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AIM Going To The Beach Fashion Show

GOING TO BEACHWe know that conscious women and men want to show their unique style whenever they go and even more so when going on holiday. The range of beachwear is sure to have something perfect for you as the selection of designers are presenting there latest beach and swim wear.

Our sponsors : Athena Couture, 69 PARK AVE, Fine rain creations, Luxe paris, Dot-Be Fashion, Lyrical B!zarre but also MOoH designs, Vero Modero, Tashi did create specialy for this show their summer items. Get your swimming and beach wear ready because we also have an after summer party !

We would like to invite you to visit  the third edition of the “Going to the beach”  Fashion Show July 25th  @ 4pm sl.  At the landing spot you will find a REZZER to sit in PADDLE BOATS to get you to the audience area.


You will have the chance to buy some of the outfits at the show!! See ya there!

Ghee at The Vintage & Cool Fair


Ghee  takes us, uproariously, back to the glorious past, to the 1960s Mod Style Era. Innovative, bold, creative, colorful, and in your face fashions were the trend of the day. If you did not know, Mod is short for modern, meaning simple and uncluttered.





The Ghee 60s Mod Collection is one of the best and awesome example of that fashion style of the modernism culture of the late 60s. The collection is classic and looks likes it just stepped from streets of London,  from that time!  There is so much to be told about the Ghee Collection. The vibrant, rich colors, patterns, and the silhouettes, of that time, can be found in this kick butt, blast from the past, collection! It is hip, it is happening, and it’s on trend!

The collection has gogo boots, flats, coats, purses, goggles, belts, caps, dresses, tights, thermal wear, etc., everything you will need to be part of this girl-power vibe inspired from the swinging 60s!  These pictures only represents a small portion of what is available in this epoch collection!

twiggy flats vendor

edie handbag vendor

gogo boot display


Whether seen on real life catwalks or worn by chic Hollywood  celebs, the 1960s Mod trend is varied, and anyone can wear it and embrace it by putting their own unique spin on it! Ghee has made that so easy for us ladies, here in Second Life, by giving us everything we need to be fashionable and hip with this fun, intoxicating vintage trend inworld!

Be Different, be bold, make trends; don’t follow them by wearing Ghee!

You can find these and much more, from the Ghee 60s Mod Collection at the Vintage & Cool Fair, that starts Friday, October 10th. Take the Vespa below!

Photographs from the Ghee Collection
Ghee 60s Mod Collection by Warm Clarity and Beatrice Serendipity

The H.M.A.E.M. Woman


What do you give the H.M.A.E.M. Woman who has everything…why more H.M.A.E.M. of course! I look simply stunning in my H.M.A.E.M. Mateata Gown. This amazing strapless, fit and flare styled, abstract gown has a sweetheart bodice and a silhouette that molds its self to your curves, closer than any NASCAR Race Car hugs a curve! The gowns gently flares out at your feet, into a trumpet hemline, making you a statuesque beauty to behold. The gown is available in several color combinations and looks incredible on everyone!

When I was taking the picture, a man imed and remarked how gorgeous I was, in this gown. laughing, someone is always perving you, when you least suspect it! So ladies, give them something to look at by wearing H.M.A.E.M.! Btw ladies, that exercise where you hold your hands beneath your breasts and push against your palms, to increase their size, does not work…smiling

Model and Photographer…me
Mateata Gown by H.M.A.E.M.

From The Sea…. Featuring Fashion for Life 2014 Lyrical B!zarre WAVES


Fashion For Life 2014 is off to an awesome start! Many people have lent their considerable phenomenal talent, time, and support to make this the best event in support of Relay For Life! Fashion for Life, which runs until June 20th, is the oldest Second Life Fashion Event and features the amazing creations from more than 150 designers of accessories, poses, and clothing, across 10, you must see, sims! Please show your support to those who are most vulnerable among us, as cancer knows no boundaries, no race, gender, nationality, country, or status.

One of the fabulous designers, I have the honor of featuring, in this post, is Lyrical B!zarre! Lyrical’s fanciful, enchanting WAVES is a creation of wearable aquatic art! It is a beautiful, innovative 2 piece ensemble of skirt and top. The Peach, Brown, Butter Yellow, Aqua, and Blue, ombre shaded colored, cropped belly style top, has a exaggerated modified, lightly gathered V-Neckline, in front and back, on a close fitting bodice. The modified Butterflies Sleeves, of this top, is smooth fitted at the armhole, and then delicately flares out, widely, at the sleeve’s Butter Yellow and Peach hem edge. The top’s edge is outline in the delightful shade of the Aqua color.

