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Come Sit with me…

Come Sit with me…

Come to the Kasbah! I have always wanted to say that, laughing! Really, come and sit with me in this fantastic inner courtyard that has the inviting essence of a modern Moroccan Riad. Take a moment to relax, upon the regal Mirage Sultan’s White Set, which is an exclusive for this round of the 68 Main Event. Enjoy your private world, resplendent with Arabesque Architecture, upon the luxurious Sultan’s Set Sofa, Armchair, or Loveseat, that makes this inviting seating area an irresistible retreat where warm, perfumed breezes greets you as if a kiss!

The Mirage Sultan Set will be available, exclusively, at the 68 Main Event until May 28th.

Featured Design from the 68 Main Event
=Mirage= Sultan’s Set Loveseat
=Mirage= Sultan’s Set Sofa
=Mirage= Sultan’s Set Armchair

Other Designs shown:
~BAZAR~Morocco​ Fire Table
~BAZAR~Morocco​ Carpet
~BAZAR~Morocco​ Candle lamp
(luc) Quiet Life Tree Wall Art ​
(luc) Will of the Earth Wall Art ​Framed ​Silhouette
Soy. Super long Hanging Hedera
The Loft & ARIA Attwell Potted Paper Whites
The Loft & ARIA Attwell Coffee Table
+Half-Deer+ Vintage Birdcage
dust bunny . ​Hoya Plant
MI Siddhartha Face Decor RARE​ Gacha​
MI Elephant Decor
MI Samyukta Lamp Cabinet
Fancy Decor: Printemps Cabinet​ Wood​
Fancy Decor: Succulent Bowl I
TB Maison Azure Set Silver Wall Disc
{-Maru Kado-} Balloon Chandelier Deo(c)rate Box February 2018
Kalopsia Metal Planter
LTD Ruffles Cushion (1970)
Scarlet Creative Alaouite Skybox

A Rainforest Boat Dock House…

This is the Elephant Boat Dock House that sits on one of the many rivers, that streams from the Blake Sea, to the Rainforest Residential Sims. It is a welcoming stop, as you moor your boat to stretch your pixel legs! Coffee is always on and good “till you can’t see straight” whiskey flowing!

Items used

BR] Tassel Rug Red Plaid
[BR] Tassel Rug Black Tan
[BR] Woven Basket
[BR] Tusk Coffee Table
[BR] Elephant Head
VIBES – Coffee Pub High table Gacha
VIBES – Coffee Pub High Stool Gacha
VIBES – Coffee Pub Coffee Maker Gacha
VIBES – Coffee Pub 11.Mini Bar Gacha
VIBES – Coffee Pub Coffee Bean keeper Gacha
VIBES – Coffee Pub Bar Stool Gacha
(luc) Quiet Life Tree Wall Art
22769 Pinapple Lamp
22769 Colonial Lounge Sidetable
22769 Elephant Picture
Fancy Decor Beham Chair
Fancy Decor Demitasse
African Wildlife by (EvenPar Elman
{vespertine}Sea Salt Beach Cabin
[ zerkalo ] Golden Shade – Branches & Cones Centerpiece Gacha

Living below the concrete stairs…

Who says living in a Basement Loft has to be boring! This, below the concrete stairs abode, has been created using the exclusive designs from Mirage and TB Maison, a couple of the featured designers from the November Round for the 68 Main Event!

The bright and elegant entrance of the space features the casual sophistication of the Mirage India Modern Sectional. It is available in your choice of PG and adult Menus. There are 28 Single Sits, 19 cuddles, 28 Adult, and 4 Couch Colors. Looking further into the sub-basement chic apartment offers a immediate preview of the extremely tasteful, contemporary TB Maison Retro Set. The set contains the Casual Friday Mirror, Twig Vase, Burl Box, Lamp, Console Table, Rattan Ball, Rug, Chair, and Tuffet.

The color palette, and the exclusive designs from TB Maison and Mirage, in this space, harmoniously comes together for a awesome eclectic look and delivers that “WOW” Factor we all want for our homes!

Decorate your home effortlessly and beautifully with Mirage and TB Maison! Hurry as these exclusive items are available only until the 28th of November at the 68 Main Event!

Featured designs used..
TB Maison Retro Set
Mirage India Modern Sectional

Other designs used..
.:revival:. vase
Kalopsia – Metal Planter
Abstract Music Painting 1
Abstract Music Painting 2
AF Ruffled Table Rug
Apple Fall Empire Coffee
AF Porthole Mirror
AF Nouveau Screen
AF New Arrival Painting
AF Carriage Clock
AF Teacup Teal
Apple Fall Joanne Crystal Lamp
dust bunny potted rubber tree
dust bunny areca palm plant
Soy. Potted Ponytail Palm
JIAN Beagle Pup (Wanderer)
Kaerri Black Chaise
GizzA Mesh Clutch Bags
GizzA Loubou Zigzag Heels
{A}Classic Books-Vampire Collection
Aphrodite Plate Steak Sandwich

Catch the ride to fabulousness…


By the light of the twinkling waves…

Who doesn’t like sitting under a beautiful pergola and staring out at the waves!!! To be able to enjoy a romantic evening under a Pergola with lighting for just the right ambiance or to be able to take the time to relax in your Second Life backyard, whether you’re catching up with love ones or friends is so such a de-stressor from many things that plague us in our real. If you want to catch a few rays by the pool or enjoy an evening under the stars, all can be had under the Audace Double Pergola!



The Audace Pergola is big enough to place a small bar and other accessories, that give you pleasure, in your second life. What ever your wishes, you should always be surrounded by things and people who make you happy! God knows we have enough in real to make us otherwise!

If you are interested in obtaining or wish to see the Audace Double Pergola, please contact Conte Alchemi, inworld. The pergola has raised pilings that allow it to be placed in water or buried beneath the ground in your home sim. The curtains raise and lower and adds a nice touch of “privacy” and much to the style of your décor. This elegant wooden pergola uses all of the elements typically found in the classic style.

