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The Woman is a Lady…Featuring Dead Dollz Noir Dress for Sneak Peek

DEAD DOLL NOIR PINK DRESSI was just thinking that we women have many facets to our personality that we show in our public and private lives. At home, we are perhaps, a mother, a caregiver, a wife, a lover, etc., and publicly we may be a president of company, a senator, a personal assistant,  a grocery clerk, or what have you!  Within those facets, we have our personal attributes. I had a very interesting conversation with a inworld friend, the other day. Sadly, my sex, and I am trying not to generalize here, have forgotten the art of being a woman. In our climb to whatever we consider success, some have dropped that “certain something” that’s so very feminine and appealing to those who we hope to attract or hope to keep.  I have a “southern” mother and from the knee, I was taught that a woman should be a lady, a little sweet and skilled something something to her husband wink, wink, and a hard @ss when forced to. I relish being a woman, with all the many things that I do, everyday, and inworld too! I love being treated and respected as a lady. Doors opened, compliments and such, treated with the dignity due me.  My husband, is old fashion, in that he wants a lady on his arm and a mistress in his bed and it works for us, even after many years of marriage.

When I looked at this beautiful, very feminine appealing, Noir Dress by Dead Dollz, I remember the conversation. This dress adds to the allure of being a lady! The woman who wears this dress, knows how to showcase her womanly charms, to their best advantage, in this very feminine lady like look! The Pink, bodycon strapless sweetheart bodice sheath has been covered with the sheerest, delicate, sleeveless Mandarin styled lace overlay. The lace has been slashed, just above the, left breast, to show a sliver of delicious skin…a tease of what lays beneath! Her hour glass figure, further accented, at the waist, with a black bow ribbon belt, emphasizing it’s womanly curve. Whatever a woman wants, wearing Noir, you WILL want to give her.

This dress will be available at Sneak Peak, until June 5th. Hurry and buy this exquisite dress!

So women remember no matter whatever facet of your personality you are displaying, what ever success you are aiming for, the woman is a lady!

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Noir by Dead Dollz for Sneak Peak
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Your limo awaits….

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