The full length skirt is, masterfully, done in a slight gradual fading of the Aqua color into the Blue of the Water and back into the Aqua, at the hem of the skirt. Attached you see many of the sea creatures that are found, in the ocean depths, as they swim, merrily, among the fanciful four waves of the skirt. This stunningly striking skirt hem edge, is too, itself a wave! A must have!

Pleasure show your support and buy this 100% donation winsome, gorgeous design from Lyrical!

Lyrical B!zarre Templates is located on the Excursion Sim
Lyrical B!zarre Templates

Photographer and
FFL 2014 WAVES by Lyrical B!zarre Templates

For more information on Fashion For Life, please check the website at http:/

For more information on Relay For Life, please check the website at

Fashion For Life is an event supporting Second Life’s Relay For Life Campaign to raise funds for the American Cancer Society. It will through June 20th, Midnight SLT.


Fashion For Life 2014 Poster

Casting Fun with Paisley Daisy


I entered a casting that had an art theme and thought how fun it would be to use Paisley Daisy’s “Eye Love You” Dress. Now you know with a name like that, the dress is bound to be fun to wear and style! The dress, as designed, is sleeveless. I added some striped sleeves from an old role-play day gown, from 4 years ago, to the dress and loved the looked. I put on a favorite pair of shoes of mine, “Wrapped Heels” from Enfant Terrible and really loved how they looked with the dress. As you can see, Eye Love You, is a playful, colorful, eye catching, artsy dress. You will have as much fun wearing it, as I do! Its a head turner!!!

Eye Love You Dress is from a new line, The Art Dept. Collection, by Paisley Daisy. Art based clothing is a new trend, on the runways, that is getting hot! Be in the current, when you wear Paisley Daisy’s Eye Love You Dress!!!

Model and photographer…me
Eye Love You Dress by Paisley Daisy


Summer Arrives Early 10L group join ALL Summer


earthhourinviteAmazing Impressions Modeling AGENCY Presents THE EARTH HOUR FASHION SHOW – 22 MARCH @ 2PM SLT

GRAB the New Designs at the Landing Spot

My Earth Hour Portrait by the amazing Marcopol Oh!

Earth Hour - Desireme Fallen

Skin Fair 2014 Preview…..Silken Moon Peach DK Exclusive for Skin Fair



In just a couple of days, one of the most anticipated events will begin…SKIN FAIR 2014!!! The buzz has been hot and heavy about the new releases and we all are just itching to spend those Lindens! One of your must have skins to buy, is Peach DK by Silken Moon! You must stop by Silken Moon and get this exclusive skin! Peach DK is fresh looking, an ingénue innocent with the smoldering sensuality beneath, to be as sophisticated as you desire! She has the delightful touch of a light smattering of freckles across her dainty nose. There is also a tattoo for adding freckles to the body as well! Peach is one of the best skins I have seen, in a while! She came out of the folder looking as beautiful as you see her in the pictures. I have added no makeup, other than lashes, nor have I adjusted any numbers. She came out just absolutely stunning!



Peach has a range that includes 5 eyebrow colors, Black Abs, CL, Nat, Blonde Abs, CL, Nat, Brown Abs, CL, Nat, Dark Brown CL, Nat, CL, and Light Brown Abs, Nat, CL. Also included are Pubic hairs, Slink Feet and Hands Appliers, and Alternative Nips.



Peach DK, Exclusive for Skin Fair 2104 is a true beauty, fresh, innocent, and waiting for you! You will not be disappointed!

See ya at Skin Fair!

Photographer and model….me
Peach Dark, Skin Fair 2014 Exclusive by Silken Moon
Silken Moon Nevermore Look Through Dress
Silken Moon Villaine Domenica Dress

The Allure of Noir

Silken Moon Noir_008 adj1

Who can resist the siren call of Noir? Noir is among the latest new releases from Silken Moon. Noir is a black modified sweetheart bodice, with a left shoulder draped sleeve gown. The sleeve connects to the draping across the bodice and back making for a marvelous silhouette! This elegantly sexy form fitted mermaid style gown is flattering to every woman who wears it. The Noir Gown will look like it was melted and painted on you, accenting every curve you possess, as it sizzles down your body into a swirl about your feet. You will garner compliments every where you wear this standout design!