Audace Double Pergola by Conte Alchemi
TLC Hummingbird bush
+Half-Deer+ Carefree Bikini Clutter – Leaves – Floor Bra
dust bunny  summer picnic  picnic basket RARE
{what next} Summer Garden Planter
:: N :: Cactus Bowl Terrarium
dust bunny . spotted begonia
{what next} Snake Plant (stand)
{what next} Pothos Plant (small)
{what next} Pothos Plant (stand)
{what next} Swiss Cheese Plant (stand)
{what next} Summer Garden Hanging Planter 1
*::.who what.::* -akari kingyo- {orange}
Chez Moi Santorini Lounge Sofa
Soy. Potted Pothos
Heart Summer Hanging Basket – Yellow-White
Trompe Loeil – Funky Ceiling Fan Wood
Apple Fall Charlotte’s Pears
Apple Fall Key Table (Washed Light)
*HEXtraordinary* Tall Betta Aquarium
*HEXtraordinary* Male Betta – Sea
*HEXtraordinary* Male Betta – Blue Jewel
*HEXtraordinary* Female Betta – Jewel
[-BLUE SKY-] Surfboard Chalkboard – You had me at ALOHA
Zaara [home] : 15  Jali lamps  *kamal* Gacha
Zaara [home] : 14 Pile of books Gacha
{what next} Marlow Tray Décor
dust bunny . pilea peper plant
:: N :: Moai Head Terrarium RARE
:CP: Tiny Houses Scene RARE
JIAN Beagle Pup (Wanderer – Rez me!)
dust bunny . potted bromeliad
Ariskea[Suren] Grey Pouf
Soy. Potted Ponytail Palm [Lsize]
*HEXtraordinary* Gecko Vivarium
*HEXtraordinary* Tremper Gecko Wanderer
*HEXtraordinary* Bell Gecko Wanderer
*HEXtraordinary* Tangerine Gecko Wanderer
{what next} Palisades Outdoor Bar
{what next} Palisades Drinks Tray and accessories
AF Harry’s Boat
Trompe Loeil Yara Hanging Chair + Lights short/flat
*HEXtraordinary* Victorian Finch Cage
*HEXtraordinary* House Finch
*HEXtraordinary* Blue Grosbeak Finch
*HEXtraordinary*  Florida Fancy Finch
*HEXtraordinary* Green Finch
Soy. Potted Cheese Plant [Black]
A.V. Provence Table
Schadenfreude Deserted Island Bottle, corked
Schadenfreude Deserted Island Drink (dangerous)

A Story Worth Telling…Reclaimed Wood Dresser Set by Zen Creations @ The Cosmopolitan Event


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Our homes speaks volumes, about us! It tells a story of who we are, pride of where we live, our values, what and who we love, without uttering a word! Zhoie Zimmerman, of Zen Creations, loves to tell you a story, too, with her Reclaimed Wood Dresser Set, available at this round of The Cosmopolitan Event for December. She thoughtfully takes wood that contains character and much beauty, and creates from the old, something new, with a glorious past, that is just perfect for your present!  In the dressers, if you look closely, maybe you can “hear” the past echoes of times long gone, that is found within the unique grain patterns, knots, nail holes, dings and dents, and color variations. Perhaps the chosen woods tell you they came from, whispering a grand gentlemen’s bordello, a old barn beyond its prime, a beautiful aged and ancient house that deserves to live on, even in parts! One thing you can be certain, that both the tall and short dressers, with their various sized drawers, has a story worth retelling and worthy of display, in your home!  So make your way to ZEN CREATIONS, at the Cosmopolitan Event, and weave these impressive dressers into the fabric of your life and add to your story, the Reclaimed Wood Dresser Set by Zen Creations!

The accessories used, the Chalkboard, candles, bird, bird cage, umbrella, and vase of flowers are all from the Spring Blackboard Art Table Set by Zen Creations. It is available at the inworld store, or on MP at


Teleport to  The Cosmopolitan Event

Atelier Visconti’s Vincent Set @ The March Liaison Collaborative



Atelier Visconti brings us the sophisticated “Vincent”! Vincent is a gorgeous, modern looking set, that has a hud controlled sofa and carpet. The hud offers you a selection of six neutral colors, on each, that will fit into any decor scheme! The amazing tables are marble, with a beautiful veining pattern, upon a stone base. The Circle Wall Art, will make quite the statement upon your walls! The Vincent includes the sofa, side table, low table, table lamp, carpet, vase, and Circle Wall Art.  Wouldn’t you agree, it looks FABULOUS in my new home!


The stylized lines of the Vincent will add a elegantly sleek, trendy, fashion forward look, to any room you place it in! The Vincent, by Atelier Visconti, is available, this round, at the Garden located at The Liaison Collaborative.

The Vincent by Atelier Visconti

Atelier Visconti Ad by Atelier Visconti


vincent set


Romancing The Cattlemen

The Cattlemen by Serendenpity Designs_003adj1

The Cattlemen by Serendenpity Designs_002adj1

The Cattlemen by Serendenpity Designs_008adj1

The Cattlemen by Serendenpity Designs_007adj1

The Cattlemen by Serendenpity Designs_004adj1

The Cattlemen's by Serendity Designs_004adj1

The Cattlemen's by Serendity Designs_006ad1

The Cattlemen's by Serendity Designs_015

The Cattlemen's by Serendity Designs_013adj1

The Cattlemen's by Serendity Designs_011adj1

Cattlemen's Collection Console_002adj1

Cattlemen is a stylish new collection of western/ranch style furniture by the very talented designer and creator, Kyra Ishtari, owner of Serendipity Designs.

Who said rustic has to be boring! This collection brings the romance to western/ranch design, that will give any room you place it in instant panache, whether that room is located in a Second Life chic mansion, ranch, apartment or hacienda! It will draw you into its allure.

Luxurious, romantic, casual sophistication are words that come to mind when I look at her collection that has been used to furnished this casual family gathering room. From the overhead iron chandelier to the tiniest knick knack horse on the console, it all adds to the amazing drama of the room. The 5 Point Buck Heads on the wall, over the awesome Taos Console Tables, gives a perfect masculine feel to the room that just adds to the ambience  and overall appeal of being in this fabulous space! You just want to come in and make yourself comfortable and have that Apple Martini with the same style and comfort of drinking Johnny Walker, Blue Label, of course!  As you look around at the various furnishing in the room, your eyes naturally gravitate to The Cattlemen’s Sofa that just begs you to sit upon it and stroke the amazing rawhide pillows.The sofa is a multi sit menu with great seating poses. The chocolate brown color of the sofa will hide any sins your SL children may do it!  Under the couch you see the splendid Argentinian Patchwork Rug. Doesn’t, this rug, look just unbelievable under the couch!  The gift from nature of the gorgeous wood trunk table will have you marveling at the beauty and graining of this naturally beautiful, hand crafted, high polished, table.  The obvious pride that Kyra has taken in her designs is very evident!

