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Kaerri At The Home & Garden Market Sim’s Under the Boardwalk Retro Beach Decor Event

Sonaisali Patio 2_010

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Kaerri will be participating in the Home & Garden Market Sim “Under the Boardwalk Retro Beach Decor Event” starting this Friday, July 19th through July 31st. 


This very talented designer has created just what your land needs… The Sonaisali Patio Sets! Back in the day, it was consider the in thing to entertain on water platforms! The Sonaisali Patio Sets are complete sets and looks so amazing side by side! They can be placed on your land or sunk attractively in a pond, lake, or any body of water, as well for awesome entertaining on the water! The first patio has double wooden deck chairs with comfortable pillows along with a great sit pose menu. There’s a beach ball decorating the deck, 2 lanterns,  plants, an overhead covering to shade you from the sun. Do you like old fashion sundaes, like I do? Well, you can relax in your deck chairs while enjoying eating a delicious strawberry and vanilla ice cream sundae topped with whipped cream and a cherry! Being the lazy days of summer, you don’t want to have to reach far for anything….its right on the table along with a cool refreshing drink! This is THE life!

The second Sonaisali has a wonderful patio table set with a 6 sit pose chair menu. Casually tossed on the wood deck floor are 2 pillows, with a 6 sit pose menu that even has a pose that shows you putting on suntan lotion! Laze away the day while you listen to the sounds of nature upon your land or those of your other guests! You can also enjoy that mouth watering sundae while listening to the latest gossip or catching up with family and friends around the table sipping that cool drink! You must pick this up for your summer entertaining! The Sonaisali sets will be available, at half price each, for 499 lindens for each set, at the event.

See ya there!!!

The Sonaisali Patio Sets by Kaerri

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