This amazing gown has a fabulous feature, in that, it has a hud! Malicia has given you 8 fantastic choices of textures to adorn yourself in. It’s like have 8 different dresses!!! I am wearing the Paisley Texture, of black and gray, which is number 5 on the menu. I look simply GORGEOUS in Noir!

Why not have yourself a “me first” moment, today, and treat yourself to Noir by Silken Moon!

Photographer and model…me

Noir by Silken Moon

Hey Gacha Addicts…Enfant Terrible Oh Deer Headbands@Oh My Gacha

Enfant Deer Gacha_002

Enfant Deer Gacha_010

Enfant Deer Gacha_014

Enfant Terrible is at Oh My Gacha until January 31st! Don’t miss out on these adorable deer headbands! I am wearing Miechief Rare Headband…they are just too cute for words!!! I have included the ad for you to see the whole range of headbands you can win!

I am also wearing Enfant Terrible’s, very figure flattering, Phyllidas Gown in Ice and Wayfarers Sandals Light Grey with Silver Trim. I just love how I look!!!

Enfant Terrible Oh Deer Gacha add

.Enfant Terrible. Phyllidas Gown

Wayfarers Sandals ad

Photographer and
Enfant Terrible Ads for Oh Deer Headbands, Phyllidas Gown, and Wayfarers Sandals.

Oh My Gacha Map Address

Introducing My MVW 2014 National Costume, Cleopatra by Enzo Champagne


National Costume Enzo Champagne Cleopatra_004

I remember the day that I nervously messaged the sublimely talented Enzo Champagne of Sparkling Champagne about doing my National Costume, for the Miss Virtual World Contest. I didn’t have much experience at doing contests that is on the exalted level of MVW, which is THE contest of all modeling contests and most recognized for models nor asking famous designers for help.

Being Miss V♛Egypt, I wanted to chose from Egypt’s culturally rich past, for my national costume. I chose Cleopatra VII, as she was beautiful, could charm a ruler and bend him to her will, was highly intelligent, a great strategist, and was always aware that she was a woman…desired!

I communicated all of this, clumsily, to Enzo and he delivered this golden dream worthy of Cleopatra herself! I may not have won the crown for MVW, but he made me look like a queen! A sensual, desirable, and beautiful queen! During the chat during the National Costume Segment, he made me so beautiful that I was being likened to a young Elizabeth Taylor, when she played the extraordinary queen in the block buster movie, Cleopatra! Smiling, I looked amazing sitting upon my litter, as I was carried unto the stage!

National Costume Enzo Champagne Cleopatra_006


The many details of my costume, are superb! Beyond the ladies who love great designs such as this, I can already picture the role-play of the many Egyptian “Queen Cleopatras” in Second Life wearing and loving my National Costume!

From the depths of my heart, Thank you, very very much, Enzo, for my incomparable, gloriously golden, out of this world, Cleopatra National Costume! You are a master designer! My Cleopatra National is the best  in ALL of Second Life and beyond contestation!

This magnificent creation, Cleopatra, is now available for purchase at Sparkling Champagne!

Model and photographer…me
Cleopatra National Costume…Enzo Champagne
Cleopatra Vendor and Store Ads..Sparkling Champagne

Spying On The Rich and Famous




As this newsie trolls the winter vacation haunts of the rich and famous, looking for incriminating pictures to take and sell, spots  desireme Fallen, Miss V♛Egypt, strolling along the beaches of Oahu.  My sources inform me that she is taking a well deserved break after the grueling pace of the Miss Virtual World Contest.  The beautiful model appears to be deep in thought as she walks about the resort. What’s this!  Miss Egypt is wearing Miss V♛Kirabati’s jewelry!!! Let me use my long lens for a closer look! The incredible Sunset on Kirabas Jewelry Suite designed by the famous and fabulously talented, Belle Roussel, of Chop Zuey Couture, for Miss Selina GreyCloud, Miss Virtual World Kirabati, is around the lovely neck of desireme Fallen! Is she hard up and had to part with her exquisite Allegresse Jewelry, also designed by Belle Roussel, and has taken to thievery??? This magnificent suite consists of 2 Necklaces, Bracelet and Earrings made from the finest Manchurian Peridot, the choicest of Japanese Coral, and the best Lavendar Spinel and Diamonds set in Gold. Why is this former beauty contestant wearing her set??  Does Miss Greycloud know her set is missing??? It appears that Ms. Fallen has other talents besides being beautiful! I wanna know, you wanna know, enquiring minds want to know… is this the brewing of a delicious scandal!!!