The Cattlemen’s spectacular  Club Chairs, End Table, Western Room Divider, and Taos Blue Cow Rug, provides an incredible area for a tête-tête or those earlier drinks we mentioned, while you enjoy your down time. The little details and interest, that have been incorporated into her designs  displays, her desire, that she want your second life abode to seem just like home!  As you pan around the room, you see the stunning art work on the walls, such as Boots in Blue, Skulls and Calico Roses Print, and Bison at Sunset. They provide the pop of color in the space that adorns the adobe walls of the Santa Fe Home.  The Southwest Inlaid Nesting Tables are perfectly placed under the Calico Roses Print, bringing color and shape to that area. Next to the nesting tables you see and hear the Singing Finch. Who doesn’t enjoy the sound of birds chirping away!  At the other end of the room, you will find the high quality and handcrafted Cattlemen’s Collection Shelves that displays various what nots and books on it. It has been accented with dried steer skulls, (my camera couldn’t get them to rezz, no matter what I tried. Gotta love Second life!). Placed under the shelves is the Leather Shag Rug. I just want to curl up on it and twirl the little shag pieces between my fingers, smiling!  I took a separate shot of them really up close so you can see the details. Upon the back walls of the room, I placed the really nice black Shabby LaLa Candle Sconces. I just love her accents pieces!  In the room you see the Three Houseplant Set and the Tropical House Plant. Plants add life to a space and is a great decorating accessory and I couldn’t resist adding them into this decor!  I just had to include a shot of the striking fireplace that I placed a plant on! Its a just too beautiful not to have a picture of. It is part of the Santa Fe Home.

Handing you your favorite drink, I hope you have enjoyed your visit!  Everything you see in the pictures, including the Santa Fe House, are from Serendipity Designs!  Ya’ll come on out and pay her a visit now, ya hear!


All Furnishings  and The Santa Fe House by Serendipity Designs

Serendipity Designs -Cattlemen’s Club Chair
Serendipity Designs – Taos Blue Cow Rug
Serendipity Designs – Cattlemen’s End Table
Serendipity Designs – Cattlemen’s Western Room Divider
Serendipity Designs – 10 Point Buck
Serendipity Designs – Taos Console Table
Serendipity Designs – Shabby LaLa Candle Sconce
Serendipity Designs – The Cattlemen’s Sofa
Serendipity Designs – Cattlemen’s Coffee Table
Serendipity Designs – Cattlemen’s Argentinian Patchwork Rug
Serendipity Designs – Cattlemen’s Collection Shelves
Serendipity Designs – Leather Shag Rug
Serendipity Designs – Bison at Sunset
Serendipity Designs – Boots in Blue
Serendipity Designs – Skulls and Calico Roses Print
Serendipity Designs – Singing Finch
Serendipity Designs – Southwest Inlaid Nesting Tables
Serendipity Designs – Three House plants
Serendipity Designs – Tropical Houseplant

The last day of the Peace On Earth Hunt and a lovely Room

POE ROOM 1_005

Poe House_003

T’was the month following Christmas, my true love said to me, undeck the halls, and put away the tree! The Peace On Earth Hunt has been amazing!!! Where has the time gone!!! Today is the last day of the hunt and there were over 200 gifts this year…such generosity! While I was out today, hunters were too, some asking if the gifts were still out where I was and of course they were! I wanted to do a final room with some of the POE6 furnishings to show how lovely they looked together. You do not have to limit yourself to having them out only at Christmas time! I was trying to tell a hunter this, and decided the best way was just to show! The POE designers are among the best in Second Life and made high quality gifts for us all to enjoy and most importantly, to use!

Poe House_004

Poe House_005

Poe House_006

Look how well the room flows has such an lovely warm eclectic look!  If you have no money in Second Life for things, to make you feel at home, just look at the designs within this room. There is still some time left before the end of the day to locate these awesome gifts!

I wish to thank you, Sequoia, for caring enough to have this phenomenal annual hunt each year! You work so hard to bring this to the residents of Second Life and make it look effortlessly! You have no idea how many people you actually help, with the Peace On Earth Hunt! Some people come to Second Life who do not have much in real life, and because of you and the fabulous designers, who give generously of their creations and time, allow people to have dignity and a amazing sense of style, with the beautiful clothes, accessories, furniture, homes, home decor, and so many things that have been part of the Peace On Earth Hunts throughout the years that you and they so unselfishly give! From the bottom of my heart I thank you!

This room contains furnishings and decor found on the POE6 HUNT…
eXplicite Designs POE6 BED / Cuddle menu
Holiday Peace Lily ~ Original Art by Special Jewell
..::IDC::.. “Vintage Holiday” Arm Chair [Plum]
[PP] Cottage Dining Table & Decor, rug by An Lema
[Park Place] “The River”
[Park Place] Home and Hearth Fireplace and Candles
Art Deco Xmas Glass Plate, Bowl, and Vase by Melu Deco
MEP Martie’s Elegant Plants
POE6 * Winter Dressing Screen by SEQUOIASTYLE
Geniwian ~ Rocking Chair
Peace on Earth Lamp and Table by An Lema
*Dench Designs* POE Sofa
..::IDC::.. “Looking For Santa” Timekeeper Clock
LM Malaspina “Peace on Earth MMXIII” Rococo Cabinet
Christmas Chairs (Red) for PoE6 by PRIME
..::IDC::.. Vintage Holiday Radio and Table
Sway’s Shelf [yin] (with decoration)
Joyus Living POE6 Gift Mesh Harp
Peace on Earth Player Piano by True North Designs
This is as festive as I get Signs, by Nexus Arts
[WS] Wishing Window Christmas by Weekend Salvage

I used my LeeZu Singleroom Skybox and everything looks just like….home!

