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I am who I am and now will become who I will need to be…

Having been captured in a raid upon my village, I find myself now sold in slavery to the highest bidder, a mysterious man of obvious wealth. I was conveyed to a palace, and placed into a section that was full of exotic, beautiful women from many races, lying about in various stages of undress, being attended to by colorful garbed slaves. I have been bathed in perfumed water,  hair washed and scented, massaged, pampered, and prepared as though I was to be a bride. I have been dressed in the most wondrous of jewels! An exquisite copious mix of Gem Stones, and Moonstones Cabochons. As the necklace and earrings were placed upon me, I felt myself transformed. If I am to be a slave, I will be a powerful one.

I am who I am and now, will become who I will need to be.

I am wearing..
Chop Zuey MissSL Chandrani Texture Change Set, available at the main store.

Chop Zuey and the Twisted Hunt

The Chains of Calypso Set - Chop Zuey
A hunt, a hunt, Belle is part of the hunt! No time to wait, no time to tell…Belle is part of the hunt! What hunt you ask, why the Twisted Hunt! No need to sail the seven seas or fight a beast alone, make your way to Chop Zuey and become the victor among us all!
Your quest, I see, has brought you to Chop Zuey, to find the prize that undress your desire to possess, The Chains of Calypso Set. No doubt your reward for your search will be great, as you find and claim your Chains of the Calypso Set!  The lust of this glorious set, has baited you on your quest, to be adorned as a goddess blessed in this most exquisite set!
A Twisted Hunt you are on! Be brave on this quest, slay the lag monster who protests, resist the siren call of beauties who stand tall, as you persevere to be deemed worthy to win from the Goddess of Mount Chop Zuey, The Chains of Calypso, her offering for all!
Good Luck to all you mighty hunters of the Chop Zuey’s Chains of Calypso Set!  It is a beautifully crafted bold suite consisting of the Torq Necklace, Bracelet, and Earrings, set in a mix Gold setting and adorned with Black Moonstones.
Mount your hunt chariot to Chop Zuey

The Posh Life Featuring Chop Zuey Hearts of Hope

CHOP ZUEY HEARTS OF HOPE_002Through your blood, sweat, and tears, she lives in the lap of luxury…the posh life! Some say that she married you for your money; others want to marry you for your money.  In your world, nothing is too good for her.  Her life is filled with exquisite things. Why would her jewelry be any less?  It is said that the smallest things leave the greatest impression…and a great impression is exactly what she found upon her Fortuny Silk Pillows, when she awoke to the sight the Hearts of Hope Jewelry Suite by Chop Zuey.


This timeless set features a trio of large Pavé set Diamond Heart shapes, nestled closely together, and fashion unto a bold curb style link neck chain. The phenomenal and creative designer, Belle Roussel, single-minded passion for jewels and gemstones along with a great eye for design and detail, dreamed up a pair of sumptuous matching drop style earring, dripping with Pavé Diamonds and a simply gorgeous charm bracelet, that has the tiniest of heart shaped diamonds and plain gold heart charms, adorning the stunning curb style link chain bracelet. This entire set is crafted in the highly desirable Turkish Red Gold. This set more than hints at the opulence that can be yours when you wear Hearts of Hope.


When you see your woman next, wearing just the Hearts of Hope and nothing else, you won’t have to wonder, what her heart wants you to hope for….winking

photographer and model…me
Hearts of Hope Jewelry Suite by Chop Zuey
Griselda Formal Dress, in Gold by GizzA

Your chauffeured driven Limousine