Photographer and
Sunrise On Kirabas Jewelry Suite created by Belle Roussel, Chop Zuey
Chop Zuey Ad

sunrise on kirabas chop zuey ad



Sin by Sparkling Champagne



When Sin looks this good….you willingly engaged!

 This amazing gown was worn by the exquisite Mimmi Boa at the Miss Virtual World 2014 Contest for the finale appearances of the past Miss Virtual Worlds.

Sin by Enzo Champagne

Photographer and model…me
Sin available at Sparkling Champagne

The Infidel’s Lady


The Infidel, as he was known, was as rich and powerful as the Prince of Persia Himself! His consort, the Lady Chyra, his Chyra, had died. She was the beloved of her lord and with her went his heart. An audible gasp was heard throughout his palace, when he had commanded that she be dressed in her finest jewels and that they go with her on her journey to paradise. The jewels of legend, the Allegresse, which he had all of Persia searched, so that he may place upon his love!

Chop Zuey ALLEGRESSE_014

The Allegresse Jewels, were renown throughout all of Persia for their exquisite beauty, handcrafted by the famous Jeweler, Chop Zuey! Only the most finest and best jeweler of all time, Chop Zuey could create jewels that would do for his love! The jewels are priceless and were treasured by her. He he would see no other woman wear them! The suite consists of the jeweled diadem, choker, bracelets, earrings, quarried and crafted from only the most flawless of stones…. the Exotic Indian Black Moonstone, Padparadscha Sapphire, Blue-Grey Topaz, Pearl & Diamond all set in Gold Settings. As he left her for the last time, he whispered upon the wind “Godspeed my love, wait for me in Paradise” as he rode off on his horse, Devil Wind, to wage war with the Turks.


The Allegresse Suite was created by Belle Roussel for desireme Fallen, Miss Virtual World Egypt 2014. The set is available in Black, Pink, and White. This amazingly exquisite suite is even more breathtaking in person! You will be phenomenal when you wear The Allegresse by Chop Zuey Couture. Heads will definitely turn as you walk by and cameras will cam, as this set will make you unforgettable! Thank you, Belle, for making such beautiful jewelry for me, fit for a queen!

Model and Photographer…me

The Allegresse Jewelry Suite by Chop Zuey Couture
The extraordinary beautiful Desire-me Patra Gown was made for and worn by MISS V♛ EGYPT by Paisley Daisy
A separate post will be done on my fabulous golden Desire-me-Patra MVW Evening Gown!

ChopZueyAllegresseAd3 - Des



.Enfant Terrible Vintage Girl Set for Jewelry & Accessory Expo


What lady does not like fur!!!! The .Enfant Terrible’s Vintage Girl Set is awesome! I love the vintage flair it has, but you know you what, you can also rock this with a modern look and with jeans! The Fur Hat and Shoulder Set is available in Brown, Grey, and Beige. The scarve come in Red, layered, and pattern. Just think of the uses you will have with this fabulous set mixing and matching with your own wardrobe!

This fantastic set will be available starting December 6th, at the biggest Jewelry & Accessory Expo Show ever put on by Siren Productions! Make sure you are in attendance for exclusive buys, gachas, parties, and amazing jewelry and accessories such as .Enfant Terrible’s Vintage Girl Set!


Jewelry & Accessory Expo Ad 2 (Rectangle)

A Concubine’s Gift

When Elephant Dreams Picture_004

The women of a harem were never seen by any man outside of a eunuch who would act as servants and guards over the seraglio. These fabled beautiful creatures lived in a golden caged world of luxury and competition for the love and attention of one man! This favored concubine, who is veiled to our eyes, as custom dictates, has caught the eye of the Ottoman Sultan himself! The Sultan has sent to her, very valuable jewels fashioned in the likeness of his beloved elephant, Shaboo! As we sneak a peek into her quarters, we see a case has been delivered from the Jeweler of all Jewelers, Chop Zuey, which contains the exquisite “When Elephant Dreams Necklace and matching Horn Gold Tipped Earrings Set”! She is stunned into reverential silence as she gazes at the magnificent suite of jewels.