I wish you all, the best of healthy, to be safe and to prosper in this new year 2014!



Christmas Time, Shopping Time…Here’s a Great Idea!



I have heard some really funny stories of “holidays with the family in Second Life” In my real life I love the family tugs of war(power struggles), the family fights around the table…lool Smiling, just because we are pixels here does not eliminate the family dynamics! If you need a getaway from all that love and what the family brings when they visit, The Eco III Contemporary Furnished Home, by Maven Homes will make a wonderful escape!


The Echo by Maven Homes_006

It is a one level home, gorgeously fully furnished house. It makes for an excellent weekend home and even as your regular residence! Linden Labs should take a look at what Master builder, Cain Maven, have with this beautiful, yet practical home. Cain Maven makes great use of prims with this design and the layout! It is very stylish, comfortable and practical. The home is compact, yet spacious with its open floor plan! Entertaining is a breeze in this home, laughing, and no room for overnight guests!  The large glass windows, throughout the home, will afford you beautiful views of your land, fantastic sunsets and starry nights. There are so many uses for this home! You can use it as your weekend place, as it works perfectly in the sky as it does on land. This can be your primary home, if you have a small parcel with a low prim allowance. You can place the home on your sim, for visitors to stop and rest at, while exploring your sim.  As a guest house, what  guest would turn down a stay in this awesome house! It can work as a great work studio as well! It is limitless the uses you can come up with for this spectacular home! The home has a certain desirable flow to it and the colorful chic furnishing just further adds to the ambience of the open space.




The house is truly a magnificently designed home…just imagine it nestled in a woodland setting! The main space of the home, which has been decorated in the restful hues of blues, grays, white, black, wood, chrome, and glass. At one end you see the living room area perfectly situated. I placed the home inside of an orb, just look at the views from the windows…just beautiful! The other end of the room, you will find the dining area and entrance to the generous sized bedroom. You can enter the back patio, where there is a delightful water fall and hot tub either through the bedroom door or from the living room. The house has a Home Control System that operates the lighting, security access, and doors




The price is just perfect too and makes for a fantastic holiday gift! Heck, this home is great any time of year! Why not gift this fantastic home to a loved one or dear friend! Imagine the joy you will give to someone who finds The Eco III Contemporary Home, by Maven Homes under their tree or in their stocking!


Information on the house:

Land Impact 185
Size 25 m x 27 m
Recommended parcel Size 1024 sqm or larger

• Bedroom
• Open floor plan, separate room for the bedroom
• Patio with hot tub and waterfall

• Totally furnished

• Security system with radar controls access to house
• Lighting can be turned off, on, or dimmed
• Lighting color can be adjusted
• Automatic mode adjusts lighting according to sim time of day
• Adjustable window tint and opacity
• Lockable doors that can be set to open automatically

Maven Homes Logo

Joyus Living Peace on Earth MMXIII Rococo Cabinet, Aurora Wings, and Harp Gifts for The Peace On Earth Hunt


The Peace on Earth Hunt is now in full swing! Hunters are everywhere….lool! This is truly a grid wide hunt with some of the best designers in Second Life! The hunt will end, for those of you who do not know, on January 6th. The designers have created so many beautiful designs, for your pleasure, like the Peace on Earth MMXIII Rococo Cabinet, by Joyus Living!This cabinet is truly an exquisite piece and will lend a feel of grandeur to where ever you place it in your home. This  amazing cabinet was especially created for the Peace On Earth Hunt! It is a beautiful Louis XVI Style Gilt-Bronze Mounted Mahogany Cabinet in the fashion of Adam Weisweiler. The Louis XVI Style was popular during the second half of the 18th Century and continues to reign supreme in the real life world of antique collecting!

While you are admiring your new cabinet, be sure to put out your Peace On Earth Harp, also by Joyus Living! It has a selection of 6 classical pieces that sound like they came from heaven itself! the harp and stool are attached as one piece, so you don’t have to worry about losing one or the other!  You touch it anywhere to sit down on it, and then touch it again to bring up the menu of classical pieces that the harp can play! Truly a pleasing musical experience, you will have as you listen to the amazing string music of the harp! If you are into historical role play in second life, you must have both of these pieces! The fact that all you have to do is hunt for them, is priceless!

Also, including in these amazing gifts, but not shown, smiling, as if they are not enough, are gorgeous Aurora Wings! Joyus Living was truly very generous to us hunters with her gifts!

Thank you Joyus Living for your contribution of beauty and the gift of music for the Peace On Earth Hunt!



Park Place Home and Hearth Fireplace with Accessories Peace On Earth Gift

Park Place] Home and Hearth Fireplace with Accessories

I am running into a lot of hunters for the Peace on Earth Hunt and boy are they excited!!! The Hunt started on Sunday, December 1st and will end on January 6th. They have good reasons to be excited too, as the over 200 gifts on the hunt trail are second to none! The designers have gone out of their way creating awesome hunt gifts, such as The Park Place Home and Hearth Fireplace! This is such a great gift…who doesn’t like sitting in front of a fire talking, dreaming, and even sleeping! This fireplace comes with awesome accessories too! There is a beautiful landscape, called The River, for above the mantel, varying sizes of candles, a removable holiday garland, and a Red Holiday Poinsettia. This fireplace will look perfect, no matter where you place it and it is usable year round.

Thank you, Park Place, for giving us not only a beautiful fireplace, but the gift that adds a welcoming ambience to any room!


The Measurement of Luxury….The Genoa











When you look up the word “luxury” in the dictionary, one of the meaning is a state of great comfort and extravagant living. The Genoa by Master Builder, Cain Maven for the Quantum Luxury Homes Series, is the measurement of that!

When you open the front doors entering the great foyer…the double staircase immediately gives you a taste of the grandeur of what you are about to experience!

