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Into Every Life Rain must Fall…

GIZZA RAINY DAY HATso you might as well look desirable during the down pour!

GizzA Rainy Day Hat @TLC
GizzA Monique Latex Bodysuit Applier For Maitreya
GizzA Crystal Faux Fur Stole
AZOURY Rebelle Shoes Black with Black Heel[SLink] RARE

Teleport to The Liaison Collaborative

Teleport to GizzA Creations

Take a walk on the wild side in Glamistry Ramonda Heels

Take a walk on the wild side in a pair of heels, in this season’s hottest animal patterns! Whether it’s GLAMISTRY RAMONDA HEELS prints, you’ll knock SPOTS off the rest in Glamistry Ramonda Heels.  From catwalks across Europe, animal prints prowled across the biggest runways and made a comeback in classic, colorful and sparkling styles to become a wardrobe essential for this Summer’s and Fall’s fashion season 2016.


The Ramonda has a pack of 6 animal prints, that can be purchased separately, at the main store, and allows for unlimited mixing and matching between the main colors and the animal prints, ( like I have done with this picture),on your hud. If you wish, you can just wear all animal prints too! Each season I pick out a statement shoe, that will carry me through the season. This year I am leaning on Leopard, which is available in this pack. Leopard is a neutral. There’s just something about this spotted print that goes with everything from floral prints to any color you can think of! I LOVE this shoe!!! The Ramonda  is sexy, without even trying!


Ramonda Heels, animal edition, includes 6 animal prints.  The shoe is designed for SLINK High feet, BELLEZA (no socks),  Maitreya, and TMP Body.




No matter where you go on the grid..Leopard is the one print that ensures you will be seen! The best way to get “spotted” is to wear Glamistry Ramonda.

Shoes: Ramonda by Glamistry
Jacket: Moto Jacket by GizzA

The Geisha and Deche Zoomy Hat

Art in Hats 2015 Deche Zoomy Hat_003

The geisha was to meet with a potential danna, but she threw a fit, befitting that of a imperial royal princess, as her crowning glory was uncovered. Her entire household was thrown into utter chaos as nothing could be found to please her. One of her attendants timidly approached, as she feared being hit, and presented the Zoomy Hat by Deche. Upon seeing the bewitchingly, stunning hat, she fell even more in love with herself, as it was placed upon her head.  She was now ready to impress and meet with her patron.

Art in Hats  2015 Deche Zoomy Hat_005

This charming chapeau has a bodacious, fully opened, exotic flower blossom, on a green stem that is set upon a marvelous presentation platform, that has the added mysterious enticement of a 4 sided trapezoid shaped netted half veil.   Deche’s elegant design, which is a wonderous wearable art, can be found at the Arts in Hats 2015 Event.

OPEN TO THE PUBLIC November 4, 2015 at 6 AM SLT

GRAND OPENING DAY November 7, 2015
Featuring Fashion Hat Shows and a Grand Gala Event – Open to the public

BRING IT ON Public Styling Contest November 8, 2016 at 3 PM SLT

FINAL DAY LINE UP November 14, 2015 Including


Art in Hats is Coming!

The Fashion Teller House Greek Mythology June 2015 Casting Results

Gorgon Medusa
OMG, I got picked!!!!! I am in total shocked!!! I was chosen, with 16th others, from among some of the most amazing pictures of Greek Gods, Goddesses, and Myths, for the Fashion Teller House June 2015 Casting! I casted as the Gorgon, Medusa. I do not have facebook, any longer, after being deleted 4 times, as desireme, and having my real life account hacked. Someone, very graciously, passed the information to me. You could have knocked me over with a feather!!! This  picture is everything I could have hoped for!!! Thank you, Thank you Astralia!


The following is taken from the facebook posting from Fashion Teller’s Page…


We would like to give a huge THANK YOU to everyone that casted. We have received many amazing entries and we are very honored and appreciative of each one. Our judges had a very difficult time selecting their favorites that we ended up selecting 17 new FTH members. For those who did not make it this casting, We with you the best and hope you will cast again in the future. To our new members…. WELCOME to the Fashion Teller House Family. We are very honored to have you and can’t wait to work with you all. heart emoticon Many thanks to all our judges.

