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You are worth the time…..

Interesting, many times, the things complete strangers will say to you! As I was standing around, and conversing with a customer, this guy came up to me and said “you are worth the time”…when do you get off legs? The outfit I am wearing is definitely worth stopping and looking at! It is flirty, casual, and eye catching, effortlessly! It makes you feel good wearing it, and that is how clothes, whether in real or in Second Life, should make you feel! Whenever I wear this, I always get compliments and asked where I got it from

I am wearing,  with my Maitreya Body…
GizzA Odyssey Watch
GizzA Sybille Puffer Jacket & Tee Shirt (hud for changing tee shirt color or removing it)
GizzA Olivia Cardigan Jean Skirt
COCO Mega Platform Sandals and Sheer Socks (for slink and Maitreya only)
Glamistry Fashion Sunglasses PU2004

Your limo to GizzA Creations

Your Limo to COCO Designs

Your Limo to Glamistry

Into Every Life Rain must Fall…

GIZZA RAINY DAY HATso you might as well look desirable during the down pour!

GizzA Rainy Day Hat @TLC
GizzA Monique Latex Bodysuit Applier For Maitreya
GizzA Crystal Faux Fur Stole
AZOURY Rebelle Shoes Black with Black Heel[SLink] RARE

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What the Tin Man really saw….

Snapshot_854As the Cowardly Lion, the Tin Man, the Scarecrow, and Dorothy were chummily following the yellow brick road, on their way to see the wizard, Tin Man had the silliest smile upon his face. Startling his own self,  and the others, as he glanced over at Dorothy and accidentally let slip a audible HUBBBA HUBBBA HUBBA!!!  In his mind, this is how he really saw Dorothy. WHAAAA….he may be tin, but he is still a man after all!!! He is going to the wizard for a heart…not eyes..smiling


He had pictured Dorothy in his mind, in the most delicious Poppy Lace Bodysuit by GizzA. A floral, strapless,  embroidered fantasy of a bodysuit with a open back and cheeky panty. The embroidered


flowers grace a fine sheer. nude tulle that adds a provocative allurement that is intensely seductive and enhances a woman’s unique beauty.


Well at least  we know he is not lacking the rest of his parts, as he glazes upon the perfection that is the Poppy Lace Bodysuit by GizzA.

This amazing bodysuit have appliers for Maitreya, Belleza, and  Slink Mesh Bodies, as well as a applier hud for Omega.  It is available at the Enchantment Event.

Poppy Lace Bodysuit by GizzA
BLACK BANTAM Dorbert Accessory
TUKINOWAGUMA Dorothy Hair Browns

GizzA - Poppy Lace Bodysuit

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My Look of the Day…Urban Sailor by GizzA

GIZZA URBAN SAILOR BEIGE I am wearing for, my shifts today, the new super chic Urban Sailor Set by GizzA! It is summery perfection, at its best! When you enter the room wearing Urban Sailor, every lady will be wondering where you got this summerlicious, eye candy of an outfit from and will be quickly trying to edit you to find out!!! The set consists of the finely meshed textured v-neck tee shirt, that is banded both at the neckline and the sleeves. It has a vertical striped strapless bra, and a directionally mixed striped patterned, back zippered shorts short that has been accented with a long slung belt. Ladies, these shorts do things to your butt, that will have your im very  All three can be worn separately, as well as together. The set is available in 4 colors and can be purchased at the Chapter Four Event.


Go ahead, you know you want to… steal their attention in GizzA Urban Sailor.

Can you believe this outfit is only 125 lindens, at The Chapter Four/Half Price Room!!!! It comes with 5 standard sizes for the Classic Avatar and with appliers for Slink, Maitreya, and Belleza Mesh Bodies. What are you waiting for…your ride is below!

GizzA - Urban Sailor

Your ride…

What May Come…Featuring Indah Merpati Mega-Pack Texture Change Set by Chop Zuey


Before her ship was boarded, by the infamous Corsairs Pirates, she had changed to the clothing of a lowly servant girl and quickly hid her family’s precious jewels, The Indah Merpati, worth a king’s ransom, in Pearls and Kalahari Diamonds, upon her person. Being of mixed ancestry, of Asian and English, her exotic beauty could not be hid. As she watched her aged, beloved Father mercilessly being dragged off the ship to be sold in the slave markets of god knows where….she did not cry, but held her head up high, so that her father would remember a woman and not the indulged child that he had cosseted and would never be again.

When she was searched, she could not understand the language being spoken, but was quickly stripped, and the suite of Indah Merpati’s Choker Necklace, 2 Earring Styles and 2 Bracelet Styles, Ring, Hair Barrette and stunning Tikka all in Pearl and Kalahari Diamonds were discovered. The captain who could speak her native English, looked her up and down, and saw the beauty of her person, said this one is destined to be sold to the Kizlar Agha, let her keep her jewels, as we will get their worth and much more for the beautiful slave she will become in the harem of imperial ottoman!