As with a fine 4 star course meal, your eyes begin to savor and devour the individual dishes presented. This mansion also compels you to look at the sumptuous delights it offers! On either side of the great foyer, with the double staircase that Scarlett O’Hara would kill to posses, are 2 rooms, one side which leads into the massive kitchen, that any SL Chef would be proud to call their own! Looking above at the richly coved ceilings as you saunter straight through the entry foyer, you will find yourself in a massive size room, that has several beautifully framed arched Palladian influenced door way entrances leading off to various other rooms of the home. Continuing your walk through to the next huge room which has a wall of 2 levels of beautiful Palladian Style Windows that frames around an amazing detailed glass door, that leads out to the patio pool area. You can host celebrity status news worthy parties on this patio, as space will not be an issue here as befitting such a house as The Genoa…there are even fire pits with, comfortable padded seating, on either end of this fabulous patio! The patio also has been adorned with with several large circle planters as well!At night, you can sit out among the stars just to enjoy the ambience and pride of ownership, you will feel, owning such a magnificent home as The Genoa!




One of the rooms off the central floor area is your very own private media room for screening your favorite movies, watching your favorite programs, and hosting fun filled media parties! Be the envy of your crowd when you proudly unveil this room! Also, on this side of the main floor is another bedroom and a huge bathroom!

The mansion is chocked full of details that lends to the luxurious feel of the home! There are 3 interior fountains, plus 1 exterior one. The sound of water is so very soothing to the soul! As you casually stroll up one of the double staircases, you are treated to the sight of another marble fountain that flank both corner edges of the interior center foyer where you will find yet another gorgeous fireplace. The main area of the upstairs’ outer floor areas are both accented by Brown and White Banisters which are the perfect accents that just magnifies the beauty and attention to details, you see continuously in this house! These open spaces are but a prelude to either side of the floor where you will find 2 phenomenal suites with anterooms and bedrooms, and, smiling, walk in closets ladies! Both sides boast a beautiful marble, porcelain, glass, and wood bathroom.

This is just a smidge of what you will find in The Genoa by Master Builder, Cain Maven. I have purposely left out certain view pictures of this home’s rooms, exterior and interior, as I want you to go and experience The Genoa feeling!. You must see this house for yourself, as you will be blown away by this very palatial home, and will want to be able to call it your own! The mansion  includes 2 suites with anterooms, fireplaces, and bedrooms. The home has a total of 6 fireplaces, full set of appliances in the kitchen, Animated poses in showers, bath tubs, bathroom sinks, kitchen stools, and patio seats, running water in the taps, and the famous Maven Duck! There are also
• Two bedrooms
• Three bathrooms
• Kitchen
• Dining room
• Breakfast room
• Living room
• Great room
• Family room
• Lounge
• Media room
• Study
• Front room
• Foyer

Study and front room may be repurposed as bedrooms, for a total of six.

The mansion is perfect if you have a family, or just by yourself! Laughing, we can never have enough space or prims!

The house has one of the best Home Control Systems I have ever seen, which is easy to use!The security system controls access to house, adjusts the window opacity and tint, turns off, on, and dims the lights. You can set the lights to automatically turn on or off based on sim time of day. the lockable doors can be set to open automatically too.


This build employs Materials technology to improve realism on relevant surfaces. To see the effect you will need a materials-compatible viewer with the Advanced Lighting Model enabled. For best results, enable Ambient Occlusion and set Shadows to None.

Land impact: 790 (704 without the kitchen, bathrooms, and media room interior)
Size: 87 m x 51 m
Recommended parcel size: 8192 sqm or larger

Come home to The Genoa!

Quantum Luxury Homes Logo

The Saitama by Kaerri

Saitama Set_009

When you look at the Saitama, the latest release from Kaerri, you cannot help but be impressed by the clean lines of the design. It has a feeling of quiet serenity that just puts you at ease.

The Saitama set comes with the dresser, coffee table, couch, end table, Orchid, lamp, ottoman, picture, statuettes, zen stones, and Lily Bowl. Just imagine these items in your own home, creating an ambience you can’t wait to return to enjoy. The lovely Socie-Tea Yellow Rose Set is available separately!

The Saitama Set by Kaerri

Kaerri Logotype 512

The Fortune Teller Limited Edition By Kaerri

Kaerri Fortune Teller Set with Tarrot Cards_003

Kaerri Fortune Teller Set with Tarrot Cards_004

I have, personally, always admired the fabulous creations from Kaerri as she always strives to give her best, never releasing anything that does not meet her very high standards! I have to say she really went way beyond with her latest offering, The Fortune Teller!!! This limited edition set, is the best I have seen period of this kind!!! She put a lot of work into craftsmanship of this….my pictures cannot do it justice!

Kaerri Fortune Teller Set with Ouja Board_008

Kaerri Fortune Teller Set with Tarrot Cards_009

Kaerri has loaded this awesome set with much! Those of you who have fortune teller role-plays, are gypsies, or you just want to have fun at parties and events, you cannot do better than this! Also, photographers, these can be used for amazing props!  Great for Halloween too!

You will find included in this set, Red Curtains, Burgundy Chair, Coffee Table, Cookie Jar, Kettle, Fortune Teller Table, Fortune Teller Mystic Moon Picture, Book Case, Skull, Candlestick, Animated Coat Rack..(watch the owl), Book table with Lamp, A real working Tarot Card Reader and Ouija Board!!!

Kaerri Fortune Teller Set with Tarrot Cards_002

Kaerri Fortune Teller Set with Tarrot Cards_005

This Tarot reader uses the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot Deck images. The Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot Deck cards and the Pictorial Key to the Tarot are in the public domain in the United States.

For more information on Tarot card meanings visit…

You must hurry and grab this while you can, as with limited editions, once gone…


Red Curtain, Chair, Coffee Table, Cookie Jar, Kettle, Fortune Teller Table, Fortune Teller Mystic Moon Picture, Book Case, Skull, Candlestick, Animated Coat Rack..(watch the owl), Book table with Lamp, A real working Tarot Card Reader and Ouija Board By Kaerri


Kaerri Logotype 512

Fall Under The Spell Of The Modena by Quantum Homes

The Modena_019

The Modena_007

The Modena_013

Real life has been really busy and stressful lately with responsibilities, so I am tardy with my posts and for that I am sorry.

When you see a design that blows you away, you just have to post it! This amazing luxurious home, from Master Builder, Cain Maven, Maven Homes, falls into that category! The Modena, ooo, I just love saying that name, is the latest design available at Maven Homes!