Welcome New Members:

Anderian Sugarplum
DesireMe Fallen
Flora Raven
Yeriak Couturier
Africa Rithm
Lolita Dinzeo
Ahn Avion
Luralie Bailey
VampirePam/Ann Lako
Titanium Regent
Asi Amorisi
Layka La Flaka
Scarl DarkMatter
Diosaharu Adamski
Candela Giordano
Milla Crumb
Vanka Machiavello

Everyone did a phenomenal job with their pictures!!! Here is the link given to me.. Enjoy!!!

FTH: Greek Mythology Casting 2015
Model: desireme Fallen
photographer: Astralia
Greek Myth: The Gorgon Medusa



What are you waiting on? Sneak Peek is back in all it’s fabulousness with such gorgeous designs, as the Ghee ss15 Sheer Tunic! This versatile tunic will turn heads, no matter where you wear it, as you will find yourself reaching for it time and time again! I am preparing to embark upon a trip, from the outdoor Parisian Bistro named Boulangerie in the Le Fournil Du Village, and I take great delight in being part of the “sights to see” in this striking tunic! I have on the chic and so easy to travel in, draped ss15 Sheer Tunic in Almond. The delicate sheer fabric is just sheer enough to get them wondering without you getting arrested! The barely hint of color is just so appealing and complimentary to anyone who wears this.


This lovely, uneven hem, mini dress gives a teasing view of your tone legs as it travels around you, from front to back, varying in height. This V neck bodice dress, with large oversized print floral leaf designs, has long flowing Juliet Sleeves that are gently banded at the wrist, with a slash middle opening to reveal the skin beneath. The barely hint of color is just so appealing and so welcoming for this spring. This new tunic is part of Ghee’s New Spring Summer 15 Collection.

GHEE SHEER_005 adj

Hurry to Sneak Peek and pick up Ghee ss15 Sheer Tunic, on sale now until March 5th!

Penumbra takes a giant leap forward and moves ahead to provide us with the SNEAK PEEK of trends to come, an exclusive, monthly, fashion and creativity event that will put YOU, on the fashion forefront!! Shopping stores, shoes, jewelry, mesh clothing.

Photographer and
ss15 Sheer Tunic in Almond by Ghee

Your Train to chicness





GLITTER DEA GOWN When one is invited to a grand fête one should not disappoint in her dress! You will be more than equal, to your grand surroundings wearing Glitter’s Dea Gown. This very pretty, modified sweetheart neckline and one capped sleeve are accented with Swarovski Crystals.


The bodice has been designed with a asymmetrical slashed bodice in Strawberry with a peek of Black Silk peeking through. The floor length, slim fitting Black Silk skirt gently flows down your body accenting your womanly curves. The gown is available in complimentary colors. and comes with a stunning evening clutch.


Be beautiful at your next gala, in Glitter Dea Gown.

photographer and model…me
Dea Gown by Glitter
Lizzie Oversized Sunglasses

Penumbra takes a giant leap forward and moves ahead to provide us with the SNEAK PEEK of trends to come, an exclusive, monthly, fashion and creativity event that will put YOU, on the fashion forefront!! Shopping stores, shoes, jewelry, mesh clothing.

Your limo awaits…


Love is in the air – GizzA’s Valentine Day Event Official Press Release

GizzA - Love is in the Air Poster & Brands

JANUARY 27 – 2015

GizzA Creations is proud to present
“Love is in the Air”.
Feb. 7th, 2015 – Feb, 14th, 2015
“Come; be swept away on the gossamer wings of love!:”

Please join us February 7th through the 14th, 2015 as GizzA Creations brings to you a selection of the finest brands in Second Life. Each designer has created  an extraordinary “Love is in the Air” item for the event and they will be showcased on February the 8th, 2015 at 1PM SLT, by GizzA’s in-house super-models at a one of a kind runway show.