This amazing set is not only beautiful in appearance and on any who is lucky enough to wear it, but it is jewelry with a monumental purpose! Belle Roussel, for the second year and after great success with the first, has begun another campaign for the World WildLife Fund! She has created The regal “When Elephant Dreams Set“, which is a women’s necklace and earrings set in Diamonds and Black Moonstones which are set in Gold. Guys, she hasn’t forgotten about you! Belle has also created a gorgeous necklace for you as well, named “Panther Incensed“! It is a men’s necklace designed in Ruthinium, Peridots, and Diamonds set in Gold.


Both are available now at Chop Zuey! What is also awesome is that 100% of the sales of both are donated to the World Wildlife Fund! This campaign will run until December 31st. Please show your support for the animal creatures we share our home, Planet Earth, with by buying these phenomenal jewelry pieces!

photographer and
Photographer…Chop Zuey
When Elephant Dreams Set by Chop Zuey Panther Incensed Necklace by Chop Zuey

The Measurement of Luxury….The Genoa











When you look up the word “luxury” in the dictionary, one of the meaning is a state of great comfort and extravagant living. The Genoa by Master Builder, Cain Maven for the Quantum Luxury Homes Series, is the measurement of that!

When you open the front doors entering the great foyer…the double staircase immediately gives you a taste of the grandeur of what you are about to experience!

As with a fine 4 star course meal, your eyes begin to savor and devour the individual dishes presented. This mansion also compels you to look at the sumptuous delights it offers! On either side of the great foyer, with the double staircase that Scarlett O’Hara would kill to posses, are 2 rooms, one side which leads into the massive kitchen, that any SL Chef would be proud to call their own! Looking above at the richly coved ceilings as you saunter straight through the entry foyer, you will find yourself in a massive size room, that has several beautifully framed arched Palladian influenced door way entrances leading off to various other rooms of the home. Continuing your walk through to the next huge room which has a wall of 2 levels of beautiful Palladian Style Windows that frames around an amazing detailed glass door, that leads out to the patio pool area. You can host celebrity status news worthy parties on this patio, as space will not be an issue here as befitting such a house as The Genoa…there are even fire pits with, comfortable padded seating, on either end of this fabulous patio! The patio also has been adorned with with several large circle planters as well!At night, you can sit out among the stars just to enjoy the ambience and pride of ownership, you will feel, owning such a magnificent home as The Genoa!




One of the rooms off the central floor area is your very own private media room for screening your favorite movies, watching your favorite programs, and hosting fun filled media parties! Be the envy of your crowd when you proudly unveil this room! Also, on this side of the main floor is another bedroom and a huge bathroom!

The mansion is chocked full of details that lends to the luxurious feel of the home! There are 3 interior fountains, plus 1 exterior one. The sound of water is so very soothing to the soul! As you casually stroll up one of the double staircases, you are treated to the sight of another marble fountain that flank both corner edges of the interior center foyer where you will find yet another gorgeous fireplace. The main area of the upstairs’ outer floor areas are both accented by Brown and White Banisters which are the perfect accents that just magnifies the beauty and attention to details, you see continuously in this house! These open spaces are but a prelude to either side of the floor where you will find 2 phenomenal suites with anterooms and bedrooms, and, smiling, walk in closets ladies! Both sides boast a beautiful marble, porcelain, glass, and wood bathroom.

This is just a smidge of what you will find in The Genoa by Master Builder, Cain Maven. I have purposely left out certain view pictures of this home’s rooms, exterior and interior, as I want you to go and experience The Genoa feeling!. You must see this house for yourself, as you will be blown away by this very palatial home, and will want to be able to call it your own! The mansion  includes 2 suites with anterooms, fireplaces, and bedrooms. The home has a total of 6 fireplaces, full set of appliances in the kitchen, Animated poses in showers, bath tubs, bathroom sinks, kitchen stools, and patio seats, running water in the taps, and the famous Maven Duck! There are also
• Two bedrooms
• Three bathrooms
• Kitchen
• Dining room
• Breakfast room
• Living room
• Great room
• Family room
• Lounge
• Media room
• Study
• Front room
• Foyer

Study and front room may be repurposed as bedrooms, for a total of six.

The mansion is perfect if you have a family, or just by yourself! Laughing, we can never have enough space or prims!

The house has one of the best Home Control Systems I have ever seen, which is easy to use!The security system controls access to house, adjusts the window opacity and tint, turns off, on, and dims the lights. You can set the lights to automatically turn on or off based on sim time of day. the lockable doors can be set to open automatically too.


This build employs Materials technology to improve realism on relevant surfaces. To see the effect you will need a materials-compatible viewer with the Advanced Lighting Model enabled. For best results, enable Ambient Occlusion and set Shadows to None.