The house is phenomenal! If you have a large and extended Sl Family or you are a single, love huge and spacious rooms, details of architecture, want a pool area to die for, and many other details too numerous to name, then the Modena is your next home!

When you cast your eyes upon this exquisite home, walking up the steps, your eyes are immediately focused upon the portico and you are instantly seduced by the beauty and placement of the windows, the glass excerpts upon the doors, the huge circle window above the palladium surround of the door, which affords you a glimpse of the interior details beauteous home.

The home boasts 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a spectacular kitchen, a dining room, living room, family room, study, and den! This is a home you really should go to see for yourself, as pictures really do not do it true justice!

The Modena_020

The Modena_024


The Modena_018

As you walk through The Modena, you cannot help but to be impressed, by the layout of the house. The home despite the size, still has an intimate feel to it. What woman does not like a walk in closet…yes…one of the bedrooms has a walk in closet!!!! You can open the highly detailed windows with just a touch, I personally adore windows that I can open! I cannot begin to list all the features of this stupendous design! The dramatic staircase is beautifully placed with a overhead widow walk that connects the sides…simply amazing! Smiling, I can see a child sliding down that banister…heck I can see myself doing that too…laughing!

Some of the special features are the Patio/swimming pool area with a fire pit, two fireplaces, animated poses in showers, bath tubs, bathroom sinks, and kitchen stools. The Kitchen has a full set of appliances, marble top counters, and has running water in taps and the famous Maven Duck resides in one of the bathrooms sitting proudly on the edge of the tub.

The Modena_016

The Modena_005

The Modena_022

This home is perfect whether you are a family or a single! You have so much space for decorating! this home will instantly become THE gathering spot for your family and friends

The Modena, has a home control system. It is very easy to use and controls the security access to house. You can adjust window opacity and tint with it. Through the control system, lights can be turned on, off, or dimmed. You can also set them to automatically turn on or off based on sim time of day and have doors that are lockable and can be set to open automatically upon entry.

The house is also Materials enable! This build employs Materials technology to improve realism on relevant surfaces. To see the effect you will need a materials-compatible viewer with the Advanced Lighting Model enabled. For best results, enable Ambient Occlusion and set Shadows to None

The house has a land impact of 520 (436 without the kitchen and bathrooms)
Size: 56 m x 47 m. Recommended parcel size: 4096 sqm or larger. with the Modena, you can achieve the most realistic water effect, for the pool, if you place the house at sea level. An alternative effect is available if this is not possible.

Do yourself a favor, go, and experience The Modena, for yourself, and fall under her spell!

The Modena by Maven Homes

Quantum Luxury Homes Logo

New Designs from Lumiere

Lumiere Formal Set

Lumiere Nature Lamp

Lumiere Formal Chair

Lumiere Grasshopper Lamp and Lounger_017

Lumiere has released new designs that are sure to please, both the visual and your linden balance! The first picture shows The Formal Entry Chair, Bench,  Formal End Table with Glass Insert, Buggy Whip Planter, Nature Lamp, which I may add, has a base of moving water beneath the cattails and is a touch on and off lamp with a fantastic shade, and Indian (India) Rug Pattern 004. I really love the patterns he chose for the rug, and furniture!

Lumiere has a range of furnishings from the eclectic to the contemporary…you are sure to find whatever your fancy!

The fourth picture, you see the new Grasshopper and Lamp set.  It is a contemporary, black and chrome lounger and a over hanging retractable chrome lamp.  Upon touch the lamp will retract and turn on!  How amazing is that!!!

These and other designs awaits you this month, at Lumiere!

Formal Entry Chair, Bench, Formal End Table with Glass Insert, Buggy Whip Planter, Nature Lamp, Indian (India) Rug Pattern 004, and Grasshopper and Lamp set by Lumiere
BlackRug*-paris by MELU DECO
Magazine -Coastal Living by Lustre Designs owned by Honey Lustre
coffee mug Mickey mouse (relaxin’) by uota Noel
Klimt Gorgones framed by Trinity Beaumont

Introducing The Buchanan By Kaerri

The Buchanan

The Buchanan

BOSL Furniture for Fashion w_005

BOSL Furniture for Fashion w_006

The Buchanan

BOSL Furniture for Fashion w_009

Kaerri has always been synonymous with style, elegance, and functionality, all at an affordable price! I have the privilege of introducing a new line by Kaerri…The Buchanan!

The Buchanan is luxury personified! It takes you back to an era when women bobbed their hair, bath tub gin parties were in, a speakeasy was a joint to be seen at, and it was nothing at all to jump into a pool in your all flapper finery!

You work hard, play harder and you owe it to yourself to have these beautiful furnishings to surround yourself with to bask in the ambience that will be yours when you buy The Buchanan Set!

Be sure to make it BOSL Fashion Week 2013 on Saturday, September 21st at 2:00 pm, for the TRIBUTE TO ELIE SAAB. As esteemed designers provide the couture for the runway, Kaerri Furnishings has the honor of providing the couture for the stage!

Be fashionable…buy The Buchanan by Kaerri

photographs by me
Buchanan Furnishings by Kaerri

Kaerri Logotype 512

New Releases From Lumiere

Slatt Sparking Chair -A-Whitewash_002

August brings many new home decor/furnishings releases from Lumiere! I will be showing you a couple. I am one of those who like to feature furnishings in room settings. It gives you ideas as to how you can use the designs and I LOVE to arrange furniture….smiles

Our first picture, above, features a adorable and romantic design named Splatt Sparking Chair by Lumiere. In the olden days they were called courting chairs. A man would sit on one side and the lady on the other, close enough to have that intimate tête-à-tête but far enough apart so that the chaperones couldn’t fuss! There is a pose menu in one seats for a male and in the other for a female. I love this style of chair, because it is so versatile, as you can use this in your garden, on your patio, or in your home. Actually it can be placed anywhere for a special moment with the one you care about! This also comes in a darker finish too! On the wall, you see two very nice Silver Horn Wall Sconces by Lumiere that adds just the right amount of glow upon the wall! To finish off the look, I added 2 nicely potted medium plants by Persnickety and a Ceawlin Texture Change Victorian Rug.