The designers participating in this fabulous event are: Akeyo, Azul, Baiastice, Belleza, Build Works Decor, CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Couture, Chop Zuey, Clef de Peau, CO57, Crie Style, D!va Hair, Deadwool, DeeTaleZ, Eclipse Designs, Eudora3D, Gabriel, Gizza, Glam Affair, Humanoid, Ionic, Label Motion, Ladies Who Lunch, LaGyo, Les Petits Details, Meghindo’s, Maxi Gossamer, Mina Hair, New Faces, Posesion, Pure Poison, Redgrave, Ricielli, Shi, SoliDea FoliEs, sYs, Swallow, Tableau Vivant, Trinn, Hair, Vanity Hair,
Vista Animations, Vita’s Boudoir, VRSION/LODE, Wasabi Pills, What Next and Zaara,

Giz Seorn and Auster Elan, Designer and Owners of GizzA
Draakje Dailey and desireme Fallen, Gizza Event Management

SNEAK PEEK PREVIEW – The Cossack In Me Featuring ZE Agnes Harlem Dress


When I saw these amazing pants, I just had to blog them! The Agnes Harlem Dress by Zanze, are a spectacular pant and turtleneck duo. The pant is fitted at the waist and widen out from the hips, into a draped balloon silhouette. The drop crotch extends just a bit above the ankles and gathers into a straight fitted calf. The embossed raised texture of geometric print of the pant are unbelievable! Fashionistas, what are you waiting for….you  simply must go out today and get this incredible set! A fashion tidbit for you, these pants can also be termed “Harem, Cossack, or Hammer Pants”. The long sleeve turtleneck has a fabulous honey comb weaved texture, that makes you want to run your hand across it and is just perfect for the pant! The look has been accented with a wide hip belt that is embellished with a studded row at the top and bottom of the belt and has a silver circle metal closure. This set comes with a size and color hud, that you can choose from 6 colors each, for both the belt and the pant.



You can find, this phenomenal set, at SNEAK PEEK, which runs from December 25th through January 5th.

This autumn and winter season, you will be seeing Cossack influences in fashion. When I saw this, I created my own striking, chic “Cossack” Look.  Find YOUR inner Cossack with Zanze’s Agnes Harlem Dress! Zanze, always fashion forward!

Photographer and
Agnes Harlem Dress by Zanze
GizzA  Peacock Necklace [Black] Titanium

Penumbra takes a giant leap forward and moves ahead to provide us with the SNEAK PEEK of trends to come, an exclusive, monthly, fashion and creativity event that will put YOU, on the fashion forefront!! Shopping stores, shoes, jewelry, mesh clothing.

Your winter wonderland sleigh awaits!


Just Me and my Blacklace


I was listening to a group chat, the other day, and a lady said she didn’t have anyone to wear her sexy lingerie for and was saving it. Why do we think we have to save it for someone else’s appreciation??? As I go about my time, in Second Life, and have the luxury of a free day of leisure, to be in my home, I love to wear my beautiful lingerie, just for me!


Since I am not expecting my guy, I am at home in my Blacklace’s Miss Snow and white stockings. This delectable, sweet little number is so femininely appealing with it Blue Snowflakes upon a soft White satiny fabric.  It is utterly adorable! There are many options for wearing included and I have chosen the full bra and lace trimmed and inset thong panty, in the first picture and have donned the 3 tiered ruffled matching Snowflake Skirt, that accents my back assets deliciously. This delicate set also includes a cape, that I have thrown over my shoulders for a bit of extra warmth and sex appeal. I am just utterly yummy in this, don’t you agree!


No one makes lingerie like Blacklace! As you know Blacklace makes appliers for just about all major brands in Second Life and includes many options of wear, for your perfect combination of wear. If you want the best, to feast your eyes upon and those of anyone else’s…wear Blacklace!