Land impact: 790 (704 without the kitchen, bathrooms, and media room interior)
Size: 87 m x 51 m
Recommended parcel size: 8192 sqm or larger

Come home to The Genoa!

Quantum Luxury Homes Logo

International Day for Elimination of Violence against Women, November 25th…. NO TO VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN!


International Day for Elimination of Violence against Women, November 25th…. NO TO VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN!

On November 25, 1960, three Dominican sisters, political activists known as the Hermanas Mirabal, were brutally assassinated for opposing the Trujillo dictatorship. The International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women remembers this day.

Since 1981, as a tribute to the Mirabal sisters, as well as global recognition of gender violence, the date 25 November has been marked by women’s activists as a day against violence against women. Following the adoption of the Declaration on the Elimination of Violence against Women by resolution 48/104 of 20 December 1993, the United Nations General Assembly, by resolution 54/134 of 17 December 1999, designated 25 November as the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, inviting governments, international organizations and NGOs to organize activities on the day designed to raise public awareness of the problem of maltreatment of women.

In 1991, the United Nation’s General Assembly designated November 25 as International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. For more information on this day, click here.

Violence against women is an international epidemic. According to the United Nations, up to 70 percent of women will experience violence in their lifetimes. According to the World Bank, women ages 15-44 are more at risk from rape and domestic violence than cancer, car accidents, war, and malaria.

The most common form of violence against women is physical, sexual, or emotional violence by an intimate partner. In the United States, more than 3 women are murdered by their husbands or boyfriends every day.

Why This International Day?
•Violence against women is a human rights violation
•Violence against women is a consequence of discrimination against women, in law and also in practice, and of persisting inequalities between men and women
•Violence against women impacts on, and impedes, progress in many areas, including poverty eradication, combating HIV/AIDS, and peace and security
•Violence against women and girls is not inevitable. Prevention is possible and essential
•Violence against women continues to be a global pandemic. Up to 70 per cent of women experience violence in their lifetime.

Facts and Figures
•Up to 70 per cent of women experience violence in their lifetime.
•Between 500,000 to 2 million people are trafficked annually into situations including prostitution, forced labor, slavery or servitude, according to estimates. Women and girls account for about 80 per cent of the detected victims
•It is estimated that more than 130 million girls and women alive today have undergone FGM/C, mainly in Africa and some Middle Eastern countries.
•The cost of intimate partner violence in the United States alone exceeds $5.8 billion per year: $4.1 billion is for direct medical and health care services, while productivity losses account for nearly $1.8 billion.

This impactful and amazing photo was done by Beatrice Serendipity! The phenomenal video below was done by very talented Cold Jupiter with Beatrice Serendipity. Thank you both for bringing awareness to this global problem with this insightful video!


Attention!!! Fall into Plaid with Vero Modero

Many will stand at attention with admiring looks when they see you in the Vero Modero Mystic Tartan Set Jumpsuit! Among the latest releases from Vero Modero, the Mystic Tartan Set Jumpsuit lends itself to many styling possibilities! Here you see I have combined it with the shrug from Vero Modero’s Cece and the bag from the Lorei Design, also from Vero Modero, Plaid Collection.VERO MODERO JUMPSUIT MYSTIC_004 R1

Model and photographer…me
Vero Modero Mystic Tartan Set Jumpsuit
Vero Modero Cece Shrug
Vero Modero Lorei Bag


Devotion by Paisley Daisy


When I first saw this dress, by Paisley Daisy named Devotion, I knew I had to have it and wouldn’t rest until I did!!! The dress fits amazingly and I look so regal in it! Devotion is a mesh dress and comes in several sizes for you to have that perfect fit! Religious motifs are a happening trend that will continue to emerge in various clothing and accessories.  Why be a follower when you can be a trend setter and wear Paisley Daisy’s Devotion!

Model and Photographer…me
Devotion by Paisley Daisy
Crown and Earrings by Modern.Couture

Something Wicked

Something Wicked Chop Zuey Group Gift Free_001

Who says something wicked……can’t be good?

Chop Zuey will be releasing these fabulous gorgeous Something Wicked Halloween Jewelry pieces for members and non members as group gifts, just in time for Halloween, this Saturday, October 18th!!! There will also be gifts for the guys as well!