In the second Picture, you see a beautiful glass and gold base Leaf table and Leaf Lamp by Lumiere. it is the perfect accent table and lamp for any room. Here you see that I have placed it in the entry way and makes that area look welcoming and colorful! The rug is Ceawlin Texture Change Victorian Rug and the four pictures above are Tutti-Fruiti Pictures by LISP Bazaar .

Lumiere Leaf Side Table and Leaf Lamp_003

Our last picture, below, you see the Craft Reading Table in Green and the Ladderback Chair with the Yellow Diamond pattern for the chair seat, both by Lumiere. The menu pose, for the chair, have you reading at the table. The table and chairs come in several colors and will look just lovely in your home. Hanging overhead you see a beautiful white Country Chic Chandelier also by Lumiere. There is also a large Picture Heart with lace by Persnickety, A Paris Rug by Kaerri, a
English Ivy in Antique Verdigris Teal Turquoise Planter by ETC. and 2 LISP Lilac and Mint Frames that completes this pretty scene.

Craft Reading Table Green_007


Craft Reading Table Green by Lumiere
White Splatt Sparking Chair by Lumiere
Silver Horn Wall Sconces by Lumiere
Ladderback Chair – Yellow Diamond by Lumiere
Country Chic Chandelier by Lumiere
Paris Rug by Kaerri
Picture Heart w/lace by Persnickety
Medium Floor Plants by Persnickety
ETC. English Ivy in Antique Verdigris Teal Turquoise Planter
LISP – Lilac Frame
LISP – Mint Frame
Ceawlin Texture Change Victorian Rug

Kaerri’s Esplanade For The Love Donna Flora Fund Raiser Event

Esplanade 3

Esplanade 2

Esplanade 1

Kaerri’s beautiful Esplanade Living Room Set is available at the Love Donna Flora Event. It has a restful blend of blues and greens tones that invites you to come sit and stay a while. The furniture gives a soothing feel to the room. The set includes the couch, table, console, vase, table vase, 2 chairs, one with pillow, oval bird picture, 2 upright flower framed pictures, potted fern, coat rack, table books, and rugs. The set also has an excellent sit menu for the couch and chairs. I adore this color combination and love peeking into the room that I have this set up in. Color adds variety to our life and should be expressed in everything we do!

The Love Donna Flora – A Fundraiser for Squinternet Larnia started July 25th and will run through August 11th. You never know what the next day will bring being human or pixel. Cherish all who you hold dear! As you traverse the world of second life remember we are all flesh and blood behind the avatar with all the frailties that is known to man. Live, learn, and love. In life, you get back what you give!

Please lend your support by purchasing this beautiful set for Squinternet Larnia!

Kaerri Esplanade Living Room
Living Room of The Kay House By Maven Homes

Kaerri Logotype 512

The Adagio Modern Luxury Home by Maven Homes

The Adagio_026

When I saw and entered this beautiful modern luxury home, I immediately felt that it truly fits the musical definition for its name, Adagio, which means slowly, leisurely, and gracefully! As you walk through the house, you feel you can’t rush through it. It is a home that beckons you to just take your time, be leisure, enjoy the three levels of graceful luxury that Cain Maven has designed for your visual pleasure and physical use. This designer/builder is truly a master builder! The Adagio Modern Luxury Home by Maven Homes is an example of why!

The Adagio_001

The Adagio_002

The Adagio_007

The Adagio_004

The Adagio_023

Even before you enter the home, you and your guests are greeted on one side by a illusion pool that flows from inside the house’s double faced 2 story fireplace to the small pool outside with a delightful water spray. On the other side of the impressive entrance that have planters on either side of the slate stairs, there is another outdoor patio. There is also a house controller outside in the entry for your convenience. Through the doors, as you enter the home, to your left is a small walkway over the water that leads to the outside pool. You are immediately impressed by the sheer size of living space. Mr. Maven did a magnificent job of combining glass, natural woods, and stone.

The Adagio_009

The Adagio_011

The Adagio_010

The Adagio_012

The Adagio_013

The Adagio_015

There is a entertainment bar with stools, with an glass door exit behind it to stylishly go outside. On the first floor there are very few walls to interrupt the flow of the space. On this level, there is a door to an outdoor small private swimming pool, great for entertaining, or just taking your leisure with the kids. The room also boasts a clear see through 2 story fireplace which makes a awesome spot for sitting and enjoying the fireplace, as you watch the water play that trickles down and out to the outdoor illusion pool. The huge kitchen allows you to be part of the action on the first floor. Nothing but the best appliances, double door refrigerator, dishwasher, counter top cook top, stove, and microwave! there is a sink with running water! Lots of counter space and cabinets…there’s even plenty of room for the gang to join you in the kitchen as there is a breakfast counter top with stools too!

The Adagio_017

The Adagio_018

The Adagio_019

The Adagio_020

The Adagio_021

As you walk up the glass enclosed staircase, even the most jaded cannot help but be impressed with the layout of the home. The second floor has a luxurious large bathroom, there are several rooms with balcony access, the second level of that amazing fireplace! There is so much space in this house that you will never feel crowded no matter how many you have in your family! The doors throughout the house are wood and smoked glass which adds even more drama to the already beautiful space! Throughout the home you will find house controllers, which controls the access, security, lights, windows, and doors for the entire house. You will never want to leave this home and it will quickly become the gathering place for your family and friends! The built in curves, the shapes, nooks, and crannies are just phenomenal and fit into this house perfectly as visual beauty. Continuing up the stairs to the 3rd level, you enter an open area, that is practically all glass and has a web based television upon the wall. There are many blinds placed throughout the home including on the third level, to shade if you wish. Outside on this level there is a huge pool, balcony space, and a another room. This house is  wonderfully designed and built, with the upmost care to details, structure, and with many amenities that make your comfort and visual stimulation foremost!

Some useful information about the house….
Land impact: 450
Size: 48 m x 37 m
Recommended parcel: 4096 sqm or larger


• Three bedrooms
• Large and open living room with fireplace.
• Kitchen and dining area, complete with an island and a full set of appliances
• Bathroom
• Bar
• Penthouse


• Ground-level swimming pool
• Roof top swimming pool with integrated hot tub
• Two fireplaces
• Interior waterfall
• Three balconies


• Sculpted blinds can be raised, open, or closed
• Lighting can be turned off, on, or dimmed
• Lighting color can be adjusted
• Automatic mode adjusts lighting according to sim time of day
• Adjustable window tint
• Privacy mode (one-way windows)
• Security system with radar controls access to house
• Lockable doors
• Doors can be set to open automatically

Before you purchase your next home, take the below limo to Maven Homes, to find your home of homes!