Never forget to dress to impress yourself…you are worth it!  I wish I could show you the amount of cams and ims I received wearing this!!!! You never know who else is watching….smiling

Photographer and
Miss Snow by Blacklace

Your sleigh to Blacklace


[FLRN]@SNEAK PEEK November Round


A brand new exciting round has begun for  SNEAK PEEK! The very talented, amazing, designers have created clothing, that you must, as a linden conscious Fashionista,  add to your winter wardrobe! Are you taking a cruise upon the MS Enchanted, stalking an exotic SL beach, or just hanging out, you will be gloriously casual glam in [FLRN] Jesse Mini jumpsuit Colors III. This long sleeve, jumper style mini jumpsuit, has a kaleidoscope of multi-print textures combined to make this awesomely bold and striking fabric! The jumpsuit has a front V-neck bodice and even deeper v shaped back. The neckline edge and sleeve caps are accented in a deeper shade of blue, pulled from the print! The shorts are a length that will make even the dancing daughter, of Duck Dynasty’s fame, happy to wear!

Make sure you come down and pick up this, fun to wear,  Jesse Jumpsuit by [FLRN] and check out the many exclusive and sophisticated designs, that are to be found at SNEAK PEEK, where the focused on luxurious and affordable style will put you, on everyone’s best dressed list and not break the bank!

The event runs from Nov 25th to December 5th. Please take the below Rolls Royce to SNEAK PEEK! (just because we are linden conscious Fashionistas, does not mean we don’t want to arrive in style…smiling)

photographer and model…me
Jesse Mini Jumpsuit by [FLRN] at SNEAK PEEK

Ghee at The Vintage & Cool Fair


Ghee  takes us, uproariously, back to the glorious past, to the 1960s Mod Style Era. Innovative, bold, creative, colorful, and in your face fashions were the trend of the day. If you did not know, Mod is short for modern, meaning simple and uncluttered.





The Ghee 60s Mod Collection is one of the best and awesome example of that fashion style of the modernism culture of the late 60s. The collection is classic and looks likes it just stepped from streets of London,  from that time!  There is so much to be told about the Ghee Collection. The vibrant, rich colors, patterns, and the silhouettes, of that time, can be found in this kick butt, blast from the past, collection! It is hip, it is happening, and it’s on trend!

The collection has gogo boots, flats, coats, purses, goggles, belts, caps, dresses, tights, thermal wear, etc., everything you will need to be part of this girl-power vibe inspired from the swinging 60s!  These pictures only represents a small portion of what is available in this epoch collection!

twiggy flats vendor

edie handbag vendor

gogo boot display


Whether seen on real life catwalks or worn by chic Hollywood  celebs, the 1960s Mod trend is varied, and anyone can wear it and embrace it by putting their own unique spin on it! Ghee has made that so easy for us ladies, here in Second Life, by giving us everything we need to be fashionable and hip with this fun, intoxicating vintage trend inworld!

Be Different, be bold, make trends; don’t follow them by wearing Ghee!

You can find these and much more, from the Ghee 60s Mod Collection at the Vintage & Cool Fair, that starts Friday, October 10th. Take the Vespa below!

Photographs from the Ghee Collection
Ghee 60s Mod Collection by Warm Clarity and Beatrice Serendipity

Summer Time


Don’t you just love the Summer time! Sometimes, it feels like life seems much simpler, when we have less clothing on and brighter colors! I am wearing H.M.A.E.M.’s New Gaia Dress. It is a mini dress with side cut outs that extend towards the front, giving a T top look to the strapless bodice. OMG…the vivid dual colors of Bright Lime Green and Royal blue are fantastically combined giving this dress such a WOW factor. A lot of time, many details are not needed in a design, as it can get just as much impact just using the right colors alone, as the H.M.A.E.M. Gaia has achieved! I am outdoors enjoying being on the water and looking fabulous!

I get such a happy feeling wearing this Acid Blue Gaia! The dress is available in other color combinations and yours is just a chauffeured drive away! This dress, is available for sale, at H.MA.E.M.!

model and photographer…me
Gaia Dress by H.M.A.E.M.

