of your family or employ, will give you their undying gratitude for having such a fully applianced attractive kitchen to work in. I really love this kitchen and you will too!!!!

I didn’t include any pictures of bedrooms, as Cain’s bedrooms are legendary! I did include a picture of a walk in closet! I am a serious shoe collector in real life and here in second life! I squealed like a pig, when I saw the walk in closet and all that space!

My next series of pictures are of the pool area! The pool is beyond compare for a private home! It is an outdoor/indoor pool. You can open the sliding doors on both walls of the room, for more access to the walk way and to the other outdoor area of the pool. I have never seen a home, in Second Life, with such a killer pool area. If any of you have ever visited The Hearst Castle, this will be the modern version of one of the Casa’s pools! It is no less grand and so sophisticated looking! Can you say pool party!!!!  I can see the dj now and all the beautiful people around these pools! As you can see, the house has many balconies, including two inside the home, just outside the pool area!  Look at that hot tub spa area and its greenery!!!  You can sit, on starry nights, and watch the small fire, or relax after a hard day inside the very generous size spa tub. At night, it has such an alluring appeal, as it looks so pretty and inviting!

The last series of pictures are of the indoor conservatory. Plants add so much to a home’s ambience, but to have an entire area, is such a luxury! The sliding door entrance takes you into the conservatory that also has a bar area. As you  enter, the area, you see a really awesome wall fountain. You can add more plants here, and make a lovely indoor garden! There is so much space, that your ideas of what you can do, with it, is unlimitedless! The last picture, is because I love the arches throughout the home. Mr. Maven’s use of palladium windows, arches, and marble columns, puts this house over the top!

There is a saying of “go big or go home” and it is so obvious, that Mr. Maven took that to heart! This is one of the best mesh homes, I have seen in a long time! It also shows that he listens to  his customers, as many of the items, in this home, have been requested and desired by his customers! He has placed so many details, in this home, that has to be seen, in person, to be appreciated. This is a design that shows the commitment of its designer, to the care and comfort of his customers. People will definitely wonder who you are, when they see you living in such opulence!

Please come out and see The Roma, by Cain Maven of Quantum Luxury Homes. It will blow you away!



The Roma…designed by Cain Maven and sold through Quantum Luxury Homes

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