Something Wicked Chop Zuey Group Gift Free_005

So, I ask you….something good from something wicked? Winking, only if it is Something Wicked by Chop Zuey!

photographer and
Wicked Bat Earrings by Chop Zuey
Wicked Bat Choker by Chop Zuey
Wicked Bat Tikka by Chop Zuey

Scarecrow Love Gone Bad


Pumpkin Girl caught her love, Joe Scarecrow, in the trees, with another pumpkin! Ouch….that girl has one mean left Kick! As she kicks her ex-love in his stuffed parts, and thinking about how he carved her heart out, she does not have to worry about her style!  Our sure footed maiden looks really amazing in her Baboom Pumpkin Mesh Gown Group Gift! As is Baboom’s owner, Kyra Camel‘s tradition, she has put it out early for you, in plenty of time for Halloween!

The long gown is adorned at the bottom with various colored pumpkins and is topped by a beautiful colored green bodice. It comes with the delightful pretty pumpkin hat you see pictured too! Guess what…This gown can be yours, for free, by simply joining the group! Easy peasey!


Laughing, poor Joe Scarecrow got the stuffing kicked out of him, by a pumpkin! The funny Kick Scarecrow prop is a awesome rare gacha prize at Image Essentials! There are 9 Scarecrows total with 3 rare ones you can win! The poses are great and will make for some really cool pictures that will bring a smile to your face! Why not head over to Image Essentials and try your luck!

Photographer and model…me
Gacha Scarecrow Ad…Image Essentials

Baboom Pumpkin Mesh Gown Group Gift

Scarecrow Gacha Prize by Image Essentials

Image Essentials scarecrow gachas

Fall Under The Spell Of The Modena by Quantum Homes

The Modena_019

The Modena_007

The Modena_013

Real life has been really busy and stressful lately with responsibilities, so I am tardy with my posts and for that I am sorry.

When you see a design that blows you away, you just have to post it! This amazing luxurious home, from Master Builder, Cain Maven, Maven Homes, falls into that category! The Modena, ooo, I just love saying that name, is the latest design available at Maven Homes!

The house is phenomenal! If you have a large and extended Sl Family or you are a single, love huge and spacious rooms, details of architecture, want a pool area to die for, and many other details too numerous to name, then the Modena is your next home!

When you cast your eyes upon this exquisite home, walking up the steps, your eyes are immediately focused upon the portico and you are instantly seduced by the beauty and placement of the windows, the glass excerpts upon the doors, the huge circle window above the palladium surround of the door, which affords you a glimpse of the interior details beauteous home.

The home boasts 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a spectacular kitchen, a dining room, living room, family room, study, and den! This is a home you really should go to see for yourself, as pictures really do not do it true justice!

The Modena_020

The Modena_024


The Modena_018

As you walk through The Modena, you cannot help but to be impressed, by the layout of the house. The home despite the size, still has an intimate feel to it. What woman does not like a walk in closet…yes…one of the bedrooms has a walk in closet!!!! You can open the highly detailed windows with just a touch, I personally adore windows that I can open! I cannot begin to list all the features of this stupendous design! The dramatic staircase is beautifully placed with a overhead widow walk that connects the sides…simply amazing! Smiling, I can see a child sliding down that banister…heck I can see myself doing that too…laughing!

Some of the special features are the Patio/swimming pool area with a fire pit, two fireplaces, animated poses in showers, bath tubs, bathroom sinks, and kitchen stools. The Kitchen has a full set of appliances, marble top counters, and has running water in taps and the famous Maven Duck resides in one of the bathrooms sitting proudly on the edge of the tub.

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The Modena_005

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This home is perfect whether you are a family or a single! You have so much space for decorating! this home will instantly become THE gathering spot for your family and friends

The Modena, has a home control system. It is very easy to use and controls the security access to house. You can adjust window opacity and tint with it. Through the control system, lights can be turned on, off, or dimmed. You can also set them to automatically turn on or off based on sim time of day and have doors that are lockable and can be set to open automatically upon entry.

The house is also Materials enable! This build employs Materials technology to improve realism on relevant surfaces. To see the effect you will need a materials-compatible viewer with the Advanced Lighting Model enabled. For best results, enable Ambient Occlusion and set Shadows to None

The house has a land impact of 520 (436 without the kitchen and bathrooms)
Size: 56 m x 47 m. Recommended parcel size: 4096 sqm or larger. with the Modena, you can achieve the most realistic water effect, for the pool, if you place the house at sea level. An alternative effect is available if this is not possible.