Your chauffeured limo awaits you…

Your Imagination


If a woman leaves her purse unattended and there is Champagne present…use your imagination! Who would ever leave such an exquisite creation as the Sea Clutch, by H.M.A.E.M., alone, if she was not pleasantly engaged else where..winking!

The enchanting Sea Clutch comes in 5 colors and is available, exclusively, during the July cycle of L’accessoires! So be sure to pick up this summery sea themed clutch treat for your hands, as the close of July is fast approaching!


So, if a woman leaves her stunning Sea Clutch, by H.MA.E.M. unattended…I bet you can imagine that she is not alone!

model and
Sea Clutch by H.M.A.E.M. available at L’accessoires

Your chauffeured driven limo below

The H.M.A.E.M. Woman


What do you give the H.M.A.E.M. Woman who has everything…why more H.M.A.E.M. of course! I look simply stunning in my H.M.A.E.M. Mateata Gown. This amazing strapless, fit and flare styled, abstract gown has a sweetheart bodice and a silhouette that molds its self to your curves, closer than any NASCAR Race Car hugs a curve! The gowns gently flares out at your feet, into a trumpet hemline, making you a statuesque beauty to behold. The gown is available in several color combinations and looks incredible on everyone!

When I was taking the picture, a man imed and remarked how gorgeous I was, in this gown. laughing, someone is always perving you, when you least suspect it! So ladies, give them something to look at by wearing H.M.A.E.M.! Btw ladies, that exercise where you hold your hands beneath your breasts and push against your palms, to increase their size, does not work…smiling

Model and Photographer…me
Mateata Gown by H.M.A.E.M.


ghee by Bea Ombre Silk Pant Set

Who said quiet thoughts could not be contemplated  in casual elegance! This striking mint green silk camisole and wide leg palazzo pant are beautiful enough, in their own right, but have the added touch of ombre shading with a magnificent Royal Blue, that gently melds into a lighter Azure Blue, that blends into a slightly different  nature Green. This gorgeous set is named Ombre Silk Pants Set and it is designed by ghee by Bea!

You will look sensational, tranquil, and serene, even when your thoughts are not, when you wear Ombre Silk Pants Set from ghee by Bea!

Model and Photographer…me
Silk Pant Set by ghee by Bea

ghee Ombre Silk Pants Set


This is going to hurt, isn’t it…featuring ghee’s Shred Leather Dress

SHRED DRESS BY ghee_018As you can tell by my expression, I am not too sure about sitting on the Iron Throne in my Shred Leather Dress by ghee!  This sinful tease of a halter mini dress, will leave them panting! The stragetically sliced  dress exposes, from just below the bodice to the curve of my butt cheeks, a delicious view of flesh, that tantalizies and titlates the senses. The dress is available in magenta, teal, and black, which is shown. The halter neckline is accented by gold chain links, which rests gently on the back of your collarbone,  taunting the eyes to take in your sexy upper back.  The dress is materials enabled, which gives it a metalic sheen and available in 5 standard mesh sizes.

The Shred Dress is made exclusively for and available at the Naughty Nitch Fashion Fair.  Your limo driver awaits below! Just have him look for the billboard, with ghee’s exlcusives pictured, for a large arrow that says “ghee” pointing down towards the booth.

Be sure to check out the other amazing designs, availabe at the fair, such as the see through crochet swimwear sets that include a see-through swimsuit, a matching solid knit swimsuit and a matching see through crochet sarong wrap. Matching crochet shoes for Slink high feet are also available. ghee’s Sandwashed Silk gown is also available at  the Naughty Nitch and comes with a matching thong and hair accessory. And last but certainly not least is ghee’s Spike collection. Coordinating separates including a long skirt, leggings and a variety of colors of a corset in glittering colors embellished with spikes across the bodice.

The Naughty Nitch Fashion Fair runs from July 1st through the 21st.


photographer and model…me
Shred Dress by ghee available at the Naughty Nich Fashion Fair.