The greedy slave woman who was assigned to keep her clean, fed, and occupied during the rest of passage, recognized the worth of the Indah Merpati’s pieces by the hallmark of the legendary jeweler to Sultans and Kings, Belle Roussel of the House of Chop Zuey, tried to steal the barrette and quickly found that the woman who would not speak, a hellcat and would defend to the death, her only link left to her family.

Having reached the Ottoman’s Empire famous slave markets, she was not taken to the open markets of Constantinople, but was lead to a private, airy, luxurious room. There she awaited until this huge man, regally dressed and jeweled, the Kizlar Agha, himself, came, who was the master of the girls, and the Chief Black Eunuch to the Sultan, who had her unrobed and examined every inch of her.

He had her attired, in a simple dress and placed in the Suite of the Indah Merpati. As the Pirate Captain predicted, he was given their worth and much more in sale of the girl to the Agha.


She was carried to the pavilion of the women, and was given a choice, to either be drowned in the Bosphorus or because of her extraordinary beauty, aspire to a life of luxury and comfort being trained to dance, recite poetry, play a musical instrument, and master the erotic arts as a potential concubine in hopes of catching the eye of the Sultan. She is given the rare privilege to decide, by the Kizlar Agha, as he sees greatness in her. She thinks about what may come and decides to enter the oda, turning her back, for the last time to the freedom of the outside world.


The Indah Merpati, is a exquisitely lovely Mega-Pack Texture Change Set by Chop Zuey Couture Jewelry, made in honor of Mio Linette, Miss SL Indonesia. The Texture Change Hud has 2 Pearl, 16 Gemstones, and 2 Metal Options to mix and match to your heart’s content for endless possibilities, made by the famous and extremely talented, Mistress of Bling, Belle Roussel.

Thank you for taking the time to read my short story. Her adventures will continue….

Model and Photographer…me
Indah Merpati Mega-Pack Texture Change Set Made bye Chop Zuey Couture Jewelry
Japanese Skin by IsoMotion

your Howdah to Chop Zuey

Indah Merpati Mega-Pack Texture Change Set



What are you waiting on? Sneak Peek is back in all it’s fabulousness with such gorgeous designs, as the Ghee ss15 Sheer Tunic! This versatile tunic will turn heads, no matter where you wear it, as you will find yourself reaching for it time and time again! I am preparing to embark upon a trip, from the outdoor Parisian Bistro named Boulangerie in the Le Fournil Du Village, and I take great delight in being part of the “sights to see” in this striking tunic! I have on the chic and so easy to travel in, draped ss15 Sheer Tunic in Almond. The delicate sheer fabric is just sheer enough to get them wondering without you getting arrested! The barely hint of color is just so appealing and complimentary to anyone who wears this.


This lovely, uneven hem, mini dress gives a teasing view of your tone legs as it travels around you, from front to back, varying in height. This V neck bodice dress, with large oversized print floral leaf designs, has long flowing Juliet Sleeves that are gently banded at the wrist, with a slash middle opening to reveal the skin beneath. The barely hint of color is just so appealing and so welcoming for this spring. This new tunic is part of Ghee’s New Spring Summer 15 Collection.

GHEE SHEER_005 adj

Hurry to Sneak Peek and pick up Ghee ss15 Sheer Tunic, on sale now until March 5th!

Penumbra takes a giant leap forward and moves ahead to provide us with the SNEAK PEEK of trends to come, an exclusive, monthly, fashion and creativity event that will put YOU, on the fashion forefront!! Shopping stores, shoes, jewelry, mesh clothing.

Photographer and
ss15 Sheer Tunic in Almond by Ghee

Your Train to chicness





GLITTER DEA GOWN When one is invited to a grand fête one should not disappoint in her dress! You will be more than equal, to your grand surroundings wearing Glitter’s Dea Gown. This very pretty, modified sweetheart neckline and one capped sleeve are accented with Swarovski Crystals.


The bodice has been designed with a asymmetrical slashed bodice in Strawberry with a peek of Black Silk peeking through. The floor length, slim fitting Black Silk skirt gently flows down your body accenting your womanly curves. The gown is available in complimentary colors. and comes with a stunning evening clutch.


Be beautiful at your next gala, in Glitter Dea Gown.

photographer and model…me
Dea Gown by Glitter
Lizzie Oversized Sunglasses

Penumbra takes a giant leap forward and moves ahead to provide us with the SNEAK PEEK of trends to come, an exclusive, monthly, fashion and creativity event that will put YOU, on the fashion forefront!! Shopping stores, shoes, jewelry, mesh clothing.

Your limo awaits…