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You are worth the time…..

Interesting, many times, the things complete strangers will say to you! As I was standing around, and conversing with a customer, this guy came up to me and said “you are worth the time”…when do you get off legs? The outfit I am wearing is definitely worth stopping and looking at! It is flirty, casual, and eye catching, effortlessly! It makes you feel good wearing it, and that is how clothes, whether in real or in Second Life, should make you feel! Whenever I wear this, I always get compliments and asked where I got it from

I am wearing,  with my Maitreya Body…
GizzA Odyssey Watch
GizzA Sybille Puffer Jacket & Tee Shirt (hud for changing tee shirt color or removing it)
GizzA Olivia Cardigan Jean Skirt
COCO Mega Platform Sandals and Sheer Socks (for slink and Maitreya only)
Glamistry Fashion Sunglasses PU2004

Your limo to GizzA Creations

Your Limo to COCO Designs

Your Limo to Glamistry

Hair Fair Photo Contest 2016

Hair Fair Photo Contest Poster

Contest starts 13th June Closes 1st July 2016


1. All pictures taken must feature hair created by one of the stores providing prizes for the contest. The stores will be listed below and on our website.

*You must name the hair and the hair store in the description section underneath your picture.

*You must include your SL Avatar user name (no display names) so that we can contact you if needed.


Name – Sasy Scarborough
Hairstyle – HairyHairHair
Hairstore – Made up name for example

2. All pictures must be new for this contest. Older photos are not to be used. If photos are found to be older, or used in another manner other than this contest, they will be removed. This contest was announced on the 11th of June, any pictures older than that date will not be approved, entries uploaded since the 11th taken for the contest will be allowed. 

3. All pictures must be competition entries only, not blog or advertising images. If you show the picture on a blog, or social media you must include that you are using the picture for your entry, and information about the contest.

4. All pictures must be your own work, or you must have permission to use them in this manner. Any pictures reported as not the work of the submitter will be removed.

5. Only entrants of the pictures are eligible to win the prize. If more than one person is in the picture, only the owner of the picture can win. Prizes cannot be shared amongst multiple avatars.

6. You can submit up to 5 pictures for this contest. They do not have to be submitted at the same time.


The top ten entries will have their pictures on display at Hair Fair 2016, and on the website.

1st Prize 

VIP Early Access to Hair Fair 2016

Five VIP Passes for Early Access to Hair Fair 2016

Three Fatpacks of choice from all Hair Prize Sponsors listed

VR Studio by VR Foundry

5,000 Store Credit at Winx & Flair

5,000 Store Credit at Flair

2nd Prize 

VIP Early Access to Hair Fair 2016

Four VIP Passes for Early Access to Hair Fair 2016

Two Fatpacks of choice from all Hair Prize Sponsors listed

VR Studio by VR Foundry

3,000 Store Credit at Winx & Flair

3,000 Store Credit at Flair

3rd Prize 

VIP Early Access to Hair Fair 2016

Three VIP Passes for Early Access to Hair Fair 2016

One Fatpack of choice from all Hair Prize Sponsors listed

VR Studio by VR Foundry

2,000 Store Credit at Winx & Flair

2,000 Store Credit at Flair

7 Runners Up

VIP Early Access to Hair Fair 2016

One VIP Pass for Early Access to Hair Fair 2016

For more information please click on the link below!

Stay in Trend and Live on the edge in Peony



Haven’t you ever wished that your favorite shoe designer would do a collaboration with your favorite clothing designer? Well….Glamistry has partnered up with GizzA and together their union have produced, Peony!


Glamistry’s Peony is a incredible, super sexy, high heel, platform ankle boot. Peony exemplifies fierce fashion with an edge, that is bold and sassy! The ankle boot, features a substantial platform, metallic stiletto heel, and is accented with a mix of patent leather and suede. Adorned with metal buckles, Peony, also, has a an elegant v-shaped opening above the double straps that surrounds the boot’s upper part.

These killer boots, that are made for Slink High, Maitreya, and Belleza, are hud controlled, which gives you the ability to select from 6 colors that allows you to customize Peony to your heart’s content.

[Glamistry vs Gizza_ ANKLEBOOTS]

The Peony boots and Peony Outfit are sold separately, by their designers. Please try the demos, first, to ensure proper fit.