Fashion For Life 2014 Featuring ghee Color Change Spike Gown


Where has time gone!!! In less than 2 days the spectacular Fashion For Life 2014 Event will be over! Time is really flying, so be sure to stop by today, and check out the amazing 10 sims. There is so much to see and the selection of the exclusives made for the event will have you salivating and opening your purse, time and time again! Please, be generous, as we all are affected by the rages, pain, and death that cancer brings. So spend, spend, and SPEND! It is all for a worthy cause!


One of the very talented designers, from the event, is ghee! ghee has wowed us with the electrifying, color changing, Spike Gown. I was mesmerized, as I watch the play of colors, that changed, on the collar, bodice, and skirt. The gown is fitted mesh, meaning that the gown will fit to your shape. The ensemble consists of the neck collar, spiked cup corset, and the slim fitted skirt, that hugs your hips tight and  flares out towards your knee. You will definitely make an entrance, in this innovative gown! You must purchase this gown, as my pictures cannot do it justice. I have never seen anything like this, gown, in Second Life!  When you, purchase this fantastic gown and look at yourself, in this gorgeous Spike Gown, by ghee, know that others will see your outer beauty, but you will know that your true beauty is within. Be color chic in ghee!

Fashion For life 2014, ends at midnight, on June 20th.

model and photographer
FFL 2014 Spike Color Change Gown by ghee

ghee is located on the Trek Sim and the land mark is below. Once you land, just click it again to be taken to the front of the store.

If you would like more information on the Fashion For Life 2014, please click the below link.


Fashion For Life 2014 Poster

Fashion For Life 2014 Featuring LeeZu’s Bon Bon Long Dress


If you have not made it over to Fashion For Life 2014 Event, you have just 2 more days to see the awesome 10 sims and to buy the amazing, exclusive designs made for the event. Fashion For Life 2014 and all associated with it, have put in considerable time, effort, creativeness, and their love of fellow human beings. Being in Second Life, it is a world removed, from our own and we use it to escape the stresses of everyday life. We look beautiful, never age, and look healthy. However, the human being, behind the lovely or handsome avatar, could be suffering from some form of cancer, or dealing with a love one who is.  Please show your support, of this very worthy, live saving cause.  Fashion For Life 2014 ends at midnight, slt, June 20th.

Fashion For life has so many very talented designers, who have created such tempting, special, clothing, poses, accessories for us! Let me introduce you to one of them. LeeZu Baxter. LeeZu has made the Bon Bon Long Dress, as one of her exclusives for FFL. This dress comes in Black, Cream, and Yellow, as pictured. The dress is just perfect for a sultry summer day, events , gadding about Second Life, shopping, which of course, is our national pastime! The easy casual air to it, will still have you leading the pack. The modified V-neck dips low enough, in the front, to show you have “girls” but still leaves something to the imagination! The midriff, double cut out, will expose your beautiful tan skin, giving a little navel action to boot! Yellow is such a summery color, you cannot help but to look anything but a summer beauty, in this tri colored Yellow dress, with the half moons of patterned slate Blue-Green, outlined in Black.  The dress gently puddles at the feet.  You will make, such a pretty picture of summer chicness, when you wear the Bon Bon Long Dress by LeeZu! You will be beautiful, on the outside and inside, as you are supporting a wonderful worthwhile cause!

Photographer and model…me
Long Dress, by LeeZu, for FFL 2014

LeeZu Store, is a Champion Sponsor, and is located on the Parade Sim. When you land, just click the land again, to be taken to the store. Your Limo to Parade is …

if you wish information on the Fashion For Life Event, please click the link below.

Fashion For Life 2014 Sign - with Champions

FASHION FOR LIFE 2014 Featuring Paisley Daisy’s Chasing Summer


Have you been to Fashion For Life 2014 Event yet? There are over 10 awesomely designed sims full of amazing designs creations exclusive to FFL! Please come and show your support of this very worthwhile, life saving cause! Fashion For Life, will run until, midnight, June 20th. So get your shopping mojo on and come on over!