The Adagio3 Modern Luxury Home by Maven Homes

Maven Homes Logo

The Boats & Bikinis Hunt

Boats and Bikinis Hunt - July 25 - 31


The Boats & Bikinis Hunt!

A cruise shipped docked in the French Riviera to a horrible mix up! The passengers’ luggage was confused for deliveries to local stores, and now there are suitcases all over town! Help the passengers collect their luggage before the ship leaves port, and collect prizes along the way to reward you for your efforts!

INSTRUCTIONS: Visit the Hanalei Tourism Office on the Expo sim to start the hunt! Follow the clues and search for suitcases inside each store! You MUST complete this hunt by following each clue in order–skipping ahead is not allowed! Use the teleport boards placed around the sim to easily find each location!

Participating Vendors:

Ampersand Photography
Aphrodite Shop
beach street
Bliensen + MaiTai
Chez Moi
Dead Dollz
Fior Di Perle
JP Collection Yachts
LISP Bazaar
Little House of Curios
Luas Store
Oceania Breedables
Southern Seas Ships
Star Fashion

Happy Hunting!!!

Official Boats & Bikinis Expo Sign

The Boats and Bikinis Expo

Official Boats & Bikinis Expo Sign

The Boats and Bikinis Expo_002

The Boats and Bikinis Expo_005

The Boats and Bikinis Expo_001

The Boats and Bikinis Expo_008

The Boats and Bikinis Expo_006

Boats and Bikinis_002

Interior of JD Triumpant Boat

Village Pub at The Boats & Bikinis Expo_001

The Boats and Bikinis Expo opens today!!!

This extraordinary shopping trip traverse you along the famous French Riviera, showcasing huge water displays, with over 80 boats present for your viewing pleasure, from four of Second Life’s top boat designers, as well over 20 very talented and fantastic fashion and home furnishing/decor stores! When your tootsies get tired from walking there are places to take your easy, enjoy a drink, or just savor the atmosphere!

In addition to all of that…yes there is more!!!! There will be a fabulous treasure hunt game…stay tune for details concerning the treasure game!

I will be posting pictures of some of the exciting treasures to be had from the game! The Boats & Bikinis Expo opens today, July 25th, at 3pm SLT to the public. Sponsored and Hosted by Oceania Breedables

Happy Treasure Hunting!!!

Logo..The Boats and Bikinis Expo

***PREVIEW*** Kaerri’s Donna Flora Pavone Set For The Love Donna Flora – A Fundraiser for Squinternet Larnia

Donna Flora Pavone_002 r1

Donna Flora Pavone_004 table top r1  Donna Flora Pavone_005 chair r1

Donna Flora Pavone_008 chandelier r2

Kaerri has created exclusively for the Fundraiser for Squinternet Larnia, these beautiful serene sitting room furnishings, The Donna Flora Pavone Set! It comes with 2 chairs, a rug, a table, a small table candelabra, a flower bowl, a peacock picture, and a cabinet. The ceiling light can be purchased, separately,  at Kaerri’s. The major pieces are adorned with the majestic peacock in vibrant hues, of royal blue, green, and purple. When you enter a room with these particular sitting room pieces in it, your spirit seem to revive itself, just with the colors alone, as they draw you from within! It just gives you a good feeling. The chairs have a delightful 9 pose seating menu for both male and female! Any room, you grace with this set, will be as elegantly adorned as any fashionable woman! The Love Donna Flora – A Fundraiser for Squinternet Larnia starts July 25th and will run through August 11th. We all may be pixels in second life, but behind each of us is a real person of flesh and blood. Sometimes we forget as we traverse the world of Second Life, just how fragile we really are and sadly real life problems…serious ones, change the fabric of not only our lives in the real world, but of our second life as well…and any who care about us!

Please lend your support by purchasing this charming set that Kaerri has designed, from her heart, for Squinternet!

Here’s a link to my original post on the fundraiser.

The Donna Flora Pavone by Kaerri

for the ceiling light

Kaerri Logotype 512

Kaerri At The Home & Garden Market Sim’s Under the Boardwalk Retro Beach Decor Event

Sonaisali Patio 2_010

Sonaisali Patio 2_001

Sonaisali Patio 2_003

Sonaisali Patio 2_004

Sonaisali Patio 2_006

Sonaisali Patio 2_009

Sonaisali Patio 2_008

Kaerri will be participating in the Home & Garden Market Sim “Under the Boardwalk Retro Beach Decor Event” starting this Friday, July 19th through July 31st. 


This very talented designer has created just what your land needs… The Sonaisali Patio Sets! Back in the day, it was consider the in thing to entertain on water platforms! The Sonaisali Patio Sets are complete sets and looks so amazing side by side! They can be placed on your land or sunk attractively in a pond, lake, or any body of water, as well for awesome entertaining on the water! The first patio has double wooden deck chairs with comfortable pillows along with a great sit pose menu. There’s a beach ball decorating the deck, 2 lanterns,  plants, an overhead covering to shade you from the sun. Do you like old fashion sundaes, like I do? Well, you can relax in your deck chairs while enjoying eating a delicious strawberry and vanilla ice cream sundae topped with whipped cream and a cherry! Being the lazy days of summer, you don’t want to have to reach far for anything….its right on the table along with a cool refreshing drink! This is THE life!

The second Sonaisali has a wonderful patio table set with a 6 sit pose chair menu. Casually tossed on the wood deck floor are 2 pillows, with a 6 sit pose menu that even has a pose that shows you putting on suntan lotion! Laze away the day while you listen to the sounds of nature upon your land or those of your other guests! You can also enjoy that mouth watering sundae while listening to the latest gossip or catching up with family and friends around the table sipping that cool drink! You must pick this up for your summer entertaining! The Sonaisali sets will be available, at half price each, for 499 lindens for each set, at the event.

See ya there!!!

The Sonaisali Patio Sets by Kaerri

Kaerri Logotype 512