Gizza vs Glamistry_ FULL OUTFIT]

GizzA - Peony Outfit colors

Stay in trend and live on the edge in Peony!

Peony Boots by Glamistry
Peony Outfit by GizzA

Boots and Outfit are sold separately

Your ride to Glamistry

Your ride to GizzA

The Geisha and Deche Zoomy Hat

Art in Hats 2015 Deche Zoomy Hat_003

The geisha was to meet with a potential danna, but she threw a fit, befitting that of a imperial royal princess, as her crowning glory was uncovered. Her entire household was thrown into utter chaos as nothing could be found to please her. One of her attendants timidly approached, as she feared being hit, and presented the Zoomy Hat by Deche. Upon seeing the bewitchingly, stunning hat, she fell even more in love with herself, as it was placed upon her head.  She was now ready to impress and meet with her patron.

Art in Hats  2015 Deche Zoomy Hat_005

This charming chapeau has a bodacious, fully opened, exotic flower blossom, on a green stem that is set upon a marvelous presentation platform, that has the added mysterious enticement of a 4 sided trapezoid shaped netted half veil.   Deche’s elegant design, which is a wonderous wearable art, can be found at the Arts in Hats 2015 Event.

OPEN TO THE PUBLIC November 4, 2015 at 6 AM SLT

GRAND OPENING DAY November 7, 2015
Featuring Fashion Hat Shows and a Grand Gala Event – Open to the public

BRING IT ON Public Styling Contest November 8, 2016 at 3 PM SLT

FINAL DAY LINE UP November 14, 2015 Including


Art in Hats is Coming!

Just Me and my Blacklace


I was listening to a group chat, the other day, and a lady said she didn’t have anyone to wear her sexy lingerie for and was saving it. Why do we think we have to save it for someone else’s appreciation??? As I go about my time, in Second Life, and have the luxury of a free day of leisure, to be in my home, I love to wear my beautiful lingerie, just for me!


Since I am not expecting my guy, I am at home in my Blacklace’s Miss Snow and white stockings. This delectable, sweet little number is so femininely appealing with it Blue Snowflakes upon a soft White satiny fabric.  It is utterly adorable! There are many options for wearing included and I have chosen the full bra and lace trimmed and inset thong panty, in the first picture and have donned the 3 tiered ruffled matching Snowflake Skirt, that accents my back assets deliciously. This delicate set also includes a cape, that I have thrown over my shoulders for a bit of extra warmth and sex appeal. I am just utterly yummy in this, don’t you agree!


No one makes lingerie like Blacklace! As you know Blacklace makes appliers for just about all major brands in Second Life and includes many options of wear, for your perfect combination of wear. If you want the best, to feast your eyes upon and those of anyone else’s…wear Blacklace!


Never forget to dress to impress yourself…you are worth it!  I wish I could show you the amount of cams and ims I received wearing this!!!! You never know who else is watching….smiling

Photographer and
Miss Snow by Blacklace

Your sleigh to Blacklace


[FLRN]@SNEAK PEEK November Round


A brand new exciting round has begun for  SNEAK PEEK! The very talented, amazing, designers have created clothing, that you must, as a linden conscious Fashionista,  add to your winter wardrobe! Are you taking a cruise upon the MS Enchanted, stalking an exotic SL beach, or just hanging out, you will be gloriously casual glam in [FLRN] Jesse Mini jumpsuit Colors III. This long sleeve, jumper style mini jumpsuit, has a kaleidoscope of multi-print textures combined to make this awesomely bold and striking fabric! The jumpsuit has a front V-neck bodice and even deeper v shaped back. The neckline edge and sleeve caps are accented in a deeper shade of blue, pulled from the print! The shorts are a length that will make even the dancing daughter, of Duck Dynasty’s fame, happy to wear!

Make sure you come down and pick up this, fun to wear,  Jesse Jumpsuit by [FLRN] and check out the many exclusive and sophisticated designs, that are to be found at SNEAK PEEK, where the focused on luxurious and affordable style will put you, on everyone’s best dressed list and not break the bank!

The event runs from Nov 25th to December 5th. Please take the below Rolls Royce to SNEAK PEEK! (just because we are linden conscious Fashionistas, does not mean we don’t want to arrive in style…smiling)

photographer and model…me
Jesse Mini Jumpsuit by [FLRN] at SNEAK PEEK