One of the simply fantastic designers, who has lent her immense talent and creativeness, to Fashion for Life, is the Queen of Sheer, Joeylin of Paisley Daisy! Joeylin has created, the divine “Chasing Summer“. Chasing Summer is a floral pattern, Mint Green, Olive, and Lilac colored textured 2 piece silk ensemble of a crop styled belly baring top, with V bodice straps that descends, in the back, into 2 wider spaced straps, that are adorned with detachable Lilac and Green flowers. The slim fitting, high waist skirt, shimmers delicately, down the body, into graceful folds at the feet. The top’s hem edge, waist, and hem of the skirt are adorn in Lilac. The gown is exquisite! It is perfect for those summer events and galas that pepper our summer agendas, and in this case…just what the doctor order for a private tête-à-tête! Smiling, wear this exclusive FFL design, from Paisley Daisy, you will be the one “chased”!

model and photographer…me
FFL 2014 Chasing Summer by Paisley Daisy

Take the below limo to Paisley Daisy, located on the Amble Sim. When you land, click the landmark, once again, to teleport directly to the front of Paisley Daisy FFL Store.

Fashion For Life 2014 Poster

For information on Fashion For Life 2014, please click this link…



ART in HATS 2014 Opening Poster

After the great success for the première last year ART in HATS – HATS in ART the art and fashion event is back and this this on a higher scale as full sim event:

More than 80 artists worked together for largest and most exciting hat event that Second Life ever has seen. Enjoy more than 100 hats, headpieces and images taken with them.


OPENING June 14th at 2 PM SLT feat. Morlita Quan

PHOTO CONTEST for all visitors. Create your own hat design!

FASHION SHOW June 21st at 2 PM SLT
This is a slightly different show – Everyone is a star!

HAT AUCTION of One-of-a-Kind pieces in favor of Feed A Smile

THE MAD HATTERY CLASSICS – Get some great designs for only 10 Linden!



Art and fashion meet in hats. Good hats are art to wear and subsequently many artists love to create fantastic hats. Fashion designers often show an explosion of creativity in hats. Hats turn to fashion with the styling.

The basic idea of the exhibition is to bring designers, artists and photographers together in an art exhibition / sales event by presenting hats built by artists and fashion designers in combination with photos. The photos are meant to be an art shot.

Hats and images are to be sold or are given as freebies. One of a kind pieces are sold in an auction.


22769, Aliza Karu, Alpha Auer, AmandaMir, Amona Savira, Annough Lykin, Aurora Mycano, Awesome Fallen, AyaShula, Baoba, Barbara Wardell, Betty Tureaud, Bianca Xavorin, Bliensen + MaiTai, BSD Design, Burk, Bode, ByrneDarkly Cazalet, Caitlin Tobias, Caoimhe Lionheart, CapCat Ragu, Cherry Manga, CHOP ZUEY, cold Frog, Couture Chapeau, Dido Haas, Elysium, Eupalinos Ugajin, Falbala Fairey, Finesmith, Freyja Merryman, Fuschia Nightfire, Gladys Ruby, Gypsy Couture, Hatters’n Hell, h.m.a.e.m., Hexe Jie, JessMcHope, Kikas Babenco, Kynne Llewellyn, !Lyrical B!zarre Templates!, LODE Headwear, Louly Loon, Lybra, Maloe Vansant, Melusina Parkin, MEB, Meilo Minotaur, Mina Nakamura, Moya, naminaeko, Natzuka Miliandrovic, Noke Yuitza, Paradox Messmer, Paris METRO Couture, Porcelain Decay, Rawr, Secret Rage, Shimmer, Sina Souza, Sonatta Morales, Sparkie Cyberstar, Spyralle, Stone’s Works, Syra Hyun, [sYs] design, Telchar Elf, The Mad Hattery, Tik Merlin, Trill Zapatero, Vivienne Darcy, Wicca Merlin, Wizardoz Chome, WuWai Chun, Xen’s Hats, Zanze


OPENING June 14th at 2 PM SLT featuring Morlita Quan

PHOTO CONTEST for all visitors. Create your own hat design!

