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The Seeker

A soldier made a promise to his love, that he would return to her. The soldier was mortally wounded in battle and banished to the bowels of hell. He fought his way out and began the long journey home. Although his body was now just bones in armor, he trudged on. Years have now passed and upon arrival, at what was once his home, he searched for his love, but could not find her. He went to the very last place he had not wanted to look; the cemetery. He found her grave and wept. An angel appeared and said, because of the sheer power of your love and the promise you made,  I cannot return your loved one to you, but I will give you, her heart…


I am wearing the stunning, statement making eye color, Halo, by Zibska. Available from Zibska for Skin Fair 2018! Skin Fair opens to the public on March 9th and closes March 25th. Landmark soon to follow!

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Skin Fair 2018

Jade Green Eyes…

COLOR COLOR COLOR!!!! Bold, exciting, statement makeup that can rival the pages of any fashion magazine can be yours with Zibska’s 2018 Skin Fair Makeup Collection!!!  This spring’s amazing designs demands the most daring shades and 2 snaps and around the world attitude to match, all of which you can have with Zibska’s colorlicious palettes. I am wearing Deitra Eye and Ahne Lip.

Be inspired to walk to your own beat, be bold, outrageous, and be colored by Zibska!!!

Available from Zibska for Skin Fair 2018! Skin Fair opens to the public on March 9th and closes March 25th. Landmark soon to follow!

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Little Mermaid…not!

I am in total color lust for the Zibska 2018 Skin Fair Makeups!!! No one does color or the very haute/avant garde designs that she does!!! I am wearing in this picture Zanne Eye and Ahne Lip!

Available from Zibska for Skin Fair 2018! Skin Fair opens to the public on March 9th and closes March 25th. Landmark soon to follow!


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The Days of Summer….


Don’t let the bloom of Summer pass without enjoying the sultry beauty of Iris by Glamistry.



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The Romance of the shoe…

Let’s face it women love shoes!!! From Carrie Bradshaw, Cinderella, Imelda Marcos, and you, we love shoes and obsess over them!! When you put on a beautiful pair of shoes, we stand taller, legs look more slender and shapelier, like they were made for the shoe we just put on.  We exude confidence, power, a womanly appeal, that draws stares not just from other women, but men who love seeing us in them, all from wearing a great pair of shoes!

We are no different in Second Life. Most women have so many shoes in their inventories, that they can be accused of hoarding..smiling! One pair you must add to your shoe wardrobe is Cynara by GLAMISTRY.

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Cynara is a wear everywhere, strappy styled, platform sandal. A single, sexy strap wraps around, high upon, the ankle. The shoe multi thin straps, are accented with 3 open square closures, that adds to the skin baring, steamy look we love, wearing, in Summer!

Shoes and women, a love story, with a happy ending, in Cynara by GLAMISTRY!

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A Story Worth Telling…Reclaimed Wood Dresser Set by Zen Creations @ The Cosmopolitan Event


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Our homes speaks volumes, about us! It tells a story of who we are, pride of where we live, our values, what and who we love, without uttering a word! Zhoie Zimmerman, of Zen Creations, loves to tell you a story, too, with her Reclaimed Wood Dresser Set, available at this round of The Cosmopolitan Event for December. She thoughtfully takes wood that contains character and much beauty, and creates from the old, something new, with a glorious past, that is just perfect for your present!  In the dressers, if you look closely, maybe you can “hear” the past echoes of times long gone, that is found within the unique grain patterns, knots, nail holes, dings and dents, and color variations. Perhaps the chosen woods tell you they came from, whispering a grand gentlemen’s bordello, a old barn beyond its prime, a beautiful aged and ancient house that deserves to live on, even in parts! One thing you can be certain, that both the tall and short dressers, with their various sized drawers, has a story worth retelling and worthy of display, in your home!  So make your way to ZEN CREATIONS, at the Cosmopolitan Event, and weave these impressive dressers into the fabric of your life and add to your story, the Reclaimed Wood Dresser Set by Zen Creations!

The accessories used, the Chalkboard, candles, bird, bird cage, umbrella, and vase of flowers are all from the Spring Blackboard Art Table Set by Zen Creations. It is available at the inworld store, or on MP at


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The Goddess Of Love Desired Them….

Paisley Daisy and In Memory of a WaterMelon Fascinator Goddess_005

Paisley Daisy and In Memory of a WaterMelon Fascinator Goddess_003

The goddess of love, beauty, and sensuality, having grown temporarily bored with the intrigues, the lust, and the regular mayhem that generally reigned upon Mount Olympus, turned her attention to earth. Having spied the object of her desire, her heart began to flutter and to beat with a deep-seated longing. She contrived to pick a fight so as to be sent away to be near her love.  As she had anticipated, for punishment she was banished to earth for a time out. She had to sate the raging need that burned within her and she hurriedly procured for herself… Paisley Daisy’s Elie Saab “influenced” Sheer Pink lavender leaf Gown and In Memory of Watermelon fascinator! As she covered her nakedness with her new found loves she felt the gentle breeze of the garden pass through the sheerness of her pink and lavender gown. The coloring was a perfect foil for her prized alabaster skin. The Paisley Daisy’s Sheer Pink lavender leaf Gown was so appropriate for an afternoon delight in the garden! The cut of the bodice highlighted her delicate and feminine shaped shoulders and emphasized her neck. She was in ecstasy admiring herself in her gown! Her hat was very appropriate for her, smiling, as watermelons are used as natural aphrodisiacs! As she donned her new chapeau, she was in love…with herself! The In Memory of Watermelon fascinator by Chop Zuey is a succulent juicy red ripe watermelon upon a beautifully adorned diamond tray that now was hers, satisfying her heart’s envy for the unobtainable. What an exquisite, amazing, creation fit for a goddess! As she continue to preen and fill her own head with thoughts of her own praise of her beauty in her new finery, she finally looked around for someone to work her charm upon and then she realized that she had been banished to the garden of no inhabitants!

The In Memory of Watermelon fascinator by Chop Zuey has been created for Art in Hats and Hats in Art Exhibit and is available for purchase there through July 28th.

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Paisley Daisy’s Elie Saab “influenced” Sheer Pink lavender leaf Gown
In Memory of Watermelon fascinator by Chop Zuey

Paisley Daisy

Art in Hats and Hats in Arts Exhibit