Do yourself a favor, go, and experience The Modena, for yourself, and fall under her spell!

The Modena by Maven Homes

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Some Things Never Change!

Zanze Sabrina and Poseion Ruby 10 Pose_003

No matter how old you are, the first day of class….is nerve wrecking! As I run across the campus of The University of Newcastle, my thoughts, through all the helter skelter, drift back to my very first day of grade school. Laughing, I must have suffered from some serious abandonment issues, as I balled like a baby as my mom handed me over to the kindergarten teacher, after prying my little hands off her body and then I peed on myself…lool

Well, years later, I look outwardly calm and really grad school chic in my ZE Sabrina Sweater Dress! I like how this pretty dress fits. It comes with a hud that has 4 colors you can choose from for the dress and 5 sizes from XS to XL for a great fit! The ZE Sabrina Sweater Dress is very versatile, as you can pair it with a coat for a more professional/dressy look, or don a pair of leggings and a bolero and many other combinations! Anyway you choose to style it, you will be fashionably in the moment!

I am using a fantastic new pose from the god of grace and movement, PosESioN, named the Ruby Set! I love how this poses me. This is pose 10 from the set. The poses that Dahriel has been introducing for this new season, are just awesome! You must make it a point to take some time out and go over to PosESioN and check out the many new poses he has made.

Back to the problem at hand, hmm….CAN SOMEONE TELL ME WHERE THE REGISTAR OFFICE IS!!!

photographer and model…me

ZE Sabrina Sweater Dress
ISON Cult Riding Boots
GizzA Compass Necklace
GizzA Asia Watch & Bracelet
Tee*fy Leather-Made Goat Head Backpack Brown Dots

Slow Your Roll!

GizzA  HandkeysTeddy  GizzA Asia Watch&Bracelet Black-Gold and Miss Canning Mobile Phone

Some days it feels like we have so much to do and so little time to do it all in!  When I think of the things I have to do in real life, for family, friends, and events, some time it feels overwhelming!  So today’s lesson for me….Slow your roll!

We can just do so much…STOP… and take the time to be in the moment! There will always be things to do, but you may not always be able to get that moment back of time to just live.  As usual I am rushing off to someplace and you see my barreling down the stairs of my home in [LG] Boutique-[Summer 13] Lets Get Loud!  Let’s Get Loud, from the K Collection,  is a very pretty 2 piece that will take you through a variety of social functions, work, shopping, drinks, etc., It has a hud that gives you 2 amazing choices for the Jacket and 4 fabulous color palettes for the skirt. Smiling…I highly recommend this for your in between summer and fall wardrobe to maintain the level of chicness you are accustom to displaying.

Liv Glam Living Out Loud and PoSEion Ruby Pose 1_014

I used some phenomenal accessories! I am sporting the ever so chic GizzA Asia Black-Gold Watch & Bracelet, which is available in several colors and reigns supreme upon my arm. I love to swing my keys in real life from my fingers…why should it be any different in second life? GizzA HandKey Teddy lets me do just that…swing my keys! There are many great ones to choose from with and without poses.

Pallas Athena Earrings and JMB tiger  Sunglasses

Chop Zuey never ceases to amaze me with the jewelry she creates. She is truly a girl’s best friend! The Pallas Athena Earrings are just exquisite! They are a part of a truly magnificent necklace set. They look equally perfect whether you are wearing a formal gown to meet the queen in to jeans and coffee with the girls! I really love these earrings…if Chop Zuey isn’t on your favorite tps…put her there now!

I really like the group gift from Miss Canning, the mobile phone…I wish I could call on it…lool

The god of movement and grace, PosESioN, has made the perfect pose for me to use for my picture…Ruby Set! I love how it makes me appear on the stairs. I am using Ruby 1. If you have not been to PosESioN lately, you are missing out!!! Dahriel is constantly putting out some really fantastic artistic poses and plus he has been running a lot of sales too! New and seasoned models, photographers, now is the time to stock up! PosESioN poses really add life to your pictures…right now go there and check out the newly remodeled store and the new poses! See ya there!

photographer and model….me

[LG] Boutique-Summer 13 Lets Get Loud
GizzA – Asia Black/Gold Watch & Bracelet
GizzA – Handkeys Teddy
Miss Canning Mobile Phone
Pallas Athena Earrings
JMB tiger Sun glasses
Lourdes Bag
N-Core Black Ultraplatforms

 PosESioN  Logo