FASHION SHOW June 21st at 2 PM SLT
This is a slightly different show – Everyone is a star!

HAT AUCTION of One-of-a-Kind pieces in favor of Feed A Smile

THE MAD HATTERY CLASSICS – Get great designs for only 10 Linden!



Exhibition/Sale/ Auction will be open from June 14th until July 31st.


Quan Lavender is blogger, curator of the Art India Gallery (currently on hiatus) and member of the LEA (Linden Endowment for the Arts) committee. (
Emma Portilo is well known as event organizer, stylist and journalist. (
PotPourri Markets, known for yearly events like Pumpkin Town and Furry Fair (

Please contact Quan Lavender or Emma Portilo

Tree of Life by Paisley Daisy

Desirime - Fashion Spread May BOSL Magazine

I was very fortunate to be among the models chosen for the May Issue of BOSL Magazine!!!  This very artistic, gorgeously rendered gown, Tree of Life, by Paisley Daisy,  was chosen for the article, Art Invasion, Summer Fashion Trends. The article is on page 110 and my picture is on page 111. Be sure to check out Paisley Daisy’s Art Dept Collection, you will be blown away!  I absolutely LOVE this gown! You must get this!!! !Art designs, for clothing, is trending heavily and is being featured on all the runways! Be part of the “now” and get your chicness going by visiting Paisley Daisy today!!

Photographer… Sylphia Constantine

Tree of Life Gown by Paisley Daisy

How does Your Garden Grow….Featuring h.m.a.e.m. Enrietta Mix and Match

h.m.a.e.m. Enrietta Mix and Match

How does your garden grow? Beautifully, if it is inspired by h.m.a.e.m.!  Her latest, amazing creation, takes it inspiration from nature.  The Enrietta‘s skirt has a white background that is adorned by large yellow flower blooms and leaves, on  vines that trail up and down the fabric, of the skirt.  riri has, cleverly, paired, the Vichy Shirt,  a very chic gingham yellow checked blouse, with a deep décolleté neckline, that is gorgeous with this skirt. The shirt neatly tucks into the waistband of the skirt, making for a sleek silhouette. The skirt swells out, from the fitted waist, into a small balloon shape, away from the waist and tapers down into a trumpet head flounce, at the hem.

h.m.a.e.m. Enrietta Mix and Match

h.m.a.e.m. has given us a glimpse of summer with Enrietta and shows why she is always on the cutting edge of fashion! This ensemble is perfect for hosting your summer soirees and events or just looking fabulous! The glamorous Enrietta Mix and Match comes in 6 additional colors and is flattering to everyone who wears it.  Why not take the below taxi and pick up Enrietta, now!  How does your garden grow…. well you won’t care as all eyes will be upon you, when you wear  h.m.a.e.m. Enrietta!


photographer and model…me

Enrietta Mix and Match by h.m.a.e.m.



Sometimes life is so fragmented, in so many pieces, that we cannot see the whole of it. As we stare at the many pieces, we forget to see the beauty that the picture of our life presents. These very thoughts came to mind as I stared at the artistry and elegance of The Mosaic Gemstone Gown by Paisley Daisy. The many tiny pieces of this gorgeous texture comes together, in a beautiful pattern, that will do nothing ,but make you feel and look exquisite when you wear it! This incredible gown comes also in the Fitted Mesh, as well, and has a optional sheer overskirt. The intricate pattern adds up to one dazzlingly, charming, striking gown! Attention will be yours to command, no doubt, when you enter a room in this gown. The shimmer of the tiny gemstones, will mesmerize and make you an enchanting beauty, that will not soon be forgotten!

The Mosaic Gemstone Gown is available at Paisley Daisy’s BOSL Renaissance Galleria Location and at her main store. Dare to be unforgettable in Paisley Daisy Mosaic Gemstone Gown!

photographer and model…me

Mosaic Gemstone Gown by Paisley Daisy



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My Earth Hour Portrait by the amazing Marcopol Oh!

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